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    Alex Newell

     Alex Newell, the impressive and multi-talented young artist who’s voice has the power and range to do some serious damage on these everyday internet singers. He has graced the television screen and the dance charts with collaborations including Clean Bandit, Blonde, and The Knocks. His dynamite vocals and strong and confident spirit are just a few of the parts that make up Alex Newell.

    When was the last time I heard a male singer kill it like a female singer could or how some female singers wish they could? Not since I was studying Gospel music back in high school. At the young age of 24, Alex sings with experience and with a skill that you could find in any old school dance record. Something Donna Summer or Gladys Knight would’ve belted out.

    His given gift has the capacity to take his career higher than his voice can scale. Growing up in Lynn, Massachusetts, Newell was surrounded by music and the presence of God. His father a being a deacon and his mother a choir singer shows that Newell has music and singing in his very veins. Singing since before he could even speak complete sentences, Newell has had this confidence in his talent. He was meant to be a singer.

    Finding his knack on stage, Alex began performing at school plays and wowing the audience with his astonishing vocal ability. After a few noticeable eyes caught him, Newell soon found himself on the reality television series THE GLEE Project. It was a competition series surrounding hopefuls who wished to be part of the immensely successful television program. The winner would win a seven-episode arc, Newell came in as first runner-up but life had a plan for him, and the producers brought Newell on for two episodes. It doesn’t end there, this young man pulled off a difficult feat. He climbed his way up from guest star to reoccurring, to main cast member.

    His role as Wade “Unique” Adams (the male to the female trans character) caught the attention of huge supporters and some not too supportive, but Newell took it with stride and remained true to who he is like he always has. All this, from a high school student at the time. In my opinion that is a true role model, someone who does not feel they need to be what others say they should be.

    Alex’s exceptional work kept on opening more and more doors for him. Accomplishments such as collaborations and live performances began to cultivate into something even better for Alex. Gay pride events, festivals, and appearances began to increase the travel and distance of Newell’s name. His special guest appearance with the Boston Gay Men’s Chorus sticks out. His animated and soulful performance of “Random Black Girl”  really showed me that the stage is where he really thrives. Honestly, behind any microphone, this kid is meant to be. A real entertainer and gifted singer who was made for Broadway. Having a past in singing, hearing other singers with incredible talent is nothing but inspirational. I was there right along with Alex trying those high notes and sounding crazy but it felt good.

    A year after Glee, Newell announces his signed record deal with Big Beat Records. Starring on Glee during high school and now a record deal after being accepted to Berklee College of Music, it’s a clear path to his destiny. A few months after, Newell releases his debut album and a string of other singles and collaborations soon follow. Songs like “Stronger” Newell’s dance track with Clean Bandit and Sean Bass demonstrate this young man’s vocal ability at eclectic sounds.

    POWER, Alex Newell’s 2016 EP has all the disco and dance bits your little OneEDM hearts desire. The lead single from the EP titled “This Aint Over” gained recognition from big media names like OUT, SPIN, and VULTURE.  It’s another easily recognizable dance vocal you would all know. He can now add to his already growing list including “All cried out” with Blonde. A vocal powerhouse taking his career by the reigns and enjoying the ride. His latest single “Keep it Moving” and its remixes EP get you bouncing to the beats that cradle Newell’s killer vocals. Alex Newell, the Massachusetts church boy whose life made a complete 180 all under the age of 25 is most definitely full of all the sass and all the power needed to define a true powerhouse.

    Music, in general, seems to be just right for him. When music is right for you, you know it because it makes you feel really good. You have good thoughts and good vibrations resonating through you. And I honestly believe that’s what Alex is feeling any moment a note comes out of his mouth or a key is played on a piano.

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    Voices of EDM: Troye Sivan

    YouTube, TV, film and music are all under the belt of the Aussie dream pop star Troye Sivan. A happy little pill of a heartthrob, this young man’s talent, style and bravery shine through his music and career. A hot new single with Martin Garrix (“There For Fou”) breaking into the top of the charts is just one of the multiple accomplishments this 21 year old artist has collected.

