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    Cosmic Gate: Materia Chapter.Two

    Since the release of its first Chapter at the start of the year, ‘Materia’ – Cosmic Gate’s newest LP – has been rocking blocks & wowing crowds all over. Throughout the project, Nic & Bossi – the duo behind Cosmic Gate – have dug deep to musically define the very essence (or ‘materia’) of their music. They sum up that essence up again, with the concluding Chapter to Materia, Chapter.Two.

    Chapter.Two’s vanguard singles include ‘Tonight’, the tech-tipped Markus Schulz collab ‘AR’, and ‘Bigger Than We Are’. They have paved Chapter.Two’s summer-long road to release. These singles are now joined by six new, never-heard-before Cosmic creations.

    Cosmic Gate performing at the Rupublik in Honolulu; Photo Credit: Peter Chiapperino

    There’s the collab with Super8 & Tab, ‘Noom’, which is filled with cyber-synth futurism. Another collaboration on this Chapter is ‘No Strings Attached’, which saw Cosmic Gate team up with Arnej.

    Song-based collaborations are in no short supply either, with new music formed around many a prominent voice. Making not one, but two appearances on the album, JES shines brighter than ever in ‘If Not Now’ and Materia’s title track. The acidic bubble and radiating synths of ‘Someday’ marks a Chapter.Two recall for Alastor too, while ‘Sparks After The Sunset’ singer Sarah Lynn channels her soul into ‘Folded Wings’.

    Physical Copy of ‘Materia’ Chapter One and Two; Photo Credit: FineNight.com

    Appetites whetted? Anticipation peaked? Then, wait no more! The second Chapter of Cosmic Gate’s 2017 album project is out, about, and ready to musically carry you through to the end of the year. Grab it at the link here.

    For fans wanting to get physical with Cosmic Gate’s two ‘Materia’ Chapters, your time is also now. A double CD edition of the album has been released, which contains all the tracks from both chapters. You can get that here.

    Deluxe Edition of Materia; Photo Credit: FineNight.com

    And if all of that isn’t quite enough to satisfy a Cosmologist’s deepest needs, Nic & Bossi have also assembled a beyond-deluxe, limited edition criterion version of ‘Materia’. The package includes the double CD, a 12″ vinyl of ‘am2pm’ and the tenacious ‘No Strings Attached’, a Cosmic Gate flag and ‘Materia’ poster, along with a set of black and white wristbands. Limited to just 500 numbered & signed units, you can pin yours down now through FineNight.com here.

    Cosmic Gate: ‘Materia – Chapter Two’ tracklist:

    1. Cosmic Gate & JES – Materia
    2. Cosmic Gate & Emma Hewitt – Tonight
    3. Cosmic Gate & Super8 & Tab – Noom
    4. Cosmic Gate & Eric Lumiere – Bigger Than We Are
    5. Cosmic Gate & Markus Schulz – AR
    6. Cosmic Gate & Alastor – Someday
    7. Cosmic Gate & JES – If Not Now
    8. Cosmic Gate & Sarah Lynn – Folded Wings
    9. Cosmic Gate & Arnej – No Strings Attached
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    P.U.R.E. @ HAUS NYC

    A warm Wednesday evening during fashion week on September 13, 2017, and the spirit of trance was present. The moisture in the air was damp as OneEDM ventured toward a lucid electronic night at club HAUS to attend the introductory night to the new bi-weekly electronic dance series, P.U.R.E…Normally HAUS doesn’t open until 11:30 PM, but P.U.R.E. took the night by the cojones and let the awaiting hopefuls through the doors at 9:30PM.

    Photo credit: Rachel Golden

    As you enter into the sleek and sultry sanctum of HAUS you get an instant posh and exclusive invite to the next “IT” party. A look around the establishment and a dimly lit dance escape calls out to you, readies your spotlight and whispers sweet nothings in your ear. Grab a quick beverage and catch yourself dancing sooner than you expected. Dancers and their long wavy golden locks welcome you as the opener of the night sets alight the night. Mike is a saint. Trance veteran and elite DJ Mike Saint Jules, that is. He had a very tranquil warm up that sizzled into an aroma of trance fumes that tickled your fancy. Distributing his electronic love, Mike made it easy to let loose mid-work week, but if you’re here you already came with that intention. Just know, attending PURE is a good decision to back up that aim. About 1030 is when he really started cookin’, dropping tracks like Cosmic Gate and Markus Schulz’s “AR” all while adding his Jules seasonings to the mix. He gave the nightclub just what it was craving for with his dashing style that’ll force you to say “Damn that’s gooooood”.

    Photo credit: Rachel Golden
    Photo credit: Rachel Golden

    The whole vibe was vivid, a play off of PLUR executed nicely. P.U.R.E. at HAUS is a place where it’s ok to just be. Listen, if you’re taking the time out to go out on a Wednesday night make it worth it and really live it. Its ok, you’re allowed, and HAUS makes you feel just at home to do that.

