State of Sound-Love Me Like That

“Summer is the season of dressing down, and its music often reflects that.”

Summer is the season of dressing down, and its music often reflects that. Party songs became breezier, less overwrought, and a spirit of muzzy languor seems to steal over even the spikiest of barn-burners. The threshold for intensity is lowered, and the desired mood is somewhere in the grey zone between the dancefloor and the beach-towel.

Like the neon-tropical cover art it sports, “Love Me Like That”, the latest single from State of Sound (out last week on Sony), has that just that kind of humid, summer-specific feel: its insistent sway and woozy, rum-drunk synth lines conjure up the fantasy vision of a beach party winding down, energized but exhausted of real adrenaline.

In the tradition of summery rap-singing, “Love Me Like That” sports a bouncy, over-stuffed vocal rhythm and lyrics that are more playful and optimistic than deep or novel. No worries there: “Love Me Like That” has no pretensions of being radical, and its spirit of contentedness and simplicity make it highly functional as the third-quarter dance track that it is. While its clichés and steady dynamics might not grant it any stand-out value, there’s enough of a good mood glow about “Love Me Like That” to promise a spot late in many a summer playlist rotation. Highly recommended for the casual, beach-hopping night owl.

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Written by Michael Coe

Michael Coe

Michael Coe is a regular contributor for OneEdm’s “Roots of Electronica” series. He lives in Los Angeles, California and is a writer and performer for the multimedia collective Count the Clock. Interests include music, writing, music writing, and everything in between

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