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    RECAP: Camp Bisco 2017

    Camp Bisco 2017 One never knows what to expect when going to Camp Bisco. Whether it’s the location, the surprise sets, or the amazing production of each stage. It always seems to find a way to out-do itself. Camp Bisco kicked off Wednesday, July 12th with a sound check from The Disco Biscuits along with […] More

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    Shedding light on the Lightclub: Memphis’ newest EDM hotspot

    Downtown Memphis has a vast variety of musical hotspots to choose from, so whether you like country, blues, jazz, rock and roll or hiphop, you are bound to find a handful of bars and nightclubs to tickle your musical fancy. Walking down the iconic Beale street, you have so many options to choose from, it […] More

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    Anna Lunoe – “Godzilla”

    Anna Lunoe is back with a banger that bangs as big as Godzilla. This four-on-the-floor, ready for the club anthem is sure to get the whole party fist pumping like its 2010.  The song starts off pretty tame. The beat is filtered and features some distant pads that create a creepy, post apoplectic atmosphere. Anna’s vocals […] More

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    Tove Styrke – “Say My Name”

    I listened to this song about 10 minutes ago and I’m already singing along to this pop gem. I don’t even know where to start. My fingers keep hitting the wrong keys and I have to keep repelling stuff because I can’t hold in my excitement. This track has about everything it needs to be a […] More

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    DJ 4B- “Something Just Like This” (Remix)

    I don’t want to write blogs about things that I don’t like, and radio music can be hard to speak on sometimes (sorry). But DJ 4B has just reworked “Something Just Like This” and it features Chris Martin on a Jersey club-kind of beat and I can’t help but to eat it UP!  Sometimes the […] More

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    MOOKE DA GXD – “Free First Drink”

    Who doesn’t like free drinks? I’m with it and I’m even more with this song. This is the second track on Mooke Da Gxd new “Glamourous” EP which just dropped. The song has a deep kick, with a touch of high hats and claps that hit you right in the face. The production is extremely crisp […] More

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    DNMO & Sub Urban – “Broken”

    It’s time to give you guys something a little different here. This mid-tempo banger from DNMO features vocals from Sub Urban and its production reinvents the meaning of crisp. DNMO has mastered the side-chain with this track,”Broken“. It sounds like the bass literally jumps out of your speaker and back in like a musical yo-yo. This is […] More

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    “Slide” Remix by Trippy Turtle

    Turtle! Turtle!  Trippy Turtle has returned to grace our ears with a brand new mix, “Slide“. Including samples from a bunch of different popular R&B/Hip-Hop songs including works from Frank Ocean, Drake, and even a little Pharell. Trippy is known for taking songs and mixing them in a Jersey club fashion. It even includes that […] More