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    Martin Garrix collaborates once again with Russia’s finest Matisse & Sadko on “Forever”

    Martin Garrix releases his latest collaboration with Matisse & Sadko titled “Forever”.

    The video for Garrix’s latest single “Forever” portrays a young man driving a motorcycle cross country in search for something. Maybe that something is found on the map or perhaps it exists in the music for listeners to find. The video was directed, shot, and edited by Damian Karsznia. The production assistants were Joris Hoevenberg and Mees Roozen. The biker in the video is Sjak van Hoof. According to Sijak on FB: “Wow, this may be the coolest job I’ve ever done, I can say that. Thanks a million Damian Karsznia, Joris Hoevenberg, Mees Roozen and Team Martin Garrix”. This video was shot in beautiful Scotland.


    The glorious breakdowns are driven by commanding organ chords and decked out with melancholy guitar licks that recall sorrowful ‘80s pop-rock. The build-up is kept minimal before the mighty lead riff is unleashed, a resplendent and triumphant trancey refrain that’s super-polished. Gorgeous key changes meet us in the second break with a bigger snare build creating a tense sense of anticipation. Only a few elements are needed to create a full sound, such is this team’s production prowess and keen sense of arrangement. Less is more when you use the best ingredients and blend them perfectly.

    It’s the fourth occasion that Matisse & Sadko have collaborated with Garrix.

    Following the wild success of Break Through The Silence, Dragon and Together, they have also crafted dancefloor gold alongside Steve Angello. With remixes for Afrojack, millions of streams online and sets at Tomorrowland, Omnia Las Vegas and Usuhuïa to name but a few, they are rapidly rising through the ranks of the dance music scene.

    It’s a big month for Martin Garrix, with two sold out shows during ADE at the gargantuan Amsterdam RAI and the following week at London’s legendary O2 Academy Brixton.

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    BOO! Arizona 2017: A Spook-tacular Night [Event Review]

    BxC bacon
    BOO! AZ Lineup
    Credit: Insomniac

    BOO! Arizona 2017

    For the second year in a row BOO! haunted Arizona with a scary good night. On October 14th, Insomniac and Relentless Beats came together to bring this Halloween massive to life in Chandler, Arizona at the Rawhide Event Center. Like last year, the event boasted some very impressive names, including BONNIE X CLYDE, Laidback Luke, Zomboy, and Valentino Khan. In addition to booking another star-studded lineup, the event gave its audience a night to remember by stepping up their production value. Luckily, One EDM experienced this well-executed event first hand and sat down for an interview with Bonnie X Clyde and Laidback Luke after their sets.


    Blue Laser Production
    Photography by Angelo Graciano


    Pumpkins, Zombies, and Devils – Oh My!

    Obviously, Halloween themed events are bound to bring out the spookiest parts of everyone. Surrounded by tombstones and bones, the DJs rose the dead with their hottest tracks. Dancing devils, shuffling skeletons, and grooving ghosts littered the crowd and came to life in lasers from the graveyard decorated stage. Apart from the stage and massive dance floor, concert-goers dove deeper into the frightful night by jumping aboard the haunted hayride. Riders passed scenes of death along a countryside road while zombies chased behind and eerie music sent shivers down their spine.

    Rawhide Event Center allows plenty of space for everyone to dance and have a good time. The stage sat in a barn-like building with plenty of room to exit or enter. The stage as a whole was complimented by many attendees as being much more festive than the previous year. Some even said that the sound quality improved drastically. As a whole, the combination of the costumed attendees, the festive stage production, the layout, and haunted hayride made up for a truly epic Halloween atmosphere.

    This slideshow requires JavaScript.

    View all Photos from BOO! courtesy of Angelo Graciano

    Not everything about BOO! Arizona was terrifying. In fact, most of it was the opposite. The staff members made themselves very approachable and even stood at the entrance, welcoming concertgoers with high-fives and hugs. If there was a question to be asked the staff had the answers accompanied by a smile. Everyone who made up the staff gave off easygoing and down-to-earth vibes. The ticketing staff at will call, the vendors, and even security helped make BOO! feel comfortable from start to finish.

    This slideshow requires JavaScript.

    The Lineup

    The lineup this year was made up of 12th Planet, Crizzly, Bonnie X Clyde, Bro Safari, KSHMR, Laidback Luke, Monxx, Valentino Khan, and Zomboy. Originally, Monxx was set to headline the night, however, he ran into some travel difficulties and could not make it in time for his set. Luckily, Bonnie X Clyde stepped in and set the stage on fire in his absence. Monxx went on later in the night as an addition to the 12th planet b2b Crizzly set. Bonnie X Clyde thought the switch was “meant to happen,” stating: “Everything happens for a reason.”

    Social media went into a storm, supporting what Bonnie X Clyde said earlier in the night. Many in attendance of the event are a part of a Facebook group called AZRAVEFAM. In that group, BOO!-goers ranked Bonnie X Clyde or the B2B set as the standouts of the night. Although, Zomboy and Laidback Luke are other names BOO! goers are ranking as “best of the night.” Nevertheless, One EDM didn’t see a single artist perform that we were not impressed with.

