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The Ultraverse

The Ultraverse Unveils ‘Looking For Love’

The Ultraverse beat goes firmly on, as the duo present their forthcoming single 'Looking For Love' & with it - deliver another sublime piece of electronica. The Ultraverse beat goes firmly on, as the duo present their forthcoming single 'Looking For Love' & with it - deliver another sublime piece...

The Kudu

The Kudu Drops His New Single ‘Once More’

Introducing the new single from emerging & multi talented artist The Kudu, as he drops 'Once More' on global promo. A record that's set to light up radio airwaves & club floors worldwide, 'Once More' is a track that also sets out The Kudu's early musical agenda, marking himself out...

Jei Blvck - Running Out Of Love

Jei Blvck Releases New Single ‘Running Out Of Love’

Introducing 'Running Out Of Love' from US artist Jei Blvck, as the Miami based producer drops the single on global promo - which also features the melancholic vocals of Kieran Fowkes.  An amalgamation of vibes & underpinned by deeper elements - 'Running Out Of Love' embraces warm analogue textures, combined with cinematic...

Harry Braddock - #Discovery

Harry Braddock Unveils LP #Discovery

Following his two track Aurora EP back in 2017, which picked up global love across floors & airwaves - UK based Harry Braddock returns. This time up, he drops the long player #Discovery on promo, which features a collection of work that reflects the producer's varying styles & soundscapes, along...

LOSH profile picture

LOSH Unveils One More Chance Featuring Bodhi Jones

Now based in Philadelphia, LOSH's passion & focus for music began at a young age & following on into his teenage years - then turned his attention to DJ'ing & has since supported the likes of Robin Schulz & Victor Porfidio. LOSH has also built a substantial following across social...

Hope Unchained - Aeron Aether & Terry Da Libra

Aeron Aether & Terry Da Libra Unveil Hope Unchained

Aeron Aether, celebrated veteran composer and longstanding mastering engineer for our imprint, has released dozens of beloved singles and remixes in his illustrious career, including collaborations with the likes of Matt Darey and Mango. Ten years in the making, his debut album, 'Landscapes & Dimensions', finds the Hungarian virtuoso in...


Veluzz Drops Brand New Single ‘Sleepaway’

Introducing 'Sleepaway' from Veluzz,- as the Spanish producer prepares to release his forthcoming debut single. This is an artist who comes with an endearing backstory & one of overcoming a number of personal obstacles - born with the strength & faith to move forwards towards his goals, 'Sleepaway' captures sweet...

Solberjum - Broderskab

Solberjum Releases Roads On Broderskab

Introducing the second cut to drop on Broderskab, following on from the debut release 'Balls' from Madara – as Solberjum presents ‘Roads’, forthcoming from the collective. This time it's the turn of Solberjum, an artist born and raised in Paris, who's musical career has seen him be behind a number...


HEREN Releases New Single Animals (Raw Love)

HEREN is here, with a brand new single... HEREN is an artist that needs little introduction. As the producer returns hot off the back of a number of recent club & radio cuts, with each picking up a multitude of dancefloor & airwave love along the way. A former member...

what is edm

What is EDM?

Origins EDM stands for electronic dance music. The acronym encompasses several percussive music genres, primarily produced with techniques used in disco, techno, trance, and house music. These genres originally became popular in the nightlife, party and club scene during the late 1980s, and into the early 90s. Dance music saw...

Ever After Music Festival

Datsik and Excision to Headline Canadian Ever After Music Festival 2018

Datsik and Excision to Headline Ever After Music Festival 2018 One of Canada’s most highly anticipated music festivals, Ever After Music Festival is back for its fourth consecutive year, with Canadian EDM heavy-hitters Datsik and Excision headlining the jam-packed lineup. Taking place in Kitchener’s Bingemans (425 Bingemans Centre Drive) from June 8 to 10, the three-day...

crssd festival

CRSSD Festival Complete After Dark Programming for March 3-4, 2018

CRSSD Festival Spring 2018 After Dark Programming CRSSD Festival has announced a unique assemblage of After Dark programming for its event this weekend, March 3-4, offering attendees a day-into-night tour through some of San Diego, California's most iconic venues. Bang Bang will once again act as CRSSD’s after-hours hub as it...

Madara Releases – BALLS

First up is 'Balls', as Madara kicks things off in style. Hailing from Paris, Madara has a simple philosophy & says breathing is a basic need for every human being. Screaming is instinctive at birth & freedom is a gift. Freedom of breathing or screaming is not permitted to Madara & to escape...

Imagine Music Festival 2018

Imagine Music Festival Releases 2017 Official After-Movie

Ramping up to release their biggest lineup to date, Imagine Music Festival, a 3-day camping electronic dance music festival in Atlanta, Georgia, has released the 2017 Official After-Movie for fans to re-live the aquatic fairytale. Another year, celebrating its 5th Anniversary, Imagine Music Festival will return to Atlanta Motor Speedway...

sonic souls ‘Missing’ rework

Sonic Souls Drops Brand New Rework Of ‘Missing’

UK based Sonic Souls drop their forthcoming re-work of the classic & much-loved anthem ‘Missing’ on global promo, featuring the vocal talent of Red. Sonic Souls is made up of Matt Frost, Tim Laws & Marvin Beaver. The three-piece production trio has quite some musical history, with each being involved in a...

iheartradio awards

2018 iHeartRadio Awards Nominees

iHeartRadio Awards voting for Social Star Award and Greatest Fan Army introduced by Taco Bell started through iHeartRadio's social websites and from the iHeartRadio program on January 9th, along with social voting for the rest of the groups commenced on January 10th. Be certain that you keep votes because the voting...

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