    Space began to fill as midnight approaches, the lovely senoritas and their glow sticks were turnin’ up and putting a smile on everyone’s face. The clock strikes 12 and Armada music headliner FATUM hops in the DJ booth. Hoola hoop girls stepping on stage and twirling their rings of love as FATUM’s single “Stained Glass” (off of Anjunabeats) buzzes its electronic dance engines. Winning this past summers ”Global Journey DJ Battle presented by Brussels Airlines in partnership with Tomorrowland”, the boys make their return to the spiffy nightclub. Out of the four-man group, Dan Davis and Bruce Karlson spun the records and rose the faders, while Chad Newbold (also in attendance) brought his support. Aggressive techno trance can be a good description of FATUM live – imagine a couple of buddies throwing a party for their friends, using the best beats they can think of. Owning the Anjunabeats podcast, they are masters of their genre. As they blast off, the crowd hangs on for the ride. With an already successful career, they have a bright future with immense growth awaiting them. And that’s all by just witnessing the performance they bestow. As one young woman says “This is the best private party ever” – you need no more convincing to join in on the next P.U.R.E. event. You are the cosmos and your supermind can be free at P.U.R.E., so be sure to join in on the intimate party where friends come together and new friendships form.


    Photo credit: Rachel Golden


    Photo credit: Rachel Golden

    The next P.U.R.E. @ HAUS NYC will be held the night of Wednesday, Sept 27 featuring iHeartRadio’s DAMIEN ANTHONY (he’s a co-winner of the 1st annual “Global Journey DJ Battle” presented by Brussels Airlines in partnership with TOMORROWLAND). (Opener: Mike Saint-Jules.)

    To purchase tickets to September 27, click here.

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    Meet The Electronic Music Alliance