    Photography by Angelo Graciano


    After their sets, Bonnie X Clyde and Laidback Luke joined One EDM for interviews.

    Bonnie X Clyde

    BXC interview
    Photography by Angelo Graciano

    Bonnie X Clyde opened the night for One EDM and blew everyone away. Sticking to the theme of the night, the duo came out on stage in matching costume: Bacon and Eggs. A fantastic set, the duo blended multiple genres, played old and new tracks, and gave everyone a set that showed their unique style. They dropped their newest track “Torn,” and even shocked the crowd with Bassnectar’s “Bass Head.” Later in the night, we sat down with the duo who showed us nothing but love.

    Q- How has your festival season been, whats the best thing that has happened since then? Whats the best thing that has happened since then?

    Bonnie: We loved Okeechobee that was one of our favorite sets to date just because like, you know, not only were we out on the beach in the camping area, but I feel like we had such a large crowd.

    Clyde: I felt the festival there, I felt the entire festival. Every other stage was shut down.

    Bonnie: But since then we loved, loved, loved, EDC Vegas, we got to play 3 sets which were so fun. We recently went to Thailand which was super fun. The more shows we’ve been playing recently we’ve been trying to do little things to make them more memorable to make it so that they don’t all blend together. Like the bacon suit stuff right now; wearing bacon and eggs. I’ll always remember this show. This show was awesome.

    Q- You guys are one of the most upcoming DJs in Arizona. How are you guys dealing with this fast rise of publicity?

    Bonnie: Honestly, we are kind of in our own little bubble. We don’t see what everyone else sees because we are constantly on the grind. You know playing shows, going home making music. So, we are kind of stuck on that side. It’s even crazy to hear you say that because I didn’t even know that. It’s amazing, we want to become really close with our fans as much as possible. We love the meet and greets we are doing. It’s kind of surreal.

    Clyde: It’s all part of it. Its a bigger mission and all of this is part of the mission. I don’t think about it as much I just try to live in the moment most of the time.

    Bonnie: We are both very driven and passionate at what we’re doing. We have this goal in our mind and we are doing everything to reach it. If the crowd catches on it’s incredible, but we’re gonna keep going no matter what.

    Q- How did you come up with your style? It seems very vocal and melodic.

    Clyde: We call it vocal bass.

    Bonnie: We both love trap music and I’ve been a singer my whole life so it’s kind of just innately in all the songs we made. I was always singing on them, and then it just kind of formed into what it is.

    Clyde: Also, future bass happened and vocal manipulation became a way bigger part of the production and we kind of analyzed that in relation to our projects and in establishing our own genre. We try to add something real to it as well, with the writing side of things.

    Q- Between the DMV, Florida, and Los Angles how would you compare all the different region that you’ve lived and performed in as Bonnie X Clyde?

    Bonnie: We actually went to high school together. [In Virginia]

    Clyde: LA! There is nothing like home, but LA!

    Bonnie: Are you talking about in regards to the crowds or just the living in general?

    Q- The overall experience in general. How would you compare them?

    Clyde: In Miami, we grew. Bonnie X Clyde started in Miami.

    Bonnie: You know it’s crazy I LITERALLY said to my parents I can’t wait to explore the world, so I can really find that place that is like my place. Because I love my home in Virginia, but I feel like that is not the place I’ll really end up. So, I’m always looking, but the more I keep traveling I fall in love with EVERY place and I really don’t have a favorite place. Florida, I can’t get enough of the weather there and I love the beaches there. And the downtown Miami scene whenever we play its like super home base for us. Because we [Bonnie X Clyde] started there.

    Clyde: We did a tour around Florida, 10 shows, by ourselves.

    Bonnie: Our very first tour ever was just a tour around, because we started in Miami. It was really cool we had Florida on our backs.

    Q- Who do you think was some of your favorite people to perform with, or who have you had the best time with?

    Clyde: We’ve been fortunate enough to be on our own, and we’ve got to play with Carnage, Borgeous, Adventure Club. Honestly, they’re all really cool. It was cool when Carnage brought us up and we did the left, left, left, left, right, right, right, right. Borgeous brought us out, and we did the water bottle thing with Adventure Club last night. And we got to play the remix for their song right before they came out. Each show and artist is unique and I really don’t have a favorite because the dynamics between artist to the artist are so different so its hard.

    Bonnie: I wouldn’t say they’re their too much of a favorite.

    Clyde: I love playing our shows because you know the people in the room are there to see you. You know the people are here to see you and there is a different type of energy.

    Q- Is there a reason you guys put an “x” instead of and?

    Bonnie: Yes

    Clyde: There is a bunch of reasons, Copyright 1. its a multiplier 2. X is I feel like-

    Bonnie: X is very big in EDM.

    Q- I thought it might be because it looks cool but I was also wondering if there was a story behind it.

    Bonnie: Looks cool, but copyright.

    Clyde: Yeah a lot of it is copyright.

    Bonnie: Yeah, and also search-ability.

    Q-  Besides this[Boo! AZ], what else do you have planned for Halloween?

    Clyde: Frat shows! I love it! Frat shows are the best!

    Bonnie: They literally just want to turn up!

    Clyde: Dude, we’re going to Texas and Alabama next weekend! Then the next week we are doing a USC thing! And New Orleans with Oliver Heldens.

