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Born and raised in Denver, Colorado. EDM is my life. I live, eat, sleep, and breath for dance music.

BREAKING NEWS: Avicii Has Died at 28

BREAKING NEWS: Avicii Swedish musician Avicii, AKA Tim Bergling, passed away Friday afternoon according to statements from his publicist Diana Baron: It is with profound sorrow that we announce the loss of Tim Bergling, also known as Avicii. He was found dead in Muscat, Oman this Friday afternoon local time, April 20th....

Otto Orlandi profile picture

Otto Orlandi Unleashes Fever Featuring RAYNE & Karmello

Otto Orlandi is an artist that needs little introduction, as the Italian producer & DJ who's been responsible for a multitude of club & radio hits in recent times, returns. Born & raised in Italy, Otto's musical journey kick started with him securing a master in sound design & since...

Global Dance Festival 2018 logo

Global Dance Festival Begins 2018 Announcements

Global Dance Festival 2018 Global Dance is back again. This time announcing the first wave of artists for their annual flagship festival, Global Dance Festival 2018. The festival will take place July 20-21 at Sports Authority Field in Denver, Colorado. If this announcement is anything to go by, we can...

LCD Soundsystem 2018 Aspen winter X Games

2018 Aspen Winter X Games Review

The 22nd annual Winter X Games was held January 25th-28th at Buttermilk Mountain in Aspen, Colorado. It is an extreme winter sports competition held by ESPN that combines winter sports with the feel of a festival by adding a village of vendors and daily musical entertainment. The 4-day long event...

Dirtybird Campout East

Dirtybird Campout East Faces Problems On Opening Day

Trouble in paradise? It looks like Dirtybird Campout East might be having a few problems. Earlier today fans of the festival who arrived at the event venue were told turn around and wait for official word from the festival to return. The event is set to take place at Forever Florida...

Winter X Games Aspen 2018

Winter X Games Returns To Buttermilk Mountain With Amazing 2018 Lineup

Get ready for the 2018 Winter X Games in Aspen Who's ready to watch some talented winter sports action, and then warm up on the dance floor with some amazing music and beautiful people? We definitely are! The annual Winter X Games is on the horizon January 25th-28th, and fans...

Kaskade Christmas

Kaskade Captivates Fans With ‘Kaskade Christmas’

Grammy-nominated DJ Kaskade has produced something entirely new of himself with an album of Christmas tracks. The album itself is largely a new spin on old favorites and a few new originals. Furthermore, the album is a deeper spin on Kaskade himself. Taking a much more bass-filled and low-tempo approach...

Goldrush Music Festival Review

Goldrush Music Festival 2017 Review Last weekend OneEDM was invited to take part in the inaugural Goldrush Music Festival 2017 in Chandler, Arizona. The event took place in an old-western themed venue, complete with an entire miniature old west town. “The energy and enthusiasm surrounding our first ever Goldrush was...

Supernatural Festival

Supernatural Festival: Review

Supernatural Festival 2017 This weekend OneEDM joined the ghouls and ghosts at Supernatural Festival in Denver, Colorado. With eight stages of music, the festival was a packed house. Global Dance even invited some of the edm’s top talent for their newly reborn festival, featuring artists like Alesso, Martin Solvieg, and...

Go Go Dancer at Temple Nightclub

Temple Nightclub Arrives in Denver, Colorado

Last Friday we were given the awesome opportunity to take part in the Arrival Weekend when Temple Nightclub Denver opened in Denver, Colorado. It was a beautiful night filled with surprises and even a special guest to accompany our headliner, the incomparable Blasterjaxx. Temple Nightclub is certainly making their mark on...

Relentless Beats announces new themed stages for Goldrush Music Festival

Phoenix, Arizona based event promoter Relentless Beats is at it again, this time announcing a slew of new stages for the upcoming Goldrush Music Festival. The festival's three new main stages - the Golden Gorge, Pioneer Peak, and RBDeep’s The Hideout - will be distinctly themed. A fourth stage, where...

Global Dance Festival oneedm

Global Dance Festival Arizona: Recap

This past weekend ONEEDM was invited to take part in one of the Phoenix Vally’s hottest summer parties, Global Dance Festival AZ in Chandler Arizona. In four short years, Global Dance Festival AZ has quickly grown a name for itself. With just a single stage, a handful of EDM's top...

Snails announces Phase 2 of The Shell tour, with more dates and support

With a recent announcement of The Shell tour and a forthcoming album, Montreal-based king of vomitstep Snails is back again, this time with even bigger news - Phase 2 of the tour is happening! Now announcing that the tour has expanded to a ton of new dates & locations with even more bass...

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