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Arizona Native. ASU Graduate '15. I started going to electronic dance concerts in 2010 and I just love seeing how the EDM community has grown over the years. My passion for writing came after I held a few marketing positions and I enjoy using descriptive words to paint a mental picture for my audience. My goal writing for OneEDM is to capture the same beauty, passion, excitement, and love as I see in this community. I hope you enjoy my work.

Relentless Beats Presents: The SHELL 2.0 – Phoenix, AZ – A DJ Snails Production

Expect bright lights, LEDs, and graphics! Expect some mind bending dirty bass as Snails brings his The SHELL 2.0 stage for one night to the Van Buren in Phoenix. Join Relentless Beats for a holographic bass music experience powered by groundbreaking production. Snails will take you on a journey of both...

DeadMau5 Cube

Goldrush Music Festival 2018: The Wild West Weekend Recap

Romping through the ole' western town during Goldrush Music Festival this weekend was spectacular. Relentless Beats decorated the Rawhide Event Center in Chandler AZ, with lights, vendors, food, and entertainment as attendees experienced two days of amazing talent spread across four impressive stages. This festival is quite unique with its...

Goldrush Music Festival – Top 10 Essentials To Bring Along with You

Are you going to Goldrush Music Festival? Not sure what to wear or what to bring? OneEDM has you covered with the top 10 essentials for Goldrush Music Fest, hand picked by Arizona locals and previous attendees. If you think of any other essentials not listed here, let readers know...

Chloe aka CloZee

CloZee Unveils a Captivating New Music Video for Single “Evasion”

French indie-electronic composer and producer CloZee releases a beautifully intricate and compelling music video for her debut EP "Evasion". The story begins with two children parting ways then time flashes forward to find them as an adult, rediscovering one another. When the music ends one of the dancers vanish, leaving...


Listen Now: Yotto Releases Innovative Debut Album ‘Hyperfall’

Yotto's new innovative album Hyperfall makes it's debut to the public on Friday, September 7th. The 13-track album features EPs "Hear Me Out" and "The One You Left Behind" with beautiful vocals from Laudic and Vok. Yotto focuses on tones that elicit a dreamy almost euphoric feeling. Similarly, Hyperfall takes listeners...

In My Last Life - Andrew Bayer

Andrew Bayer’s Visionary New Album ‘In My Last Life’

Every true artist has their defining moment. It's that moment where we use the cumulation our talents, skills, and abilities to produce some of the greatest work we have ever created. This is perhaps true for Andrew Bayer who poured his heart and soul into his new artist album In...


Recap: Bassrush Massive 2018 – Bringing a Night of Heavy Bass to Arizona

OneEDM had an energizing time attending Bassrush Massive this weekend. Jam-packed with eight hours of heavy bass, the festival kept it's high-velocity energy all night long so fans could headbang, dance, and mosh to their favorite songs. Check out below for an in-depth review of our amazing time at the festival....


Conrank Drops New Single “Decapitate”

This dubstep banger is sure to melt your eardrums as Conrank teams up with the fresh talents of Drezza and Patwan for his new single "Decapitate" on Circus Records. The beat resembles 2011-era filthy dubstep with its massive wobbles and reggae vocals. The low-end frequency and powerful percussion definitely risk...


Yotto Drops New Single “Hear Me Out”

2018 is proving to be a great year for Finnish DJ, songwriter, and record producer, Yotto. His new track "Hear Me Out" featuring Sonin and Laudic includes a  remarkable vocal crescendo from Laudic. The song's tension builds as the melody and vocals fade in, creating that sweet spot between melancholy and euphoria. The single...

The Prodigy

The Prodigy Shares “Need Some1” (Friction Remix) in Anticipation of Upcoming Album

The Prodigy have shared a Friction remix to their popular song "Need Some1". The heavyweight tones come from respected Drum & Bass DJ / producer Friction, who puts his stamp on The Prodigy’s already high-octane track. Stream/download the new remix on all platforms here or listen below!  In addition, the band has also confirmed their...

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