    Q- What are your next Duo Halloween costumes?

    Bonnie: That’s a great question! I want to be a criminal because we’re Bonnie and Clyde! So, one night I have to steal a fan. Like, kidnap them that would be awesome!

    Q- What do you guys look the most forward too for the rest of 2017, and is there anything in 2018 you want to give fans a sneak peak about?

    Bonnie: We have a bunch of really cool songs coming out soon, but aside from our music, our shows are going to step it up a notch. We are big about surprising people.

    Clyde: We’re going to have a legit tour soon where we do like dates, and twerk team, and an updated production.

    Bonnie: Every set is going to be so different.

    Clyde: Like a legit tour.

    Laidback Luke

    Laidback luke interview
    Photography by Angelo Graciano

    Laidback Luke is a veteran of the industry brings fire to the stage every time he performs. BOO! proved to be no exception as the crowd went crazy during the set. For an overall bass heavy night, Laidback Luke gave the crowd a something that was unique to the night. The set’s light show really set him apart from the other sets of the night. All in all, it’s no surprise that his name is argued for the best at BOO! and we have come to expect nothing less from this superstar. We sat down with him and he is incredibly humble and full of wise insight to the world.

    Q- I notice you do a lot of martial arts and stuff as well, beyond producing and DJing. How do you get your mind clear, not even just between shows, just in general, in life?

    I’ve done a lot of meditation in the past, but it felt so good that I had to quit it because I didn’t wanna go back into like real life situations. So, I’ve done that, but the truth is stress is as big as you want to make it. Stress is all inside of your own brain, so a lot of things are not as intense as you would like to make it. A lot of things you can actually control, even things that are going to surprise you.

    So, in my kung-fu we have this thing we call looking “through 13 windows,” which means if you are going to start a day or week that is very stressful, that’s very packed, you can already anticipate a whole lot of things coming. You can be like: “Okay so on Tuesday I need to do this, this, this, and this. And I’m going to encounter that, and those type of people.” And then when it really happens you’re ready for it; mentally prepared.

    Q- How do you think music is going to impact your family as you grow older? Do you plan to pass this down to your children?

    Good question. My daughter is very musically gifted, but I have this theory that it will always skip a generation. So, my kids don’t really care about music. Think about your own parents; even if your dad was an astronaut, you’d be like: “that just my dad doing his thing you know?” So, for my kids, I’m their dad doing the DJ thing, and their like yeah whatever we grew up with it. But you will always see it skips a generation, but perhaps their kids will want to be involved with music.

    Q- You were in here earlier when we first came in, and I was trying my hardest not to be starstruck. Have you ever had any embarrassing moment when you’ve been starstruck by somebody who a super big name?

    For sure! There is this Dutch K1 fighter, K1 is a big kickboxing league I used to watch all the time on Dutch television. And I saw him once at the airport, and he’s a big guy, like 6’5 and I recognized him. His name is Remy Bonjasky. I was like: “oh Mr. Bonjasky, Mr. Bonjasky can I have a picture please?” and he was really cool, a real gentleman. So, you know with shaky hands, I took out my iPhone and I tried to snap a picture. And I said thank you so much, and he strutted on because he had to catch his flight. I looked at my phone and I missed pressed the button.

    Q- So you like completely missed the picture?

    Yes! I missed the picture! And there I was with my shaky hands! So, whenever people come up to me and they have like shaky hands I’ll often just grab the phone and take the picture because I know exactly how they feel.

    Q- Since it’s getting close to Halloween I wanted to try to start going into a theme. Whats your favorite scary movie?

    Oh, I’m really bad with scary movies. Fun fact! I hate scary movies. I really get scared. Like a little girl! I will pee my pants watching anything that has to do with the paranormal. So, I wouldn’t even know how to- well okay so when I was- wow I’m really old- When I was a kid I used to watch Nightmare on Elm Street so that would probably be my favorite because I didn’t see anything else.

    Q- Well, you’re not really old, but you’ve had some time to think of some Halloween costumes. What do you think is the best Halloween costume that you’ve ever had.

    Well, I grew up in the Netherlands, so we don’t really have Halloween. So, ever since I started DJing in America and starting a family here I noticed what that’s about. I never really dove into it. I think I did have a Super You And Me party during Halloween where I had a makeup artist come in and paint my face like Two-Face from Batman for Halloween.

    Q- What other events planned for Halloween?

    I’m doing my Super You And Me run across Vegas, San Diego, San Francisco that is going to be really big. My girlfriend and I are going to have matching costumes. I’m very excited for it.

    Q- Who are some of your favorite people who you have collaborated with people who you have collaborated with?

    I really enjoyed working with Diplo. I enjoyed working with Steve Aioki. Devid Guetta, I made a lot of tracks with, which was fun as well. I once tried to make a track with Derro, and that guy blew me away! He’s one of the most talented producers in the world. But, we never got to finish the track. I basically ended up testing him out to see what his capabilities were. [Like] Okay, you do this and that, and you make cord structures like that, and melody changes like that. And he could do everything and more.

    Q- If you could name some artists outside of the EDM genre to collaborate with who would you name? Like R&B maybe Rap, Rock, and Roll.

