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    Roots of Electronica: ESG

    In many ways, ESG are like The Ramones of proto-electronica. Upon first listen their music seems intensely, almost humorously simple, repetitive to the point of near-parody. But still undeniably “fun”, in an essential, flesh-less way that couldn’t easily be replicated. Even if anybody could play it. ESG was formed in the late 70’s by four […] More

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    Roots of Electronica: Joe Meek

    It’s difficult to listen to Joe Meek’s “I Hear A New World” without a certain thrill of eeriness. Against an intentionally spacey background, warped voices croon about transmissions from a foreign planet (or maybe a foreign plane of thought) and cryptic lines musing, “how can I tell them/what’s in store for me?” tease and fray […] More

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    Roots of Electronica: The Monkees

    Arguments over whether or not The Monkees were a “real” band have pretty much died down by this point, with most retrospective commentators praising the group as a set of talented, ambitious musicians who transcended their artificial roots to become a legitimate act. Tired of being condescended to, Monkees fans have done a lot over […] More

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    Roots Of Electronica Vol. 1 – Les Paul

    In the “Roots of Electronica” series, we will be exploring pioneering figures in electronic music, detailing their accomplishments, and providing notes on how their influence, both conceptual and technical, has touched the artists of today. This week, we look at recording legend Les Paul and his groundbreaking single “Lover”.   A cursory listen […] More