    No doubt, electronic dance music has a profound effect on it’s fan-base. It inspires more than celebration; it inspires creativity, self-transformation, and positive change. Most of us scene veterans like to give back to the culture, our way of paying forward all those powerful moments on the dance floor that made us better, happier, awesome people.
    Usually, we give right back intro the scene, helping it continue to grow and deliver the same magic it offered us for newcomers just discovering it. Some of us start making the music.  Some of us DJ. Some of us throw parties, start clothing lines, or write for music blogs.  But why keep it all for ourselves? What if we took all that inspiration we got through the music and used it to help improve the world outside our weekend utopia? Guess what? Somebody’s already doing it. Not just one person, but a whole alliance of veteran partiers allegiant not only to our music, but to improving the world around us.
    Meet the Electronic Music Alliance, or the EMA. The Electronic Music Alliance (EMA) is a nonprofit action network, think tank, and global community of electronic music fans, artists, and industry professionals dedicated to “protecting our people, our planet, and our parties and providing opportunities for the industry to philanthropically Play it FWD,” as described on their website. The group has been around for over half a decade and is steadily growing.
    As strong supporters of EMA’s mission, we thought it would be a good idea to introduce our readership to their organization, what they are all about, and how you could even get involved yourself if your so inspired.
    Check out our interview with EMA founder Janine Jordan:
    OneEDM: For those of us unfamiliar with the Electronic Music Alliance, can you give us an introduction? What’s the EMA’s overall mission?
    Janine Jordan:  I think our new slogan “EMA, protecting people, planet, parties ” sums it up well but I’ll elaborate.  Electronic Music Alliance (EMA) act in part as a nonprofit think tank and action network of electronic music fans, artists, and industry professionals.  To me, the work we do is all about collaborating creatively to build a more resilient world.
    OneEDM:  Tell us more about community resilience and how you are defining it.
    Janine Jordan:  Resilience is a concept about the strength and vibrance of a person, organization, or community.  It is how it is able to bounce back from acute or chronic stresses and disaster.  We can relate this to a comic book hero.  We’ll use Wolverine. He can get beat up pretty bad but he heals fast and so his physical body rebounds quickly.  Wolverine has psychological issues but he has social support through the mutant school community he is part of.  Bringing it back to us, we are addressing social structures as well as ecological mindfulness and respect through creative response.  If there is one thing we really excel at as a community at large, it’s creativity.  And that is a vital asset when a paradigm shift is needed because pretty much everything we can imagine in terms of structure should be re-imagined.
    OneEDM:  Can you give us the scoop on your own background in the culture? I’m sure building an organization like the EMA must have had influence from numerous dance floors.  How have your own experiences in the scene inspired the foundation of EMA and its vision?
    Janine Jordan:   I had a strong spiritual experience on a dancefloor that changed my life forever.  I think you might call it, an electronic awakening.  Michael Tullberg’s new book “The Raver Stories Project” published my retelling of that story.  Our hearts open on the dancefloor.  It feels good.  It had always felt like a beautiful blossoming into empathy.  But that one night was like getting sucked into the supernatural dimension of Love itself.  Anyway from that night forward, a character was born inside my imagination, my inner-muse, perhaps the representation of my heart.  I have been writing about and cosplaying her, since about 2004.  I have to really give credit to her for creating EMA. If my story had a slogan it would be “follow your heart, save the world”.  That is because I started following my heart.  I braved the path.  Left an old life to attempt a new one.  As painful and scary as it was to trek into unknown waters, it was exhilarating and felt true.  I believe when you are on your path you become a more magnetic being and opportunities arise, your hearts desires magically start to come to you, even if at first your world gets really dark.  I have often found that hearts desires manifest in ways that I would not have imagined on my own. It’s as if the Universe creates the most perfect opportunity for you.  As long as you are humble enough not to be attached to a specific expectation, you will see the beautiful way it gets worked out for you.  You ask, then you let go.  Letting go is the preparation to receive without expectation. When it starts to happen, you express gratitude.  So Raver J, is the creative response the Universe gave to me for my inner-superheroine desire to do my part in helping to save the world.  Or we could say being part of the paradigm shift.
    OneEDM: Raver J is her name?
    Janine Jordan:  Yes.  In her original conception.  In the novel I am writing her real name is Jivana Thoreau.  Jivana, meaning liberated soul.  I’d like to go a little deeper with that actually.
    OneEDM:  By all means, please go ahead.
    Janine Jordan:  Not to be such an evangelist but I believe we are liberated when we reconnect with Nature.  It would be following my artistic-self through Raver J that I would make a choice to go to Costa Rica.  And no, not for Envision (laughs).  It was before Envision started, love them though – they do a great job and had the privilege of performing onstage with my husband a few years ago.  Anyway on my first trip to Costa Rica I didn’t even do any dancing but perhaps it was all the work on the dancefloor that would prepare me for what I would call a second awakening, an eco one.  There are many spiritual people that want to focus on what I consider mental aspects only.  They believe their Love and Positivity will change the world alone.  We need people recharging their batteries and maybe some of them do need to hold that vibration.  But it’s my opinion once you are recharged, in this particular time especially when ice caps are melting and 100 year storm systems are lining up behind each other, we have a responsibility to get back “in” the game and be a change agent.  Those of us that have had eco-awakenings feel compelled to act – Now – in this dimension, on behalf of the Earth.  It’s not a choice, we figure out how to get involved.  So after this awakening, generating Love on the dancefloor was not enough.  I felt it necessary to do my part to help infuse the crowd (artists and industry behind them included) with philanthropic opportunities and eco-consciousness so we could have more acting warriors or change agents channeling their love and the rest of the PLUR values out into their communities on behalf of this sacred Planet.  It’s been a beautiful experience really.  So many amazing souls have come my way from following this path.  Too many to name here now but, as you know, one of them was you.  (Beaming smile).
    OneEDM:  So you think that we should be doing more than just partying?
    Janine Jordan:  Yes. And some people are, for sure.  I just see a lot of our energy get recycled into the events when I think people should know they at least have an option to do something else with their creativity.  I’ll take an example out of my own life. Burning Man.  I LOVE Burning Man. LOVE LOVE LOVE.  BUT, it takes a lot of time and energy.  I would watch my mind and honestly since the first time we went in 2010, six months of my year was spent thinking about Burning Man.  That might be an exaggeration but that is how it felt in preparing for the Burn and then going on the adventure, enjoying the F$%& out of it, and then decompressing.  Repeat!  We need the people that go every year to keep the event going right?  Yes, there is value in that.  But my husband and I just thought one day.  Hey there are other places we want to go in the world.  I mean shoot, there’s Afrika Burn, which is supposed to be amazing.  There are other regionals we could be going to… it’s not about departing from the experience altogether but realizing that maybe your energy could be spent doing something else.  Now taking it away from an event, we decided we would use the lessons learned from the Burn in our real lives on the adventure we embarked on a year and half ago.  We moved to Costa Rica which in our part is a bit rugged like Burning Man.  There is some structure but it’s definitely more survivalist than living in a city.  (Laughs).  And we have joined in as eco-village pioneers with another couple who started a permaculture farm.  We built what I call a tiny house mansion.  It’s a cool looking eco-home that is under 1000 square feet and we have our own mini-permaculture farm going as well.  Our home will be opening soon for community events and tours to show people another way of life.
    OneEDM: In what ways did you envision people recycling, as you say, their energy into their communities?
    Janine Jordan:  We have a program called Massive Action.  They are community action weekends organized by our local ambassadors.  We have had beach, park, and other waterway clean-ups, tree and garden plantings, and other socially conscious events.  I think what we need to realize is that everytime we get together we have an opportunity to do something good for our community or message about something important.  It’s my opinion that should not be wasted.  
    The transformational festivals have done a great job with this but even companies like Disco Donnie Presents and Insomniac have done their part too.  Insomniac has charity events during EDC week.  Disco Donnie Presents worked with us a few years ago to have a Massive Action after the event where participants would earn their ticket to the event for the next year.  They also stepped up and had a food collection drive to benefit the Salvation Army at a recent event in response Hurricane Harvey.  Beyond that though, we can do something as individuals.  We can make our art more relevant to what is happening in the world.  I have planetary warrior or change agent friend, Joseph Carringer who goes by the producer name Table Syndicate.  Within the last year he put out a track called “Jivana” in homage to my novella because he was inspired by the words in my introduction.  His latest track that features Liz Berlin is called “Bombs Fly”, which addresses a lot of the issues adversely affecting the planet and society today.  Bombs Fly, great lyrical track. It should be a classic electronic folk song by 2025.  Anyway, some people create organizations, some people take part in organizations, some people use their platforms, such as Lady Casa and her PLURWarriors feed, to message.  More people need to know how powerful they are and not to take for granted the immensely powerful platforms they all wield and use on a daily basis which is social media.  If you want to talk about nail color or your new LED shuffling sneakers, give us more substance.  At very least tell us you chose a cruelty-free, formaldehyde free formula or that your shoes are rechargeable.  Make us think.  Educate us.  Inspire better decisions, don’t be a