    Born in Johannesburg, South Africa in late spring of 1995, Sivan and his family relocated at the age of two to Australia. Growing up in Perth, running around and singing in the kid’s playroom at home, his gifts began to appear. The little future star would belt right along with Madonna’s “Like a Prayer” and catch the shock of his proud parents. As he grew up, his talents did as well. Sivan made it to the finals on StarSearch at the age of 12 while also making an impressive Hollywood debut on the big screen in X-Men Origins: Wolverine as the young Wolverine. With newfound stardom, it was clear as day that this child had a light within him.

    He soon began logging onto YouTube, and shut it down almost immediately by dominating in the online video world. His covers and telethon uploads were only just the beginning. “Dare to Dream” was Sivan’s first independent EP. Soon after, an additional independent EP was released entitled  “June Haverly“. To have achieved this much already as a pre-teen shows more than just a calling, but a destiny.


    The blessings continued to pour in as Sivan signed his record deal with EMI Australia. He racked up the views and the followers with his fearless and honest “coming out” video. August 7, 2013, was the day that Sivan felt the most nervous he had ever felt in his entire life. It also became one of the most important days in his life because he chose to share a big part of himself with his fans in a way he had never attempted before. As someone who is part of the gay community, I understand what a relief it is to be true, honest and treated just the same; that’s what exactly happened for this rising social icon. Inspiring and touching, so many of his followers responded with resilient support to this valiant declaration on self-identity.

    Not long after his contract, Sivan released the EP “TRXYE” on August 15, 2014. As a thank-you to his fans, Sivan signed the first 2000 copies of the preorder to the EP. It housed the raw writings of “Happy Little Pill” and the song that landed his contract, “The Fault In Our Stars“. Landing him the number one spot on iTunes in over 55 countries, “TRXYE” also scored Sivan his first top ten album on the Billboard 200! Quite the feet for a novice in today’s dog-eat-dog industry.

    Growing up in the 90’s, I didn’t have anyone to look up to or admire- no one I could also relate to with on how I was feeling. I now see young artists like Troye Sivan being a vessel for gay teens who may be feeling the same despair and follow an example of pride.

    His second major label release titled “WILD” showcased the young man’s fearless voice once again. Making bold statements with his trio video story of two gay adolescents in a relationship, Sivan shined more light on the LGBTQ community. Moments that make you smile and moments that make you shut your eyes, the blue neighborhood trilogy displays the turbulence in finding love and acceptance with oneself and others as a gay youth. The tracks “WILD”, “FOOLS”, and “TALK ME DOWN” contrived the video love story. It gives hope to a brighter future for not just homosexuals but to anyone feeling different or stifled by others on being who they are, all because we have a public figure doing that courageously.

    Setting an example landed Troye Sivan honorable recognition as one of TIME’s magazine’s most influential teens and the coveted Stephen F Kolzac award at the GLAAD Awards. And even the praise and acknowledgment from big stars like Sam Smith and one of Troye’s favorites, Taylor Swift.

    The “WILD” EP served as an introduction to his debut album “Blue Neighborhood”, a metaphor on the life experiences he had growing up. A co-writer to his album, Sivan makes an effort at hitting topics that are very personal but engaging for his fans. The 16 track deluxe edition includes new music and the six tracks off of the “WILD” EP. Songs like “Cool” exhibit the coast riding vibes of Troye’s breezy and serene vocals. Then tracks like “Heaven” ft Betty Who is something you would find at the end of a groundbreaking love story. Revealing lyrics like “Without losing a piece of me, how do I get to heaven?” sets the singer’s truth running wild. Not too much, not too little is always the perfect approach at making a big statement. A tally of tours followed after the release of “Blue Neighborhood”. 2015’s Troye Sivan live and 2016’s Blue Neighborhood Tour and Suburbia Tour.