    Still one of my all-time favorites is Justin Timberlake. I would love to collaborate with him.

    Q- What are you most excited for, for the rest of 2017?

    There is going to be a new track I’m going to be releasing with our youngest talent of Mixmash records, Mark Villa, I’m going to do a collaboration. And currently, I’m working on an album full of collaborations.

    BOO! Arizona Final Thoughts

    Insomniac and Relentless Beats get credit for BOO! Arizona this year. Between a well-decorated stage, an organized venue layout, an incredible staff, and a wildly impressive lineup the event contained all the ingredients to provide one hell of a night. Very few deny that this year blew last year’s BOO! out of the water. BOO! gave the crowd great things to rant about and reasons to return next year. Props again to Insomniac and Relentless Beats for hosting this event; they really kicked off the Halloween celebrations. To those of you headed to BOO! San Francisco, have fun! If its anything like BOO! Arizona you’re in for a good time.

    Photography by Angelo Graciano


    View all Photos from BOO! courtesy of Angelo Graciano

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    Groove Cruise Miami 2018 is Officially SOLD OUT

    Groove Cruise Miami
    Not your parent’s cruise, Groove Cruise is the floating equivalent to Las Vegas.
    With Groove Cruise Miami 2018 officially sold out and fresh off another sold-out West Coast cruise, which LA Weekly dubbed ‘debaucherous splendor’ and SiriusXM called ‘spectacular’, GC today has announced a first of its kind takeover of The Bahama’s largest fort, Fort Charlotte, with Jamie Jones and Thomas Jack soundtracking this iconic party experience.Groove Cruise
    Groove Cruise will make landfall at the largest city and capital of the Bahamas, Nassau. Formerly known as Charles Town, this historical city was named after William III of England, Prince of Orange Nassau, as it used to be a stronghold for pirates.
    Attendees will be welcomed to groove to underground music’s reigning champ Jamie Jones and Caribbean house captain Thomas Jack while taking in the history of Fort Charlotte. Just a short jaunt from the cruise port, attendees will have the opportunity to explore the Fort’s hidden tunnels, secret dungeons, and 42 massive cannons either at their own pace or through a guided tour to revel in the structure’s history. On top of that, there will be a 19th century military reenactment and cannon firing demonstration by the Bahamas Defense Force – truly bringing Bahamian history to life.
    Groove Cruise’s other stop is on CocoCay’s crystal blue shore for an immersive private island beach party experience with a main and underground stage. With 140 acres of private island, CocoCay becomes a tropical playground, where the adventurous Cruisers can find themselves snorkeling the breathtaking coral reefs, scuba diving with underwater wildlife, racing WaveRunners, or hiking lush nature trails.
    Attendees can also just chill and indulge into the local cuisine, bars, and shops on shore — making CocoCay truly a gorgeous destination hotspot. Here you will also a find a 200,000 square foot adventure water park situated just offshore, where the GCFam can test their aquatic skills on floating rock climbing walls, two 25 foot aquatic trampolines and two 14-foot castles – 1 for climbing and the other for sliding.Groove CruiseJamie Jones and Thomas Jack are among 50 artists that will be making fans dance on the Groove Cruise’s all-star lineup, with world-class DJs like Dada Life, Gryffin (DJ Set), Ilan Bluestone, Mark Knight, Markus Schulz, R3hab, and SNBRN, along with some of underground’s finest like Shiba San, Kill Frenzy, Anthony Attalla, Cocodrills, and Detlef. Completing this unique musical journey are hosted stages by Anjunabeats, Coldharbour Recordings, Space, Secret Garden, Basement Leak, Incorrect, Deck of Denial and Revolution Radio.
    Groove Cruise’s new residence, Royal Caribbean’s Enchantment of the Seas, will bring luxury to the oceanic experience with the first ever GC all-inclusive drink packages, fine dining experiences, bottle service, plus activities like on-board bungee trampolines, rock climbing, and a casino. You don’t want to miss out on the extravagance, thrill, and culture Groove Cruise continues to provide year after year reimagined for its finest journey yet. Stay tuned as Groove Cruise announces more guest experiences, such as, artist hosted beach games, blackjack and mini golf tournaments, even an artist cooking demonstration that make this voyage it’s own unique realm in the music festival world.
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    The BPM Festival Announces An Important Update

    The BPM Festival, known as one of the loudest techno festival in the world. Known for its multiple day parties with elite artists from across the underground house scene with names like Hot Since 82, Skream, Lauren Lane, Hector, Scuba, Alan Fitzpatrick, Sam Paganini, Lee Burridge, Richie Hawtin, Chus & Ceballos, Danny Tenaglia, and Carl Cox.

    Yesterday, The BPM Festival has announced what will happen in the near future. The statement starts off thanking everyone who was apart of the first edition of BPM Portugal last month also announcing that the festival will continue it’s installment to the beautiful beaches of Portimão and Lagoa in Portugal for September 2018. The statement then continues with some unfortunate news, due to the devastating tragedy that happened at Blue Parrot The BPM Festival will not be returning to Mexico in January.

    photo credit: The BPM Festival

    The people behind The BPM Festival are already scouting for new locations so they can bring their fans the best BPM experience ever. The festival is already in the planning stages to bring The BPM Festival to a new beach location in January 2019. This news may be disappointing news for some of you and even though there are no more wild dancing parties on the beaches and jungles in Mexico our memories will live on forever. The statement ends with a strong and hopeful message giving techno lovers around the world a piece of mind for the future of The BPM Festival. “In the meantime, keep dancing and smiling on the dance-floor! Music unites us all and we look forward to creating more magical moments with you in the future.”