    peddler for a society that is riding us off of a cliff-edge.
    OneEDM:  Completely agree with you.  So besides yourself, who else is involved?
    Janine Jordan:  Amazing people and organizations.  You can check out our incredible board, advisory, ambassador, artist, other industry, and nonprofit members there.  I do want to give a shoutout to SF sweetheart John Beaver who is an incredible example of what we stand for.  John has suffered from cancer for years.  He has to have pretty invasive surgeries it seems from time to time.  The last one was less than a year ago I think and every time he bounces back with a smile.  He is fueled by positive energy that he readily shares with his community. He plays for charity when asked, visits children suffering from cancer, and loves to educate the community about his journey.  He is a model for individual resilience.   We are honored to have him as one of our founding members and he is just one of the many amazing individuals that is part of EMA.  Organizationally I want to thank Keyframe-Entertainment as they have created many opportunities for EMA in placement and introductions.  They are a real bridge-maker and also a fantastic example of EMA principles in action.
    OneEDM:  I’ve always known EMA has worked with other non-profits.  What are some issues or charity groups the EMA has worked to benefit?
    Janine Jordan: We are quite the holistic organization.  Community resilience, after all, is a holistic strategy.  We have supported environmental awareness and action, human rights and social justice campaigns, health and safety initiatives, including disaster response, and just last year psychedelic research and a get out the vote campaign. The organizations we have worked with over the years have included Music for Relief, Green Wave, NextAid, Global Green, DanceSafe, Give A Beat, Human Rights Campaign,  Music from a Bottle, Safer Raving by Amy Raves, Drug Policy Alliance, Students for Sensible Drug Policy, Sea Shepherds Conservation Society, A Drop in the Bucket, Multi-disciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies (MAPS).
    OneEDM:  How exactly does EMA help non-profit partners?
    Janine Jordan:  We have had DJ’s on our roster play for fundraisers. The Crystal Method and DJ Rap have played several benefit events on behalf of EMA.  Liquid Todd from SiriusXM, Larcey, and the Disco Killerz made a track two years ago to promote a hearing campaign, and we have had other artist members donate experiences to online auctions with our partners such as DanceSafe.  We often promotionally support campaigns online through our network.  Recently we participated in the Give A Beat campaign organized around International Youth Day campaign.  We also offer consultation advice to promoters who want to throw smarter benefits helping them pick the most appropriate charity and possibly helping them accept donations.  We just worked on an amazing event called Hous’n for the Homeless that happened in Alaska with AK House Movement.  Right now we are pushing the EMAForRelief campaign that directly benefits Music for Relief’s hurricane response efforts.
    OneEDM:  I understand that part of EMA’s mission is to help promote harm reduction at events.  
    Janine Jordan:   Harm reduction falls under health and safety which both are part of individual and thus collective resilience. To have resilient communities we need resilient people, meaning we need them to stay safe and give them options to be as healthy as possible.  Abstinence and prohibition don’t work.  Those strategies are judgmental, and cannot address the reality of a situation.   Harm reduction is compassionate, it’s loving, and as we know, Love is culture.  We have worked with DanceSafe several times in the past because they are the largest harm reduction group in the U.S. by bringing them into events we are part of or by introducing them to our members or partners.  We also work with Safer Raving by Amy Raves.  Amy is like a rave mom.  We support her because she attends underground events that often don’t have a budget for in-house or outsourced harm reduction services ors roaming angels like some of the bigger events have.
    OneEDM:  Beyond being a liaison for harm reduction services, what else is the alliance doing to help make events safer? Why is this important? 
    Janine Jordan:  One major thing is that a few of us board members are currently working with Entertainment Services Technical Association (ESTA) and Events Safety Alliance (ESA) on a project to turn the current Event Safety Alliance book into safety standards for live events.  Overall, if you don’t keep the attendees of your event safe, you usually can’t have events.  Our culture is formed around community gatherings.  It is an integral aspect of who we are and so it is vitally important that we keep everyone safe.  So we educate our community with information we have on our website or that we share through communication channels such as our newsletter or social media.  We also have meetings to discuss what can be done to improve safety.  We created a quick tip guide for event producers as well as a guide that covers how either fans, influencers, artists, or event festival working staff can become a spontaneous ambassadors for safety using social media.  We can do all that we can make events as safe as possible but our culture needs to realize part of safety is taking personal responsibility for it which includes sharing health considerations or safety messages. I’d say that we have been good about this in the past but sometimes when things grow to fast, the messages gets lost or diluted.  Anyway, there’s some other interesting ideas that have come out of our meetings.
    OneEDM: Do tell.
    Janine Jordan:  One idea came from Allan Gelbard who is a long time Burner and is the first amendment rights attorney that helped us “save the rave” for L.A. county.  Inspired from Burning Man, Allan had the idea that event producers could buy a triage unit co-op style so there were hospital grade medical services available at a festival except the burden of cost would be divided up. Along those same lines and coming out of the experience I had running the committee to represent our culture on that L.A. county electronic music task force, we could do the same perhaps with drug testing equipment.  There is a machine that costs about $40K that can analyze the chemical makeup of any drug, even the new, abundant, myriad of research chemicals.  Of course, drug testing.  The machine would probably better serve a co-op of smaller, more underground event producers as drug testing is quite controversial and problematic for local agencies the bigger parties have to work with.  Because some people enjoy drugs outside of alcohol at our events, I have personally advocated for more compassionate space, the kind that MAPS offers through its Zendo Project at Burning Man.  Sometimes people don’t need to go to medical, because they are having more of an emotional crisis.  All they need is a space that feels safe, away from people, to recalibrate.  We like the space we have seen at some Insomniac events that is a space for people trying to stay sober.  We are also starting to see spaces at festivals that are dedicated to women so they have a place where they can feel safe.  What I have been wanting to see for a long time that I am starting to kind of see is basically what Burning Man has as their “Center Camp”.  A place where water, coffee, and misters are available.  Where there is art and activations interspersed in a large chill space that is monitored by some safety staff and not for VIP only. The roaming safety teams festivals often have could have a home base in this space while ensuring sitting attendees are well.  These chill zones, again, in my world would lack alcohol (because we need people to hydrate here) and optimally be only sponsored by what we might think are healthy brands if sponsored at all.  My desire would be to offer space for interactive experiences that educate about some non-profit cause.  Come on Electric Family, Kleen Kanteen, Sambozan, and Dr. Bronners! (laughs).
    OneEDM:  What is the alliance doing now?
    Janine Jordan: Right this second we are responding to the recent barrage of natural disasters.  Trying to get that message out of how and why to be prepared as well as how to help those affected by these recent global disasters.  Like I mentioned before, we will be focusing all of our work around the theme of community resilience and creative response. We are also proud to be working with Event Safety Alliance and Entertainment Services Technical Association on safety standards for live events.  These standards will then be compiled and create the new Event Safety Guide.  On a local level our ambassadors have been creating some cool events.  T Justin Olsen the founder of EMXLA, an artist-producer network, has created an Art Walk in North Hollywood.  Jen Adams recently organized with Alaska House Movement to create the Housn’ for the Homeless event.  DJ Shar4 in White Rapids New Hampshire will be throwing an LGBTQ coming up this Fall.  DJ Kimberly St. John who previously lived in San Diego, will now be throwing collection drives and Massive Actions in her new home of Denver, Colorado.  Since I relocated, I am working on creating a network in Costa Rica. We have also just aligned with Permaculture Action Network and The Bloom Network to help expand participation and promotion of the EMA Massive Action program.
    OneEDM:  What can others in the dance community, or the new generation of fans learn from EMA?  How can we get involved?
    Janine Jordan: Follow us on social media to learn, stay in the loop, and get inspired.   Collaborate with us!  You can always contact us for ideas and opportunities.  If you want to really get involved, become an ambassador  Like our membership model, a more formal ambassador program will launch in the next few months. For now, I would say definitely check out our “disaster response” page.  I really want to urge our community to be prepared.  I think it is important to mention that there has always been a lot of charitable and community service work that has pervaded our community.  We wanted to create an organization that helped us collaborate with each other more. When we work together we leverage and amplify the collective power from our scene into bigger waves of positive change.  So reach out to us to see if we can work together or help you connect with others.
    To learn more about the Electronic Music Alliance visit their website!
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    BangOn!NYC “Warehouse of Horrors” 2017