    Currently, in the top twenty in 40 countries with “There for you”, releasing EP’s, an album, tours, and being a voice for his community, Troye Sivan is becoming one commendable young talent and a new “Voices of EDM” favorite.

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    Voices of EDM: Gia Koka

    As one of the go-to vocalist in the electronic music scene, Gia Koka has racked up hot collaborations with the genres leading artist/producers. And let’s face it: what would some tracks be without that vocal that elevates it to its actual potential? Now on the verge of releasing more of her own music, Gia is “flying by night” and turning up the underground music world.

    Hailing from Holland, Gia was born to perform; a singer-songwriter-producer who has the talent, the originality and chill factor we all look for in our favorite singers. Growing up admiring the magic that entertainment grants, Gia looked up to a number of singers who she felt molded her and who she found inspiration in (Jai Paul, Aaliyah, Brintey Spears). This is a clear indication as to why she has that soulful electronic pop moxie I have grown to really enjoy. Signed in the U.K., Gia began a fast paced career with writing. But as we writers do, we end up wanting to write for ourselves, so that’s just what she did. On June 25th, 2015 Gia Koka releases her EP “Feux Rouges“. She’s making four tracks off her EP available for free download, once a week in the proceeding month. It’s an already good EP, but an inexpensive one too! Look at that- now millennial artists are not only entertaining us, but looking out for our wallets.

    Gia’s a woman with a voice who has zero problems stating so. Tracks like “FCUKU” present her sensuality and sexuality through seductive bass and guitar trembles, cradling the buzz of electronica and the soul in her voice. It all bestows that confidence she has in creating her music. Sorry, grandma. But that’s what I like to hear more of that, please.

    Her whole self-produced EP “Feux Rouges” is what you throw on your sound bar and annoy your neighbors with because you got Gia Koka’s heavy acidic electronic bass playin’. That’s what you have to do when you want to be a unique original artist. You have to just make people upset by saying “Hey! I’m gonna be me.” An EP,  a bunch of other good electronic R&B sweets and some dynamite covers (Genie in a Bottle), Koka is callin’ the shots on creativity. Her collaborations with some first string electronic artists have multiplied her online streams tremendously. “Not Going Home” with DVBBS reached 60 million! streams on Spotify. And over 6 million views on YouTube for “Born to Lose” with No Sleep. It’s an obvious justification that she has the voice for a win. Lending her vocal fruition to one of the biggest EDM tracks of 2015, Gia and Quintino & Yves V shell out the unbreakable “Unbroken“!

    A stack of acoustic performances like “It’s Black” at Mokum Sessions show her skill at the piano and her style of switching in and out from an R&B/Jazz ad lib right into a folk blues design. And man, she does that so well. Here we have another artist displaying the importance of versatility and how it must come from within in order for it to be real and let’s be honest good to listen to too. If you’re not being yourself in your music, then I wouldn’t want to listen. With Gia Koka, you don’t have to worry about that. Her EP and featured vocals will have you grinding in your seat as your headphones deliver to you Gia’s passionate glide over crisp beats all with her signature sound.

    Recently, Gia had the invite to be a feature on Yellow Claw’s latest album “The Galaxy”. Once more, Gia expresses herself effortlessly, voicing “But I’m good without you” on the album’s track “Without You”. Are today’s women increasingly showing less and less fear behind declaring their emotions? With singers and artists like Gia Koka, Zara Larsson, Nifra and Bebe Rexha holding the torch and revealing their thoughts through their music, it makes way for all women to do the same. Growing up in a very religious environment with boundaries around you and from what you put on yourself, that need to “break free” as Gia says intensifies! I guess that’s why she writes the way she writes and carries herself the way she does (in that comfortable and confident young woman of the 21st century way).

