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WOW WOW 2018

Oh my, Oh Wow: Q-Dance Drops Lineup for WOW WOW 2018

Q-Dance Presents WOW WOW 2018 New Year's Eve 2018 Ziggo Dome, Amsterdam This event is perhaps understatedly a hardstyle fan's dream. Q-Dance has gathered a lineup from among the top performing artists in Hardstyle. Capping off the excitement is their invitation to cast votes for the Hardstyle Top 100 tracks of the...

DJ Assad

Shhh, please: Interview with DJ Assad

Interview with DJ Assad DJ and producing talent from Mauritius, DJ Assad, graces audiences around the globe with his upbeat feel-good music.  Here with OneEDM, DJ Assad shares his insight into his career and life in music. OneEDM: WHO AND WHAT INSPIRED YOU TO FOLLOW YOUR PATH IN MUSIC? DJ Assad: I...

"The Solution"

“The Solution” Brings Hardstyle Back to its Roots

B-Front and Phuture Noize Release "The Solution" Out now via Rough State Music beyond boundaries, the search for new sounds, innovation in music seem sought-after goals in the EDM industry. After all, there is an endless supply of great tunes and decades of looking back onto the morphing of electronic music. Just over...

Adaro, B-Front, and Dawnfire

Adaro, B-Front, and Dawnfire Release “Touch A Star”

"Touch A Star" Out now via Q-Dance Records Adaro, B-Front, and Dawnfire contribute their musical talents together as one in the release single "Touch A Star". This is recognizable as Hardstyle, yet the vocal elements reach beyond the genre's bounds. It is quite similar to vocal trance with its larger-than-life...

Assad "Sweat"

Sweat it Out with DJ Assad’s Single “Sweat”

"Sweat" Out now via Scorpio Music The music producing standards are high, and DJ Assad delivers professional quality in his track "Sweat". Putting that into perspective is The Media Nanny in their press release: Assad was one of the co-writers behind the incredible success of Willy William & J Balvin’s huge Mi Gente last year, a...

Dead Stare

Techno, The Funky Cat, and Free Music from Dead Stare

Beyond Techno with Dead Stare's Release "Machine" Certainly Techno and thus the perfect canvas for creating new music. So with any creative measure, we welcome innovation and the outcome is art. "Machine" has tricky beats and places them in some noise-like sounds that are, well, noise. If there was ever...


Hardstyle Release “Vampire” by Radical Redemption and Noisecontrollers

"Vampire" Out Now via Minus is More Rough kickdrums, grandiose leads tailored to the Hardstyle tastes of Noisecontrollers and Radical Redemption. The two DJ/producers are solid talents from the birthplace of Hardstyle in Holland. The Dutchmen collaborative single, "Vampire",  appropriately made its release on Halloween. Also, the track is backed by...


Save Your Soul: Interview with A*S*Y*S

A*S*Y*S Interview With decades of experience in electronic music, A*S*Y*S  answers to a few curiosities about his career. From the underground to the main stage, A*S*Y*S performs at mega festivals such as Electric Daisy Carnival. In the studio and on the airwaves with his own radio show Filter'd many know this...

new events

Two New Events on the Way from Q-dance

New Events: Wow Wow 2018 and Rave Research 2019 The Q-Dance brand is making way for new events. Among them, Rave Research 2019 and Wow Wow 2018. The former will take place at airport Weeze, Germany in September 2019 and the latter will take place at Amsterdam's Ziggo Dome on...


Rebelion Rolls Out the Kicks in Their Release Single “Revelation”

"Revelation" Out now via Gearbox Digital Just shopping for the rawest, hardest, and heaviest hitting sounds ultimately results in gratification once the track is found. From long hours on the usual music platforms came the sounds of Rebelion in their latest release "Revelation". This track is true Raw Hardstyle. Also,...

"Doing Alright"

Feel Good Vibes in Busta K’s Release Single “Doing Alright”

"Doing Alright" French DJ and producer, Busta K, is continuing his budding career with the release single "Doing Alright".  This house music track has a positive energy and authentic instrumental sound, characteristic of his style. Following the summertime season's interview, now is the time check in with Busta K as...

Martin Jensen

Interview with Martin Jensen

 Martin Jensen About Martin Jensen The kind of artist who simply does that which an artist does is Martin Jensen. He is an artist whose skill in music production is of renowned artistic value. As much as such words are compelling, the music demonstrates his standout talent. For example, his...


Calm and Cool with STOIK: Interview and Exclusive Mix

Up-and-Coming Artist: STOIK About STOIK The new generation of DJs and producers are bringing great EDM. Among them, STOIK is producing genre-bending tracks such as "Clandestine Ingredient" with its low BPM, acid lines, and a showcase of vocals. Readers that are unfamiliar with his sound can get acquainted by listening to...

ULTRA México

ULTRA México 2018 Phase One Lineup is Tremendous

ULTRA México 2018 Saturday, October 13-Sunday, October 14 Foro Pegaso in Mexico City ULTRA México 2018 is poised to makes its sophomore edition even bigger than last year. Calculations of the attendance have been posited at approximately 120,000. That is a big number for a two-day festival. As such, these attendees will...

Kuala Lumpur

Kuala Lumpur Catches Up with Southeast Asia’s Growing EDM Scenes

Kyō Kuala Lumpur: EDM Destination When thinking of EDM destinations a fair few come to mind: first of all, the EDM party hot-spot Ibiza; second, Amsterdam which is the electronic music industry's centerpiece; third, Miami, the birthplace of the worldwide ULTRA Music Festival brand. By all means, these cities are...

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