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    Flux Pavilion and jPhelpz in Tampa Florida [Event Review]

    August 11th, 2017 marked the first time Jphelpz had ever played in Tampa. We got to sit down and talk with the man under the headphones beforehand about his tour so far, style and interests. We found out during the interview that he was actually not touring with Flux, but in fact, was booked specifically by […] More

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    OneEDM EXCLUSIVE: jPhelpz Interview

    One EDM had the chance to sit down with Jphelpz himself before his debut in Tampa Florida this past weekend. We got to hear about his DJ fails, dream team lineup and more. One EDM- Is tonight actually the first time you’ve been to Tampa to perform? jPhelpz- Yeah, I’ve been to Miami and Ft […] More

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    Laser Production, The Unsung Heroes of EDM

    Visuals, one of the most important aspects in the live EDM scene, and often the least thought about. Visuals almost seem like an afterthought today to show goers, you don’t know you need them until you’re staring through a dark room watching a silhouette flail their arms about. Likewise, you don’t realize the way they […] More

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    Bad Royale and Dyro at Shephard’s Beach House Sunday

    Last weekend One EDM had the chance to catch Bad Royale and Dyro at Shephard’s Beach House Sunday event presented by We R Promotions. We R Promotions throws some of the hottest events in Clearwater Beach right here at Shephard’s Beach Resort. Before Bad Royale’s performance One EDM had the chance to sit down for […] More

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    Bad Royale interview

    One EDM had the chance to sit down with Bruce and Kevin, one-half of Bad Royale before their debut in Clearwater Florida hottest venue; Shephard’s Beach. They discussed their first time performing at Tomorrowland, Steve Aoki’s caking throwing, and their newest venture with K-Pop. We stuck around to watch Bad Royale throw down some Caribbean […] More

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    How to Move Through a Crowd Like A Pro

    As we continue to push into the explosive and inclusive movement that is EDM, there is one thing is becoming increasingly apparent to the vet’s of the club scene. People do not know how to move through a crowd or how to occupy space appropriately in the club or at an event.  If you’ve been […] More

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    Event Review: Illenium @ The Ritz, Tampa, FL

    On July 7th Sunset Events brought in Illenium to The Ritz Ybor, and with the help of TriVecta and some Resident DJ’s (D3V and Nate Verde) Tampa went on an amazing emotional trip together. Throughout the night Illenium drummed and DJ’d as the crowd went wild, really leading the way to a night of laughing, crying, […] More