    If you haven’t yet managed to take a peek into the musical stylings of the late 90’s R&B/electronic Pisces Dame than do so! A bit of Total and Missy Elliot living in the bones of a little Dutch girl dancing around her room is the definition of Gia’s essence. Her love for music and life reach out and touch her fans her family and her friends. If she stays on this path of honesty and love, she can only end up in the best place that she would want to be.





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    Voices of EDM: Dua Lipa

         Fitting her sultry vocal style atop multiple and various sounding genres, Dua Lipa serenades the microphone in our hearts. The soulful young woman has a particular taste and style that span from the likes of Kendrick Lamar all the way to Nelly Furtado. At the young age of 21, she has managed to grab the attention of larger than life musicians to aid her in the blossoming of Dua Lipa.

    Raised in London and shortly, Kosovo, Dua Lipa is a young singer-songwriter living her dream and taking it one step at a time. Guided by her musician Albanian father, Dua was surrounded by music her whole childhood. Dua began to post covers of some of her favorite singers on YouTube while entering her teen years, gathering inspiration from The Stereophonics, Christina Aguilera, and Robbie Williams.

    As many young singers wisely do, Dua took advantage of the wonders that Youtube can provide. She moved back to London from Kosovo all on her own at the age of 15. Living with a friend, she decided to take her dreams of a music career and make them a reality. Dua began to shape some sort of a musical identity, but it wasn’t an easy process. Struggling to find her sound, she had ups and downs but stayed persistent nonetheless. She began putting together demos and shopping around, taking the standard Youtube covers to an entirely new level. Dua hustled as an aspiring singer and model/waitress, grinding until her hard work paid off and the call came to quit her day job.

    Dua and father Dukagjin Lipa.

    Signed to Warner Bros. Records in 2015, she began working on her album. A writing process of over a year and a half, Dua involves herself in every aspect of the album’s creation.

    “It’s really about authenticity”, says the Albanian singer.

    She aimed at taking the rawness and the truthfulness in hip-hop to couple chock-full pop hooks, J.Cole meets P!nk you could say. Personally, I also hear some Joss Stone and Sara Bareilles vibes going on, too.

    Releasing her first single “New Love“, the singer kicked off the Lipa parade. Shortly after, a streak of smashing singles flowed in and out of the radio airwaves. “Hotter than Hell” was the one track that took her to a higher level by doing more than well on the UK charts. It made her music global.

    Not to sound corny, but I will: I remember hearing “Blow Your Mind” for the first time while I was half asleep, and the mystical sensation of the first verse woke me. I was like, what’s that? I got up and grabbed it. When music catches your attention, it’s for a reason and it’s called legitimacy. I like how the track goes from some deep Annie Lennox-type of pop to British pop explosion. It’s the perfect example of her descriptions as to what she wanted her sound to be.

    As an artist works on their own album, they get invited to work on others- that’s where they blow up. Dua has been lining up the top acts as she snags stellar collabs all in an eclectic manner. “Scared to Be Lonely” is Dua’s big EDM collaboration with one of OneEDM’s favorites, Martin Garrix. The topic of honesty in emotions and behavior while being in love spill from Dua’s lips. Being consistent not only for your music but for others is what makes you authentic. If she continues that work ethic and frame of mind in her artistry, it could lead her further than she might have thought.

    Additional collabs with Sean Paul, Major Lazor, and Wizkid thicken her experience. Working with Chris Martin of Coldplay was a highlight for her learning process- an intimidating one, but one she can never forget. Fear and excitement tend to be the feel for a new singers introduction into the world, but having the support of fellow talent can give you more than enough confidence. As the special guest for Bruno Mars late winter early spring tour, Dua keeps pedaling on her music career spin wheel. June and July are packed with festivals and solo performances that are the perfect prepping for her own self-titled tour, scheduled to start October 2017.

    Lost in Your Light” ft Miguel out now, is the latest single from the indie dark pop performer. Killing it Kosovo-style has worked well for Dua, so “be the one” to grab the first copy of Dua Lipa’s self-titled debut album planned to drop on June 2, 2017!