    Get ready to be spooked as BangOn!NYC comes to East Williamsburg with the Halloween party of the season, Warehouse of Horrors 2017. On Saturday, October 28, in a secret warehouse location, the producers of Elements Festival will bring the fun and fright for all you ghouls and ghoulies. With soaring ceilings, featuring 2 stages and a silent disco, freaky performers, chilling interactive art, human bowling, trick-or-treating, mutant art cars, and many more grim and grisly niceties to explore!

    Headlining the night will be none other than the epic electronic legend, Fatboy Slim. Ten-time MTV Video Music Award winner and leading artist in the big beat genre, Fatboy Slim will bring The Rockafeller Skank as you monster mash your bleeding hearts away. Critically acclaimed and a veteran with over 20 years experience, Fatboy Slim will thrill the Warehouse of Horror.

    Along for the haunted hoodang is breakthrough artist Detlef. An underground scene favorite, Detlef has topped the Beatport list three times, proving why he is an up-and-coming DJ to really look out for. CloZee, the French World/Bass and Electronic baroness, has toured the world and spread her melodic ingenuity. Now, she’s coming to share it with the zombies of East Williamsburg. Hailing from London and Hannover, MAXIMONOthe bass, hip-hop, and jungle house duo will bring the funk to all you mummies and daddies, while Elements alum The Golden Pony return with their curly-haired bright spirits.

    BangOn!NYC has always been a force of expression, creativity, originality, and good cheer. Artists, performers, and fans come together with one thing in mind – to be free. This Halloween, join the celebration of superstition at Warehouse of Horrors 2017.

    Date: October 28, 2017
    Location: Brooklyn, NY – Secret East Williamsburg Location TBA
    Age: 21+ to enter

    To Purchase tickets click here.





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    Fransis Derelle releases “Hollywood Dream” on Circus Records

    Firmly cemented as a beloved Circus member in 2017, Antuane Walker, better known as Fransis Derelle, made his official Circus Records debut, releasing his rework of Flux Pavilion’s “Cut Me Out”, and was quickly followed up by the stomper “Imaginary Friends,” a collaboration with Hopsteady. Now, the Salt Lake City Native is dropping his next big move “Hollywood Dream”.

    The track features a prime example of Fransis Derelle’s highly energetic approach to both composition and sound design.

    Portraying vocal talent by Lisa Cimorelli, Fransis tells, “It’s the story of a girl living in Hollywood who ends finding her dream guy. To her, she can’t believe it because he is everything she has ever wanted and it all feels like a dream to her. It is the perfect love story, so there is no way this could be real.”

    Escapism may be the first order of the day with “Hollywood Dream”, be it on the dancefloor or simply in your mind. Allow Fransis Derelle to sweep you away from the grind, if only for just a few minutes.

