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Warner Music Group Proving to be King

From Delisting To Proving King From the ungraceful fall off the Wall Street listing the last decade and posting billions in losses, Warner Music Group (WMG) is coming back bigger and stronger than ever. In 2004, Time Warner chose to offload its record label to an investor group for a...

Spotify CEO, Daniel Ek

Exclusive Experience for Paid Spotify Users

Do you froth at the simplicity of streaming music without having to pay? Sure you may have to hear the same ad about how you can join Spotify Premium, but nonetheless you can stream for free. It’s a great concept and allows more music to be heard across the world,...

Ultra Mexico

Introducing ULTRA-Mexico Edition

It’s no longer just tequila shots, margaritas, and sombreros south of the border. Sorry Miami,you’re no longer the closest option for those in the Western states to enjoy the beauty of Ultra. Ultra-Music Festival has embraced the salty air to bring us a Mexico edition landing October 6 -7, 2017....

Crooked Colours - VERA Album Art

Crooked Colours – VERA Album Drop

What do Australia and music have in common? Sexiness. Who doesn't love an Australian accent? Better yet... who doesn't love three Australian accents delivering killer tunes and hope to the music world? If you don't, get out. If you do, stay here with me because you'll want to hear the...

Blanke - Curiosity EP Cover Art

BLANKE – Curiosity EP Release

Are you curious about how you can freshen up your Spotify playlist? Forget the typical artists that are on the mainstream and lock in the new 'Curiosity EP' by Blanke; Australian-born DJ/producer. Fresh talent that needs to be heard, Blanke gets the gift of Downright -- a label catering to...