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    Needs No Sleep – “Get Dirty” Ft. Dirty Hary [Original] Out Now!

    Melbourne-based DJ Needs No Sleep has released G-House track “Get Dirty” May 15th via Club Cartel Records. When you originally hear this track, the feeling of letting loose is an obvious impulse with the track. The deep bass, combined with provocative lyrics vocalized by Dirty Hary, entices a sort of rebellious club life. “Whatcha wanna […] More

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    Otto Blücker – “Lost & Found” Ft. Arizona Jones [Original] Out Now!

    Brand-new heartfelt charmer “Lost & Found” by Otto Blücker has been released Friday, May 26th via VAYS Records. The melody of “Lost & Found” harmonizes with the magical vocals of London artist Arizona Jones. “We’re up then we’re down, don’t let me go now. It’s a long road my perfect come-down.” This new gem illustrates […] More

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    Alan Walker – “Tired” Ft. Gavin James [Original] Out Now!

    Talented electro-pop artist Alan Walker dropped his brand-new song titled “Tired” on May 18th via the Mer Musikk. The lyrics to “Tired” are resonated through the uplifting and gentile vocals of Gavin James. This song is about growing from a point of wanting to run away and forget the “mess” that seems to surround when […] More

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    HDMX “Signal From The Sun” [The White Shadow Remix] Out Now!

    With ominous forebodings, The White Shadow has released his remix of the track “Signal From The Sun” by HDMX via the label Canal Auditif. Through this ten minute remaster, The White Shadow takes us through intense vibrations reminiscent of what NASA has reported the sound of the sun to be. This sound feels more pronounced […] More

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    Frank Ocean – “Solo” [Louis Futon Flip]

    Get ready for an impressive, brand new beat from Louis Futon! Frank Ocean’s music is smooth on its own; but when Louis Futon adds his skills and remastering talents, you are left with a brand new, even smoother electronic beat that can’t be overlooked. This may very well be a new life anthem. Louis Futon […] More

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    Axwell /\ Ingrosso – “Renegade” Out Now!

    Notorious duo Axwell /\ Ingrosso released the first track of their upcoming EP “More Than You Know” today, May 12th.“Renegade” beams in with seductive synths and vocals that are both bouncy and consistent. This four track EP seems to be taking Axwell /\ Ingrosso into different territory from their popular 2015 radio hit “On My […] More

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    Global Dance Festival Colorado 2017: A Must See

    “Global Dance Festival has been a cornerstone of dance music in Colorado for over a decade.” Global Dance are the masterminds behind some of Colorado’s greatest music festivals, including the legendary Global Dance Festival. 2017 marks the 15th anniversary of this festival with a stunning lineup and a venue previously untouched by Global Dance Festival territory. The new venue […] More

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    Quintino & Nervo – Lost In You [Out Now!]

    Quintino, hailing from the Netherlands teamed up with Australian duo, Nervo for a bewitching new collaboration via Spinnin’ Records. Quintino’s versatile house vibes fuse seamlessly with the beautiful vocals and songwriting gifts of Nervo. The teaser video for this track includes Liv deciding on a heartbreak song to start the party in the car with […] More

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    Feder – “Back For More” Ft. (Daecolm) [Out Now!]

    Rising electronic artist, Feder, kicked April off with a brand-new track featuring pop-soul artist Daecolm! “Back For More,” is a track that sparks a certain depth of emotion while enticing the desire to dance. This is what any great dance track should do; allow feelings to emulate while bringing dance flow to the song’s overall […] More

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    Feder – Blame Me [Out Now!]

    French deep House artist, Feder, brings the spring month of April in with brand new track; ”Blame Me.” Released on March 31st, this track maintains ingenuous lyrics that anyone could relate to on multiple levels. “But I can see why you blame me.” This track is a catchy one as much as it is sincere […] More

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    The Chainsmokers – The One [Out Now!]

    The Chainsmokers released their sincere new ballad, “The One,” on March 17th through Disruptor Records. The Chainsmokers have been in the limelight a lot recently for their wonderful electronic tracks. “We’ll torch this place we know, before one of us takes a chance and breaks this. I won’t be the one.” Many people relate to this […] More

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