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Q-Base ends

Q-Dance Announces its Last Ever Edition of Q-Base

Q-Base Ends Q-Dance addresses their loyal following of fans, known as "Q-dancers", in a heartfelt letter with the news that Q-Base ends. Furthermore, the final edition of this Hardstyle festival is set for September 2018 at the airbase in Weeze, Germany. After 15 years of Q-Base, this news is a...

Busta K

Discover Busta K: An Artist on the Rise

 Busta K The young and talented Parisian DJ and Producer Busta K is an artist on the rise. From recognition as a remix artist to more recent original productions, he is also seen as the next best artist to emerge from France. Wherever his music plays, audiences will enjoy his interpretation...

Ushuaïa Collection

The Ushuaïa Collection: Fashion for the World

The Ushuaïa Collection Brand Ambition Best Concept in Music Ushuaïa Ibiza is not just a venue with a stage, or a hotel with perks, or a place on a map, it is so much more about being the best concept in music. Such an aspiration to be the best comes...

Rise of the Phoenix

Kronos Releases Single “Rise of the Phoenix”

"Rise of the Phoenix" "Rise of the Phoenix" -Kronos, is a thrilling interpretation of the legend of the mythological Phoenix: a magical bird that is born of ash from the fires that burnt it during its previous life. Consequently, this grants the Phoenix the gift of immortality. As a result,...

Resistance Ibiza

RESISTANCE Ibiza 2018 Announces Complete Lineup

RESISTANCE Ibiza 2018 Mark your calendars! RESISTANCE Ibiza 2018 party series has announced its complete lineup. Once again, the major names in techno and tech-house assemble on Tuesdays at Privilege for nine consecutive weeks. Amidst the exciting news, there also comes another video to inspire fans, below. Furthermore, continue reading...

Dystōpia lineup

Ushuaïa Ibiza Announces Lineup for Dystōpia 2018

Dystōpia Lineup Ushuaïa Ibiza announces the lineup for its newest party series, Dystōpia, premiering this Summer 2018. For 18 weeks running, Dystōpia ensues on Friday's at 3:00 PM from June 1 - September 28. With musical acts on stage as well as artistic attractions on festival grounds, Dystōpia is the party...


LISTEN: Zatox Releases Single “Unstoppable”

"Unstoppable" Zatox presents a true hardstyle-track that is dance-floor ready. The big sounds are suited for arena-size venues. "Unstoppable" is among the best that hardstyle producers can bring to the genre. Have a listen to this great new track below! Innovative Sound Zatox's track is a creative interpretation of the...

music streaming

Apple’s Shazam Deal: Initial Investigations Reveal Threats

Apple's Shazam Deal Initial Investigations into potential competitive risks of Apple's Shazam Deal point to the music-streaming marketplace. The European Commission was set to make the final decision as to allow the Apple's Shazam deal on April 23, 2018. However, they announced that the merger regulation would require 90 more...

Ushuaïa Ibiza, Dystōpia

Ushuaïa Ibiza Presents Dystōpia 2018

Dystōpia 2018 Ushuaïa Ibiza steps outside the box with their newest party series. They are calling it Dystōpia, and it premieres this Summer 2018.  What can one expect of Dystōpia? Certainly, not the usual. Although the party concept features electronic music, it will also host other attractions of an artistic...


John O’Callaghan Releases Single “Choice Of The Angels”

"Choice of The Angels" First of all, this trance track inspires positive vibes. Also, the atmosphere is infinite and astral. All the while, grandiose pads and rising acid sounds set the soundscape against a pounding kick. As a result, the beats are hard and fitting to the danceable four-to-the-floor beats...

Swedish House Mafia Apparel

Swedish House Mafia Apparel by Designer Virgil Abloh

Swedish House Mafia Apparel Amidst the exciting reunion of Swedish House Mafia comes SHM apparel. The trio has appointed designer Virgil Abloh to design clothes in honor of the acclaimed house-music act. Among the designs is Nike merchandise, such as the iconic Nike Air Force 1's. Re-Branding With the reformation...

Looptopia 2018

Looptopia 2018 Returns to Taiwan for Second Edition

Looptopia 2018 Returning for its second edition is Taiwan’s biggest electronic dance music festival Looptopia. Last year's debut event held a successful turnout of 32,000. Accordingly, the 2018 event expects to fill the venue's 50,000 person capacity. Have a look at the 2017 Aftermovie below! Promotions TheLOOP is currently...

Markus Schulz Safe From Harm

Markus Schulz and Emma Hewitt Release “Safe From Harm”

 "Safe From Harm" The new track "Safe From Harm" is a significant achievement for Markus Schulz. It is his first collaboration with Emma Hewitt, featured singer in the song and popular among other Trance producers such as Cosmic Gate and Dash Berlin. The release is available exclusively on Spotify. There...

Phoenix Lights

Phoenix Lights Exclusive Artist Experiences and Fundraiser

Phoenix Lights Phoenix Lights, a Relentless Beats production, partners with the festival fundraising platform Surreal for a two-day music festival on April 7-8. Fans of all ages can look forward to attending the festival at a new venue called Wild Horse Pass in Chandler, Arizona. Attendees can also enter-to-win a trip...

Ilan Bluestone "Let Me Know"

Ilan Bluestone Releases Single “Let Me Know”

"Let Me Know" London-born DJ Ilan Bluestone releases his single "Let Me Know" featuring Giuseppe De Luca as part of the highly-anticipated Scars album. Music best speaks for itself.  If you have not yet heard this track, have a listen below. It will reveal a tale of reassurance in track-time...

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