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    Sneak Peak: Married To The Rave

    These days, money drives every facet in music promotion. It’s hard to find a group who put themselves on the front line with no guarantee of financial return. Every once in a while, a group appears that fits this description, and that’s Edm Frontlife. On August 19th, the culmination of all their hard work will […] More

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    Event Preview: Airbeat One 2017

    Airbeat One is a Music Festival that will be held in Neustadt-Glewe, Germany over the course of four days. This festival, whose attendance has grown consistently since 2002 (originally named Airbase One), is now visited by about 40,000 people a year and will run this year from the date of July 13 to July 16, […] More

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    Sean Tyas – Black & White (Original Mix) [VII]

      Sean Tyas delivers a fusion of Psychedelic and Tech Trance:  Standing on the forefront of the American trance scene, Sean Tyas delivers us a track swaying in between the realms of psychedelic and tech trance: “Black & White“ off of the VII label. If you’ve ever heard a mention of trance music being a journey, this […] More