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    Kenji Releases New Future Bass Track – “Tides”

    Kenji Tides

    After his first release “Now or Never”, Houston producer Kenji is trying his hand at some future bass sounds with a smooth, building track “Tides”. The track starts off slowly and builds into a drop that changes pace as well as its style of sound. Kenji’s first two tracks are quite different, with his first more in a trap and bass style while “Tides” explores more of a bright and vibrant bassline.

    You can listen to the track here:

    Kenji unique skill in crafting layers in the track “Tide” and continue to build on what he lays down in the first twenty seconds of the song. The sounds he starts with never disappears, but he continues to add layers of electro instrumentals, completing it with a massive drop. When you hear the drop, it explodes with groovy basslines and a catchy rhythm. Kenji has shown range in his first two releases, expect more of the same moving forward.

    Kenji Selfie


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    Fabian Mazur “Don’t Talk About It” Featuring Neon Hitch

    Fabian Mazur “Don’t Talk About it”

    Fabian Mazur “Don’t Talk About It”

    Fabian Mazur “Don’t Talk About it” featuring Neon Hitch, newest release through U.S independent label Lowly Palace. Since 2010, Fabian has been expanding out of the Danish dance scene to the international scene by signing tracks to trap nation’s Lowly Palace, which has been bringing quality content from a number of different upcoming artists from all over.

    Fabian Mazur “Don’t Talk About it”
    Photo Provided by ALEXANDRA GREENBERG

    Fabian Mazur “Don’t Talk About it” starts with Neon Hitch’s high and beautiful ear-catching vocals, with distant pads and percussion. The bass then drops, with more of Neon’s vocals just to cut it harder. This track feels like going out to battle with a short, but effective buildup that grabs you to a crazy and hitting trap drop.

    Neon Hitch
    Photo Provided by Neon Hitch Facebook

    The vocals of Neon Hitch are stretched and chopped to slot perfectly in place with the hard-hitting brass stabs, wonky trap synths, and crisp drums. As the track goes on, it adds more exciting and different trap synth work to keep your ears pleased and making you want to hear more like this, whatever war they’re fighting.

    It’s strong and heavy, but just what the audience would expect from someone who is joining the likes of NGHTMRE, Troyboi, and Party Thieves at ADM (Amsterdam Dance Event) on Saturday, October 21st. Not able to make it to ADM? Don’t worry – Fabian Mazur spends his free time producing a Vlog Series featuring all his music. With weekly videos, you are able to get a glimpse into his daily life as a DJ and full-time music producer.

    Fabian Mazur is gaining support from artists like Martin Garrix, Tiësto, and Afrojack after his recently released singles that have been pulling in streams from all over the world, including “Right Now” with over 7.2 million plays, and “Sun Goes Down” with 2 million plays. Fabian’s fans are eager to hear what he has coming up next.

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    Kai Wachi – “Die Young” EP [Kannibalen]

    Kai Wachi

    Kai Wachi is making waves again with his recent release.

    Out now on Kannibalen Records, Die Young is an EP that shows off his style and pushes his boundaries as an artist.

    Kai Wachi continues to dominate 2017 with this ground-breaking project. This EP comes in the wake of his first summer festival run. Complete with five songs, Die Young takes things to the next level, even by Kai Wachi standards.

    Die Young has five new tracks. The EP begins low and mellow sounding, but “GTFU” has a clean and hard-hitting drop. “GTFU” is an easy acronym to understand- “Get the f*ck up”, and listeners will surely want to. The drop is a hard shift to a new direction that takes cut time to another level. Melodic synth sounds dance along the gritty bass line as the track continues.

    “GTFU” flows seamlessly into the next track on the EP, “Cutthroats”. Liquid-like in the introduction, we are quickly introduced to the build that we know and anticipate. As listeners are taken through the intro, we hear ticking sounds on a synth, then faster and faster until the screech of the bass sneaks in. Then the peak sends us over the edge and into the pit. Listeners will enjoy the transitions in this track. Kai Wachi’s signature style comes forward absolutely here. He proves that he has come to play in the bass arena.

    “LUVSICK”, released as a single, blends hip-hop elements with Kai Wachi’s style. Ylti supplies lyrics and brings the trap style into the light. The lyrics add a house party feel, while the bassline adds a live show feel. This will be a song proudly sang out loud at most of Kai Wachi’s shows for sure.

    “Kismet”, possibly the heaviest track on this EP, follows “LUVSICK”. This track begins dark and mysterious, then bursts into a head-banging drop. The words “It’s my f*ckin’ time” prepares listeners for what they are about to get hit with. Glitchy and hard, “Kismet” sets the stage for a party atmosphere.

