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Life is tough, so why not create your own fantasy? Hi I’m David, and that’s basically all I do. When I’m not flipping my closet every few months to bring new life to my inanimate clothes, I spend my days reading classical literature, tearing apart fashion magazines (figuratively and literally), or trying to figure out why Tiesto is not the modern day Tchaikovsky. If classical and electronic found a common ground, it most likely would be in my bedroom. As a STYLE writer for OneEDM I like to use my sarcastic wit and editorial eye to weave interesting stories that help curate the ever expanding world of fashion and music. As with any art, fashion and music share a lot of similarities and are often affected by each other’s change. Ultimately, my mission with OneEDM STYLE is to make it the forefront of musical styling, and eventually have Anna Wintour wondering what FLUME will be wearing to his next show.

What to Wear to a Spring Techno Show

With the unfortunate loss of Mysteryland this year, NYC techno fans are missing out on a major summer experience. Fortunately however, we have HYTE just around the corner. The last time (well, first time) I went to HYTE, I wore the techno uniform; all black. For us Techno Snobs, black...

Couture Raving: Comme Des Garçons

Do you remember that one time Rei Kawakubo went to a rave? Me neither... As we silently wait for the world of high fashion and dance music to collide on a cosmic proportion, we here at OneEDM gently nudge the two together. The Met Costume Exhibit this year is celebrating...

How to Master the Coachella Look In 9 Easy Steps

1 – Know your attitude: Boho? Grunge? Trendy? Chic? Your Coachella outfit is the ultimate representation of your taste in music so why not show it off to its fullest! Knowing your genre and knowing the style is key when deciding on your look. If hardcore isn’t your preference, then...