    Fransis Derelle; Photo Credit – Insomniac

    Fransis Derelle recently unleashed a host of sets alongside Circus legend, Flux Pavilion, on his Around The World In 80 Raves tour.

    The track is out now and you can get it here.

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    Bob Sinclar & Akon “Til The Sun Rise Up” OUT NOW

    French DJ Bob Sinclar returns with singer/songwriter/producer Akon for a single ‘Til The Sun Rise Up‘, accompanied by the official music video via Big Beat/Spinnin Records. The true feel-good party tune, which has mesmerized crowds all summer long at Sinclar’s Paris By Night performances in Pacha Ibiza, celebrates his trademark: using positive vibes and melodic approach in a sweet, catchy piece of dance music, perfectly incorporating Akon’s recognizable vocals.

    A DJ, producer, international man of mystery, and owner of the label Yellow Productions, Bob Sinclar has gained acclaim behind the scenes for production on Dimitri From Paris, Kid Loco, Salome de Bahia, Michael Calfan, and Erik Hagleton records, among others. Since 1998, he has produced seven studio albums, scored worldwide hits with unforgettable tracks like ‘Love Generation‘ and ‘World Hold On‘, and collaborated with many different artists, going from Snoop Dogg, Sean Paul, Pitbull and Shaggy to Lionel Richie, Sophie Ellis-Bextor and The Sugarhill Gang. Last year also saw him enter a new chapter, with his hit single ‘Someone Who Needs Me‘, a track bursting of upbeat vibes and positivity. By now, it’s his most played record on Spotify, counting over 20 million streams already.

    Bob Sinclar; Photo Credit – Bobsinclar.com

    Akon, the featured artist in Sinclar’s latest single, is best known for his 2005 breakout hit ‘Lonely‘, among other hit tracks like ‘Smack That‘ and ‘Beautiful‘. Having sold multiple platinum albums and singles in a career spanning over a decade, Akon worked with various artists, including artists like Eminem, David Guetta, and Snoop Dogg.

    Bob Sinclar had this to say about ‘Til The Sun Rise Up’:

    I am very proud of this new song because I made it with one of my favorite singers Akon, who gave the instrumental an amazing vibe. It’s a pure Bob Sinclar record full of power and emotions in the drums and the harmonies. I hope the lyrics and beat will captivate you to party til the sun rise up!

    ‘Til The Sun Rise Up’ is out now on various platforms. Check it out here.

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    The Electronic Music Awards Announce Detroit Dock Techno Takeover

    The Electronic Music Awards announced The Detroit Dock, an entire arena that will pay homage to the origins of Techno, with performances from multiple generations of Motor City artists including the genre’s godfather Juan Atkins, legendary DJ Delano Smith, Robert Hood performing as Floorplan (Live) and The Saunderson Brothers, are carrying the torch for their father Kevin Saunderson and a new generation of Detroit artists.

    The Electronic Music Awards also announced that SiriusXM will live stream the awards ceremony

    Originating in the early-1980s out of Belleville, Michigan, Juan Atkins developed a revolutionary musical form that would transform his city and the entire world.  “Techno City” was created from experimenting with synthesizers, and marrying Chicago House, Funk, Electro and Electronic Jazz with futuristic, industrial other-worldly sounds and beats. Atkins would go on to DJ around the world, and release music as Cybotron, Model 500 and Infiniti, shaping the sound of contemporary music forever.

    Delano Smith might be one of Detroit’s most unheralded heroes, for it was he who was the first of his Detroit counterparts to mix records together. At the age of 14, he adopted the nickname “the Young Genius” for his impressive mixing skills and generations of Detroit DJs cite Smith as their inspiration, indeed Jeff Mills and Derrick May go as far as to say they would not be DJs without him. Together with fellow high-schoolers the Belleville Three, Smith was responsible for creating the Detroit techno scene. Little did they know the influence the parties they threw in rented community halls would have around the world.

    Acknowledging the past and looking to the future is something vital to the Electronic Music Awards mission, and flying the flag for contemporary Detroit, are the Saunderson Brothers. Born and raised in Detroit, Dantiez & Damarii, sons of Kevin Saunderson, are part of the next generation of Motor City producers and DJs, alongside the likes of Kyle Hall and Seth Troxler, deeply steeped in the traditions of their home town, and determined to continue and evolve its contribution to the global techno scene.

    Befitting the industrial origins of techno music, which was indelibly influenced by the factories and warehouses of Motor City, the Electronic Music Awards will showcase the Detroit acts on the Detroit Dock, a unique outdoor space, with a DJ booth situated on a loading dock.

    The Electronic Music Awards will not be a traditional awards show; no sit-down, no acceptance speeches, no breaks. Dancing room only and non-stop performances from multiple different areas within the venue. Open to all, the public can RSVP online (http://theemawards.com/rsvp/)

    The Electronic Music Awards will be live streamed on Twitter (theemawards.twitter.com) starting at 7:47pm PT, with performances, encompassing the events multiple stages, as well as backstage interviews with Billboard Dance founder Matt Medved and electronic music personality and Revolt TV host Hannah Rad.

    The Electronic Music Awards will take place at Willow Studios in the Downtown Arts District in Los Angeles. The event will be broadcast live, globally, on Twitter commencing at 7:47pm PST with performances by Moby, Orbital, Illenium, Autograf, Goldfish, Kidnap Kid, Floorplan Live, Madeaux, Ramzoid, Juan Atkins, Delano Smith and The Saunderson Brothers.