    “No Games” is the final and bonus track on Die Young. The track boasts low sounding lyrics and is a liquid DnB track. “No Games” is smooth with siren-like sounds that elevate the track and make it heavier. Glitch style sneaks up at the end of the track with the DnB bass line still intact.

    Blending a number of genres, Kai Wachi’s release is a display of how far the young producer has come. Not to take away from his previous releases, but there’s something even more mature, refined, and complex about his production in this collection that makes it stand out above the rest.

    Kai Wachi is currently on tour with Black Tiger Sex Machine for their Midnight Terror Tour.

    Black Tiger Sex Machine are the creators of Kannibalen Records. You can see Kai Wachi on most of their tour dates. Check out his schedule of shows here. Tickets are now on sale for most Midnight Terror dates. You can download or stream Die Young on a variety of streaming platforms here.


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    Interview: Figure @ Lost Lands Music Festival

    This year at Lost Lands Music FestivalFigure was kind enough to have a sit-down interview with One EDM and get an insight on his thoughts about the layout of the festival. He was sincerely one of the most insightful people. A genuine human being with such talent. With inspirations from old horror movies, real-life people, and even animals, his raw talent shows on the stage, in his music, and in the interview. Now surely will never miss a live set from Figure.

    OneEdm: We’re here with Figure right now, he’s about to go on with Midnight Tyrannosaurus.

    OneEdm: Have you ever done a back-to-back with him before?

    Figure: Yea, three or four times actually.

    OneEdm: Oh wow, so how does it usually go?

    Figure: It’s great. We don’t plan anything and we just try to do a three to three because normally when someone goes back to back they go two and two. So we try to out double drop each other.

    OneEdm: Sweet so it’s like a straight-up battle between the two of you!

    Figure: Yea exactly.

    OneEdm: So do you have any pre-show rituals that you do?

    Figure: Make a drink. Smoke a cigarette, and kind of just watch whats going on beforehand ya know like, kind of be around.

    OneEdm: Yea we saw you were doing the meet and greets which is really cool because a lot of artists won’t do that they just show up play their set and then leave.

    Figure: Right I mean I only exist as Figure the career because of the kids. I mean there’s a point where you can only stay there so long.

    OneEdm: We saw the meet and greet you were doing here at Lost Lands was at the Scummy Bear merch tent. How exactly did you get involved with them?

    Figure: They actually run a lot of Excision‘s merch. Like everything from what I know, but they were doing it on the Paradox tour when I was with them, and we just became very good friends. Actually Devin the owner did my first shirt like nine years ago like this random one-off shirt. He owns this brand called “Shrapnel”, and he used to send me free stuff. But anyway two months ago they called me up and they were like, “Hey we have an entire pitch for you”. They didn’t even tell me they were designing things for me or anything and then he just sent me the entire line you saw at the merch tent and he goes approve this and we’re done. So that was it.

    OneEdm: Was that your first large merch deal?

    Figure: Yea, because normally I handle…*looks at phone*…my mom is always texting me beforehand and she’s like, “Do a great job honey and don’t drink too much and don’t say anything on the microphone you won’t regret”

    OneEdm: I was going to ask are you parents supportive of everything you do?

    Figure: Yea my Dad was a DJ and used to run a haunted house. That’s how my mom met him. So it’s really weird.

    OneEdm: Wow so it’s gone full circle now with your career.

    Figure: I bring mom to a lot of shows. If it’s somewhere she hasn’t been that she wants to go like I should’ve just brought her here because she could’ve just been chilling in here (artist trailer)

    OneEdm: What do you think of the whole layout of everything?

    Figure: It’s great. I mean the thing about an artist like Jeff (Excision) throwing a festival is that he’s played so many and seen the ups and downs of hospitality and transport and everything. He knows exactly what he needs to do

    OneEdm: Absolutely, logistically this festival is being run so well.

    Figure: Yea. There are so many people…*Insidion walks into Figure’s artist trailer to say what’s up and wishes us luck*… but anyways yeah he just knows what things need to be. Like when I look back on certain festivals I remember how good the hospitality was how good the catering was how comfortable it was how they didn’t just give us a chair in the sun. Like rooms like this that are nice. ‘Cus in a little bit when everyone gets here it’s just gonna be a squad of homies that are just chilling. We get to see each other all the time but it’s hard to relate to other people that don’t travel and play out so when we all get together we can all relate.

    OneEdm: What I think helps that at Lost Lands is the similarities in all your music.

    Figure: Yea there’s a couple of people that aren’t heavy, but you sometimes need that to balance.

    OneEdm: So, we’re from PA, and the song “Monster Mania” you had that in ‘It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia’. How did that happen?

    Figure: My manager got an email and it was just like, “Hey we think this is the contact for Figure. We want to license this song it goes perfectly with a fan” I guess a lot of the actors write and produce a lot of that stuff and they make a lot of musical decisions so I was like yea absolutely I don’t care what you want to do with it. I love that show and I love how they used it in the scene where Frank is on acid.

    OneEdm: Monsters 8, can you tell us about it?

    Figure: It’s 11 tracks, album length. There’s an intro and interlude and an outro, but it doesn’t flow like an album. The past couple Monsters just started going back to all the movies I really like instead of creating my own Monsters.

