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    Bakermat’s New Music Video Is Out

    Bakermat returns to grace our ears and eyes with another house inspired tune complimented by an incredible music video worthy of viral exposure. Bakermat teams up with Canadian singer, Kiesza and the outcome proves a prosperous collaboration. The intro is incomplex and catchy. Uncumbersome guitar gently ushers Kiesza’s vocals to the front, where her lyrics lead […] More

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    Icona Pop – “Girls, Girls”

    Get ready for your new 2017 female power anthem! Icona Pop has returned on the scene with a brand new single and let’s just say “I Love It” (see what I did there). Icona Pop has released a few singles and EP over the last two years, and now they’re gearing up for their second […] More

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    Blonde Electra – “Let’s Touch” Music Video

    I remember when I first learned that you could change your iTunes store country and listen to other music from around the world. It’s what started me on the path of buying expensive imports, blasting albums Americans never heard, and, of course, loving the fact that I got my hand on foreign music.  Fast forward […] More

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    Danny L Harle – “1UL”

    The early 2000’s are most defiantly coming back and I couldn’t be happier! One of my favorites, Danny L Harle just dropped a new joint and it’s making me feel so nostalgic. Danny is signed to PC music and I’ve been hooked to a lot of their releases: I feel they have given us some […] More

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    NoMBe – “Wait” (Kill Them With Colour Remix)

    NoMBe just dropped a remix EP of his latest single “Wait”. My favorite of the bunch is definitely the Kill Them With Colour remix! This remix is an electronic soul track to its finest, with crisp high hats, snaps that hit, and a synth bass that brings it all together. NoMBe vocals are super chill on […] More

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    Ängie – “Spun”

    Ängie released this track about a month ago, but I couldn’t help talking about this little pop gem. Ängie is known for her weed reference- in fact, each single she has released has talked about marijuana in some way and I’m not complaining. “Spun” is the third single from the newcomer and this one is for […] More

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    Anna Lunoe – “Godzilla”

    Anna Lunoe is back with a banger that bangs as big as Godzilla. This four-on-the-floor, ready for the club anthem is sure to get the whole party fist pumping like its 2010.  The song starts off pretty tame. The beat is filtered and features some distant pads that create a creepy, post apoplectic atmosphere. Anna’s vocals […] More

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    Janet Jackson – “No Sleeep” (EASYFUN Remix)

    I was a fan of Janet Jackson‘s 2015 album “Unbreakable”. I’m also a fan of producer EASYFUN, so when I woke up and saw them both mixed together, I almost fell off my chair.  Recently, EASYFUN has worked with Charli XCX on her latest mixtape, and he now returns to the scene with a fresh […] More

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    Tinashe – “2 On” (Lay-Wy Remix)

    TINASHE! I had to scream that because I think she’s everything and more. We live in a music world right now that doesn’t appreciate differences enough and I truly think Tinashe is a much deeper artist than some radio queen. Tinashe has always brought some next level stuff, including music, videos, dances, and mixtapes. She owns it […] More

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    Tove Styrke – “Say My Name”

    I listened to this song about 10 minutes ago and I’m already singing along to this pop gem. I don’t even know where to start. My fingers keep hitting the wrong keys and I have to keep repelling stuff because I can’t hold in my excitement. This track has about everything it needs to be a […] More

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    DJ 4B- “Something Just Like This” (Remix)

    I don’t want to write blogs about things that I don’t like, and radio music can be hard to speak on sometimes (sorry). But DJ 4B has just reworked “Something Just Like This” and it features Chris Martin on a Jersey club-kind of beat and I can’t help but to eat it UP!  Sometimes the […] More

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    2ToneDisco – “Basketball”

    I’ve never played an actual real game of basketball. But after hearing this track one time, I’m ready to join the NBA. 2ToneDisco has returned to grace our ears and get us moving on the court. Their latest track “Basketball” does exactly that. A little intro, filled with building pads, welcomes us in warmly- but […] More

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