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    PREVIEW: Excision Presents: Lost Lands 2017

    LOST LANDS 2017 Lost Lands is one of the most anticipated festivals of the year, sure to sell out and break the necks of every bass-head attending. Lost Lands is a new festival put on the map by Excision, the lineup is going to be a mixture of the most intense bass Dj’s in the […] More

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    Mickey Valen Elegantly Remixes Madalen Duke’s “Gucci Store”

    Mickey Valen is continuously releasing truly unique music. Valen’s releases with Lowly Palace have each hit over a million plays for obvious reasons. When you listen to Valen’s track you can truly feel the work he has done to emphasize the vocals while at the same time keeping an upbeat, poppy, and heavy bass sound. Madalen […] More

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    Moon Boots Debut Album, First Landing

    Moon Boots has released his debut album, First Landing, via Anjunadeep. (“One of the hottest electronic labels in the world” – Hype Machine)The 10-track LP features a blend of styles and sounds, showing the extent that Moon Boots can go to with his music, not only in his live sets but also through his recorded projects as […] More

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    RECAP: Camp Bisco 2017

    Camp Bisco 2017 One never knows what to expect when going to Camp Bisco. Whether it’s the location, the surprise sets, or the amazing production of each stage. It always seems to find a way to out-do itself. Camp Bisco kicked off Wednesday, July 12th with a sound check from The Disco Biscuits along with […] More

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    Tesla Investing In Their Own Music Streaming Service?!

    According to an article recently published by tech site Recode, the modern pioneer of his time Elon Musk is looking into what it takes to have his own music streaming service. The article explains that they have not set anything in stone, but have reached out to many record labels to find out what is […] More