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    R3HAB releases a new song: ‘I Just Can’t’ featuring Quintino.

    Three days ago major artist R3HAB released a new song titled, “I just Can’t” in conjunction with Quintino. They have described the new track as an ‘emotional roller coaster ride.’ ‘I Just Can’t’ gives fans further insight into R3HAB’s musical journey. Check out the official music video below:

    Keep me up all night, I’m not sleeping
    I’m closing my eyes just to keep on dreaming
    ‘Cause when I see your face my own senses leave me
    Yeah, I could be blind but I’d still see that
    I just can’t, I just can’t
    ‘Cause when I see your face my own senses leave me
    Yeah, I could be blind but I’d still see that, I just can’t

    R3HAB has been producing music for almost a decade. As of last October, he has been dominating the dance music scene and has taken complete control of his music career. His music has amassed over 100 million streams and 8.2 million monthly listens on Spotify. In 2012 he won the IDMA Best Breakthrough Artist Award.

    Quintino is also a major DJ and producer, who was originally discovered by Laidback Luke when he was 18. He has collaborated with several big name artists including Afrojack, Tiesto, and of course R3HAB. Notable releases include a remix of “Rap das Armas”, “Selecta”, “Go Hard” and “Fatality”. In 2014 he held the 86th spot in the DJ Mag Top 100 DJ’s list.

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    Breaking News – EDC Las Vegas

    One of the biggest festivals for EDM music, EDC Las Vegas, has just announced that the festival is being moved to May 18-20 2018! Along with this comes the exciting news that for he very first time the festival will be offering on-site camping. You will have your choice of renting a tent or an RV. Both the tent and RV will be have linens and pillows included.

    EDC 2015; Photo Credit: Electronic Vegas

    Everyone will be able to enjoy the neonGARDEN and the cosmicMEADOW while also having the chance to be able to sleep comfortably. Whether you’re someone who will dance the night away or sing your heart out while on a carnival ride, EDC Las Vegas 2018 will be your happy ending.What makes EDC Las Vegas so popular is that every day and night will bring new memories. You get to meet people from across the country and the world who have the same music taste as you. You’ll leave EDC Las Vegas not only happy, but with new friendships that will last you a lifetime.

    Tickets go on sale for EDC Las Vegas on September 28th at 12pm. To check out some of the othe amenities you can click here.

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    Gramatik and Galactic Marvl “Voyager Twins” [Lowtemp Records]

    “Voyager Twins” is out now via Gramatik‘s label Lowtemp Records. “Voyager Twins” is a co-production with Galactic Marvl. Not much is known about this new producer, except an affiliation with the Armada record label. Whoever Galactic Marvl is, they look to be ready and willing to create tracks suited for both laid-back listening sessions and big festival stages.

    “Voyager Twins” is a glitch-meets-dub inspired track. It rings with Gramatik’s signature funk riffs. However, it introduces new sounds with the bass lines. Collaboration makes this “interplanetary” sound come through very clearly. The music video release on September 5th brings the track to a new level of life. Voyager Twins’ music video credits motion and design studio Supermassive, and illustrator Fernando Leon. They transform the track’s epic sound into an animated space voyage; Inspired by the 1977 launch of the Voyager II. It was exactly 40 years ago that NASA sent two space crafts on a journey through our solar system. As such, These ships eventually reached deep space.


    This summer saw Gramatik on a rigorous touring schedule.

    Summer 2017 included performances at EDC Las Vegas and Lollapalooza in the U.S. Similarly, he performed across the pond in Switzerland’s Open Air Gambel, and Austria’s FM4 Frequency Festival. Despite the summer festival agenda, Gramatik managed to find time to hit the studio. New singles, such as: “Recovery” feat. Eric Krasno, a collaboration with GRiZ on “As We Proceed,” and most recently,”Voyager Twins”.

    The track “Voyager Twins” is available now on iTunes. Also, you can listen on Spotify and Apple Music.

    You can still catch Gramatik live on a number of international tour dates.

    13 Oct 2017- Rockhal- Esch Sur Alzette, Luxembourg
    14 Oct 2017- Radiant Bellevue- Lyon, France
    18 Oct 2017- Nancy Jazz Pulsation 2017- Nancy, France
    21 Oct 2017- Zénith de Paris- Paris, France
    22 Oct 2017 – Festival Les Bulles Sonores- Limoux, France
    25 Oct 2017- Melkweg- Amsterdam, Netherlands
    26 Oct 2017- TivoliVredenburg- Utrecht, Netherlands
    27 Oct 2017- Annabel- Rotterdam, Netherlands
    28 Oct 2017- Den Grå Hal- Copenhagen, Denmark
    03 Nov 2017- New Age Club- Roncade, Italy
    04 Nov 2017- Estragon Club- Bologna, Italy
    05 Nov 2017- Orion- Rome, Italy
    06 Nov 2017- Alcatraz- Milan, Italy
    09 Nov 2017- X-TRA- Zürich, Switzerland
    10 Nov 2017- Metropop- Lausanne, Switzerland
    12 Nov 2017- Vienna Arena- Vienna, Austria
    13 Nov 2017- Astra Kulturhaus- Berlin, Germany
    14 Nov 2017- Progresja- Warsaw, Poland
    15 Nov 2017- Roxy- Prague, Czech Republic
    18 Nov 2017- Palais 12- Brussels, Belgium
    22 Nov 2017- Arenele Romane- Bucharest, Romania
    23 Nov 2017- Belexpo- Belgrade, Serbia
    07 Dec 2017 —Sun 10 Dec 2017- Island of Light 2017-  Fajardo, Puerto Rico

