Here at OneEDM, we strive to bridge the connection in the Electronic Music industry between our partners and our audience members. In an ever-evolving and changing industry, it is important to stay at the forefront of information to be able to deliver the best content to the hands of our consumers. As our audience continues to grow, so do their demands and wishes.

As part of fulfilling these demands, it is important for OneEDM to showcase products, projects, and other companies that may benefit our audience. Through these targeted advertisements, not only is OneEDM able to deliver the content our audience requires but also assist the companies looking to get their product, project, or even themselves known. OneEDM can accomplish this by driving traffic to our advertising partners by utilizing our website, our radio show and our extensive list of networking partners.

Through our work with the largest PR and Media firms on the planet, record labels as well as multiple independent sources we are always at the forefront of news and content delivery. This ensures that our content is always fresh and continues to bring consumers, new and old to our brand. Besides our Media partners, we are working closely with top ticketing outlets to create a media hub that encases all elements of the industry in one brand.

All of this is just missing one more thing: You. Through our guided and managed advertising practices, we can continue to build both OneEDM and your brand together. Below, you can find a quick submission form that will let our Marketing and Advertising department know a little more about yourself and your mission. Once you fill out the form, our Marketing Strategist will contact you shortly to get some additional information to build a campaign that is exclusive to you and your brand.


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