    OneEdm: So you get inspirations from old horror movies and monsters?

    Figure: Yea so I just grab the stuff I’m a massive fan of and I just try to adjust it.

    OneEdm: Can you give me a few examples of those?

    Figure: Fantasm, The Fog, like for those I completely recovered the theme songs. Those are my two all-time favorite theme songs. So I was intimidated. So the intros are these long not for a show intro it’s like an ode to the original. And in some of them like, I have a tarantula at home. I don’t have a spider song.

    OneEdm: What’s your spider’s name?

    Figure: Buzz. We also just got two rats. Mines name is Gein from Ed Gein like he used to eat little kids and shit. And my girlfriend’s rat is Shouto which is some anime shit I guess. But yea Buzz because in Home Alone remember the ass**** older brother? He had a tarantula so that’s the origin of that.

    Figure: The most important song on the album to me is the first one it’s called “Werewolf Returns” and it’s out now I did an early release for it. And I used the piano that’s been in my family since 1908 and I finally own it. So I recorded all this piano on it and cello and stuff. A lot of people think it’s just sampling but it’s me. Now, my career in general really took off when I did the original Werewolf song so I wanted to relive that and use tons of my old sounds and shit. It was sort of an old ballot to anyone who still gives a **** about where I came from.

    OneEdm: Since this is a dinosaur themed festival which one would you be and why?

    Figure: Stegosaurus. I don’t know why. That was my favorite as a kid and I had a toy. It was super sharp. It just kinda looked like a gimpy Godzilla so yea I guess stegosaurus.

    At the end of the day, Figure played an amazing set. With samples from his latest release “Monsters 8”, and even old-school Figure tracks. Besides from having an incredible interview, he was extremely humble. Definitely, watch his set if you get the chance. Fans can catch him at his fifth leg in Nightmare Music Festival in Camp Ramblewood, Maryland.

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    Still A Great Night drops fun, self-titled, debut track [REVIEW]

    Still A Great Night

    “Still A Great Night”, the self-titled single from Still A Great Night could be their perfect introduction to the public. They are is a relatively new group from Los Angeles. This debut track brings a fun beat to the background, but what really gets your attention right away are the lyrics. Very rarely does “spoken word” fit so well into an EDM song, but they really nail it here.

    You can listen to “Still a Great Night,” below:

    The song brings you in with a piano section that turns into a drum and synth. This sits right behind the spoken word, along with a choir in the background. The two in the group weave in and out over the course of the song. That leads into a provocative chorus, which talks about how important it is to get back up after you fall down. The song takes you along with the “main character” (for lack of a better word) as he tries to fall in love in today’s world. It closes with him and his love interest escaping to her place, but not before recapping the main point of the night and song – that life can be so very beautiful.

    “Still a Great Night” may not be well known yet, but if they continue along this path, there’s no reason they can’t be a household name.  The combination of fresh lyrical presentation with their instrumentals mixed with synth should be able to attract a wide array of listeners.

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    Andrew Rayel’s inHarmony Music

    Andrew Rayel inHarmony Music


    A bridge between EDM and trance music, Andrew Rayel is now bridging talented young performers and the music industry with his new label inHarmony Music. OneEDM had the pleasure to chat with the Moldovan piano prodigy and get the scoop behind his new label and his hopes for its anticipated bright future.

    OneEDM: Your new label, inHarmony Music had its first release, “Mass Effect.” What was the inspiration behind it and why was it chosen to be the first single on your new label?

    ANDREW RAYEL: After finishing my second studio album, MOMENTS (Armada Music), I started putting together the show, meaning the Moments world tour and I was kind of needing an intro track that would hit hard straight away and set the tone that I needed for my sets. That’s when I came up with “Mass Effect,” but by then it was already too late for that track to be included on the MOMENTS album, so I was keeping it and playing it exclusively for the “Moments” shows on tour. People loved it and started asking me about it. That’s why it was chosen to be the first release on my new label inHarmony Music.

    OneEDM: How does it feel to have the responsibility of being a good role model?

    ANDREW RAYEL: It’s definitely a big responsibility! I just want to show all the upcoming producers and DJs that it’s possible to be successful in this business if you work hard if you love music and you build up the right team behind you. That, together with inHarmony Music, they have a chance to possibly become DJ superstars and tour the world.

    OneEDM: Your onstage performances are massive, with an explosive energy. Where do you get all that energy for giving such a vigorous performance?

    ANDREW RAYEL: To be honest, in real life, I’m very calm! [laughs] A lot of my friends back home [in Moldova] who know me well and who maybe haven’t seen me in a while were extremely surprised to see me like that onstage. This energy evolved naturally and I always take it from the crowd. I know I have to give them 100% of myself to make it the best moment we’ve ever had together.

    OneEDM: You recently took the “A State of Trance” stage at Tomorrowland performing “Mass Effect.” Could you tell us more about the experience and your emotions during that performance? How did the audience react?

    ANDREW RAYEL: The audience reaction was insane on “Mass Effect,” probably because they knew already the track because I’ve been playing it in every set since Ultra Music Festival in Miami [this year]. Also, the Tomorrowland crowd is special, you know? Tomorrowland is one of my favorite festivals and also A State of Trance is one of the best concepts. Put them together and you get easily one of the best shows of the year.