    Lowtemp Facebook

    Lowtemp SoundCloud

    Gramatik Facebook

    Gramatik SoundCloud

    Galatic Marvl Facebook

    Galactic Marvl SoundCloud

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    Snails announces Phase 2 of The Shell tour, with more dates and support

    With a recent announcement of The Shell tour and a forthcoming album, Montreal-based king of vomitstep Snails is back again, this time with even bigger news – Phase 2 of the tour is happening! Now announcing that the tour has expanded to a ton of new dates & locations with even more bass heavy support, Snails is ready to hit the streets with some of the best names in bass and a brand new stage design aptly dubbed “The Shell”. This is sure to be the biggest tour of this young artist’s career to-date.

    Previously having only announced four stops on for his massive new production, Snails has now added over 25 more across the US and Canada. The massive new production and stage design will premiere at his annual Red Rocks show, Slugtopia. Following Slugtopia the tour heads all over the Midwest, Canada, and the East Coast. With his insane summer festival run just ending, Snails is proving that his train was only gaining steam and he’s now ready to go full speed ahead.

    Snails has shown even further that he’s a force to be reckoned with, with his amazing Phase 2 lineup of support adding to a bill that was already heavy with some of bass music’s biggest names. With the addition of Funtcase, Spag Heddy, and a host of other amazing bass artists, the tour is ready to blast 150 Watts of bass into every attendee’s chest.

    Snails; Photo Credit: Billboard.com
    Kannibalen Record’s Snails has wasted no time growing a name for himself in the bass music community. He is the self-proclaimed creator of “Vomitstep”; a fusion of Hip-hop rhythms, unique synths, and deep bass. Since his tracks first surfaced online in 2012, he’s wasted no time amassing his following of “Snail-heads” with tracks like “Funk With Me”, “Frog Bass”, and the recently released “Into the Light”.
    Check out tickets and stops on his tour at his website:
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    It’s Official: Warner Has Acquired Spinnin Records

    It’s been confirmed that Warner Music Group has officially acquired Spinnin’ Records for a deal worth approximately $100 Million USD.  This will be one of the largest acquisitions in the modern day music industry.

    Spinnin’ Records is a Dutch record label, founded in 1999 by Eelko van Kooten and Roger de Graaf.[2][3]


    Van Kooten is the son of former Dutch radio DJ and businessman Willem van Kooten, and initially worked in the publishing business of his father. Together with Roger de Graaf, a former employee of the specialist dance retailer Rhythm Import, van Kooten formed Spinnin’ Records in 1999. Initially, they concentrated on the pressing of vinyl for artists.

    Spinnin’ Records hosts 21 active sub-labels alongside their main imprint; the majority linked to a specific artist. The label provides A&R, management, publishing and (digital) marketing for artists they have under contract. The label promotes songs without naming the artists in order to ‘create a buzz’.

    Some notable artists they represent are Jauz, Sam Feldt, Breathe CarolinaNERVO, and countless others.

    Warner Music Group (abbreviated as WMG, commonly referred to as Warner Music or WEA International) is an American multinational entertainment and record label conglomerate headquartered in New York City. It is one of the “big three” recording companies and the third largest in the global music industry, next to Universal Music Group (UMG) and Sony Music Entertainment (SME), being the only American music conglomerate worldwide. Formerly owned by Time Warner, the company was publicly traded on the New York Stock Exchange until May 2011, when it announced its privatization and sale to Access Industries, which was completed in July 2011. With a multibillion-dollar annual turnover, WMG employs in excess of 3,500 people and has operations in more than 50 countries throughout the world.


    The company owns and operates some of the largest and most successful record labels in the world, including its flagship labels Warner Bros. Records, Parlophone and Atlantic Records. WMG also owns Warner/Chappell Music, one of the world’s largest music publishers.

    Max Lousada doesn’t officially start as Warner’s worldwide recorded music chief until October 1, 2017.

    Some notable artists they represent are Bruno Mars Clean Bandit Conor Maynard Daft Punk and countless others.

    Eelko van Kooten, Co-founder of Spinnin’ Records comments: “Each of the Spinnin’ companies has matured successfully which makes it a good moment for me to step down. With pride and joy I look back on 25 exciting years in the music industry and feel grateful to have worked with so many talented artists and an incredible team at Spinnin’. I want to thank them for their dedication and unlimited efforts. A special thank you to my business partner and best friend Roger de Graaf for all the laughs, the challenges and the success we’ve experienced together. As I look ahead at the next chapter in my life, I remain confident that the team will continue to accelerate and that Spinnin’ will enjoy continued success.”

    Max Lousada, Chairman & CEO, Warner Music UK, who becomes WMG’s CEO, Recorded Music on October 1st, said: “Warner’s past, present and future are all about creating an environment in which incredible artists and entrepreneurs thrive. That’s why I’m pleased to welcome Spinnin’ to our growing family of labels, each with its own cultural identity. Roger and the team aren’t just world leaders in dance music, but pioneers of new ways to break artists and build music brands. Together, we’ll nurture and expand Spinnin’s global community of hit-makers, DJs, producers, songwriters, and millions of passionate fans.”

    Oneedm will be following this story as it continues to develop.

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