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    Bebe Rexha

    NYC is in the house with this one. What and whom I’m referring to? Bebe Rexha, the New York Albanian Princess, that’s who, the native new yorker singer-songwriter and producer. She’s killing it and there’s no other way to say it. First off, I mean she’s an eighties baby so that automatically makes her awesome but her checklist has some pretty good noteworthy success. Landing smashing hits with the likes of G-Eazy and Martin Garrix, Bleta Bebe Rexha is breaking barriers rigorously.

    Born to Albanian immigrant parents (Flamur Rexha and Bukurije “Bukie” Rexha) in New york, New York, Bebe’s musical destiny awakens. Growing up on Staten Island, Bebe had a musically active childhood that continued on into her high school years. Her musical flair began not in singing but in instruments. For over 9 years Bebe was the elementary school Kenny G on trumpet, but not just that she honed a skill in piano and guitar simultaneously. In her teen years, Bebe turned her love for music towards singing and writing. Owning a god given talent plus living in the greatest city in the world, Bebe’s opportunities bloomed.

    Working with Pente Wentz as part of his potential band project lead to her 2013 solo Record deal with Warner Bros Records. Starting off as a writer for acts like Selena Gomez, NIkki Williams and even lending her talent as a co-writer to the extremely successful single “Monster” by Eminem ft Rihanna. A string of co-writing for numerous big name industry talent has sharpened her skills in owning her individuality while landing opening acts for Nick Jonas and Ellie Goulding shaped her stage presence. Collaborating with A-list artists Bebe finds herself climbing the charts. Featured on G-Eazy’s “Me, Myself & I”. The pair peaked at number 7 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. But it’s just the first of many successful collaborations.

    Bebe Rexha and fav Martin Garrix release their single “In The Name Of Love” which peaked at number 24 on US Billboard Hot 100 and charted multiple countries throughout the world. Amidst the success, Rexha releases her debut EP “I Don’t Wanna Grow UP” in 2015. The EP was reminiscent of a very 90s angry liberated tree hugging type of rock-chick vocal style. Maybe that’s why she was a brunette? Because now she’s bleach blonde and knockin heads off with her more urban pop influenced EDM “All Your Fault Pt 1” EP. The extended play’s atmosphere begins with just that… “Atmosphere”. A song with an almost Madonna “Ray of Light” album feel, remixed with heavy 808s and millennial pop songwriting. Rexha has become a strong addition to the population of fierce female performers. If you can’t relate to F.F.F. feat G-Eazy you’re either a lucky one who’s never had a fake friend or you’re exactly the type of person she’s referring to. Gateway drug talks abut the reality of a toxic relationship you nearly can’t quit which many young people make the mistake of making. Discussing real issues that many of us struggle with in today’s music is smart and I think a thoughtful move. Sharing real emotions that we can relate to lead people to drop their guard and feel comfortable with themselves to hopefully help them feel comfortable with other people. Which happens to be the major thing music is supposed to do…. bring us together. Then you have a track like “Bad Bitch” which is what your sister and her friends or your girlfriend and her home girls like to perform to in their kitchen with shades on for Youtube. So you see, Bebe Rexha is more proof in the talent behind eclectic diverse acts.

    Bebe’s 2017 is beginning to be a booming one. The release of her new Ep “All your fault Pt.1 ” plus the second (Pt.2) set to be released in April. A headlining “All Your Fault” tour has her month of May jam-packed with European city destinations. Hello! Fashion Magazine and LEFAIR covers keep the Bebe buzz buzzing while 100 million streams of “I Got You” on Spotify keep her a step above the rest. Even Victorias Secret is showing love, as she receives the sexiest rising songstress award 2017. It shows being and individual and relating to your audience is today’s pop singer confection. At we love our dance music and the DJs who supply it but it’s the singers who complete the equation, Bebe is blowin up and we’ve got our arms stretched wide open.