    OneEDM: Now that you are the label chief and head of A&R for your new label, inHarmony Music, can you tell us some of the new faces/names you’re excited about signing to your new label?

    ANDREW RAYEL: There are a lot of talented producers and names out there, you have no idea! Before launching the label, I was thinking that it’s gonna be hard to find quality music that I like and that I’m ready to release on my label. I was working on a lot of my own music to schedule it first for release and to have some time before the name of the label is well known by producers and I have some time to gain some music. I was super surprised that after I announced the label, in less than one month, the release schedule for 2017 on inHarmony Music is already full! I already have music signed by David Gravell, Mark Sixma & Emma Hewitt, Willem de Roo, Leo Reyes, and of course, myself!

    OneEDM: What are you looking for when signing new artists and tracks to inHarmony Music?

    ANDREW RAYEL: The rule is very simple: I will sign anything that I would play in my live sets. Obviously, it has to have the right quality and sound and I love different types of sounds, so the spectrum of music on inHarmony Music will be very large.

    OneEDM: Radio shows are becoming an excellent way to step up the sharing of playlists and personal favorites for artists. Can you tell us about your radio show, “Find your Harmony,” and how you set it apart from others?

    ANDREW RAYEL: First of all, this is the platform to go for all the exclusive tracks from inHarmony Music. Everything will be premiered first on Find Your Harmony Radio show one or two weeks before the release date and before the promo is sent to other DJs. The initial concept was always to have fast transitions and mash things up in different ways just so I can fit more tracks in one hour, but also to make the mix interesting and special. We are currently working on some more tricks that will be exclusive for FYH Radioshow, so stay tuned!

    OneEDM: The hashtag #RayelFamily, what’s the story behind it? What does it mean to you and your fans?

    ANDREW RAYEL: The #RayelFamily was made by fans and I’ve noticed it on Instagram and Twitter. More and more people were posting it. I picked it up and started using it as well because I saw that my fans created it and they love it. Years after, it became this huge family of people that like quality music, who all found their harmony and are ready to spread it with the rest of the world.




    More Interviews Here

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    Bonnie X Clyde Drop “Torn”


    Bonnie X Clyde has been producing music since 2015 when they broke onto the scene with “The Ride.” Generally, their music is bass heavy, with big drops and a generally happy, uplifting vibes. This track though is not the same as the ones before. “Torn,” released on Insomniac Records, features a dark and ominous vibe, before breaking into the drop which picks back up the pace considerably with an all electro sound.

    Check out the track here:

    Teaming up with fellow Insomniac Music duo Purge to produce “Torn,” they brought a dark song that shows that they can slow down the bass, and really draw you into the peaks and valleys of the song. From dark brooding bass sounds with desperate lyrics, into a brighter, more upbeat drop, this song clearly shows that Bonnie X Clyde has put their emotion into the production of this song.

    “We all deal with the feeling of being torn in some way or another. Torn is about expressing your true, raw feelings & coming to terms with them. Understanding it’s ok to need help & to not be ok all the time.”

    Bonnie X Clyde Fest

    Coming off of a stellar year already, with the release of “Bass Jam” which was the top song on XM Radio’s Beat of the Week countdown for five weeks earlier this year, “Torn,” continues with Bonnie X Clyde’s big year. They are coming fresh off playing big festivals like Life in Color, EDC Japan, EDC Las Vegas and Middlelands, and will continue touring with more festivals in the near future. Bonnie adding the vocals does add a layer to the song that makes it appealing, but the song lacks some of the instrumental sounds that have featured in songs like in Bass Jam. Since they have so much different music with different sounds, You can expect to hear this song live in a set soon.

    You can buy and stream the song here:

    Buy / Stream

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    Rightscorp Signs Agreement with China’s CNLive to Monitor Chinese Content in the U.S. Against Copyright Infringement


    Rightscorp, a leading provider of data analytics and litigation services, as well as copyright infringement protection services to support artists and owners of copyrighted property, announced today that it has secured an agreement with CNLive Culture Media, Inc., a culture and media company that distributes content over mobile devices in the People’s Republic of China.

    CNLive is one of only seven entities licensed by the government to distribute content over mobile devices in the People’s Republic of China. This agreement will provide Rightscorp the right to track, enforce, and monetize any of CNLive’s programming content being illegally distributed on peer-to-peer platforms within the U.S. The deal comes a week after Rightscorp announced its engagement of Chinese entrepreneur Mr. Vincent Yen to help expand its copyright infringement protection services internationally.

    “This collaboration is a major initiative and allows us to monitor for illegal P2P distribution of Chinese content, which has a huge demand in the U.S.,” Rightscorp President Christopher Sabec commented. “The sheer numbers of CNLive’s distribution in China are staggering, and we are excited to be working with a content owner from this high-growth region to monetize against copyright infringement and on educating public awareness on the detrimental effects to the overall entertainment industry. The launch of this program in the U.S. is a first step, and we look forward to working with CNLive to further enhance value for our shareholders.”

    CNLive holds the license to distribute content via mobile and IP-enabled devices nationwide. The main enterprise of CNLive is the distribution of content to internet-connected mobile devices.


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