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Ohio State University Wins Visit From Steve Aoki For #CheggMusic101 Series

Chegg, the Smarter Way to Student, in partnership with truth, announced Ohio State University as the winner of a once-in-a-lifetime visit from Steve Aoki. During the visit, the international producer/DJ and entrepreneur Steve Aoki will host an exclusive Q&A with students and perform some of his hottest hits. To celebrate the importance of...

Datsik Ninja Nation Tour

DATSIK ‘Ninja Nation Tour’ at the House of Blues in Florida

DATSIK Ninja Nation Tour Datsik's Ninja Nation Tour 2018 kicked off in Florida and is now pursuing the rest of the nation for headbangers alike. The tour is hitting major venues such as the House of Blues. Hosted by promoters such as Live Nation, the tour is seeing crowds that are larger...

Unsigned Only Music Competition

International Music Competition for Unsigned Artists by Unsigned Only

STOP! UNSIGNED ONLY! Unsigned Only is a unique annual international music competition designed for solo artists, bands, and singers who are not signed to a major label record company or any of its affiliates, subsidiaries, or imprints. Unsigned Only levels the playing field for artists like you because it excludes...

Maor Levi Releases New Track Aurora

Maor Levi Releases New Track “Aurora”

Maor Levi, an artist from Israel, has released a new enchanting trance track, "Aurora".  A groundbreaking, hard-hitting tune; this one is putting this artist back on the map as a must listen on many scales. Maor Levi Releases New Track "Aurora" About Maor Levi Joining the label at only 17, Maor Levi has...

Giraffage Performs at The Social in Orlando.

Giraffage Visits Orlando For Last Leg Of U.S. Tour

Giraffage, a California DJ with a smooth and electric sound made a final appearance on his "Too Real Tour" in Orlando FL. The Social Held at The Social, Wingtip, Sweater Beats and Giraffage took on the chilly night with incredible sounds. The Social is a small nightclub with heavy security...

Nitti Gritti EP C'est La Vie

Nitti Gritti Releases New EP “C’est La Vie”

C'est La Vie - "This is just the way life is." C'est La Vie, the perfect title for an absolutely phenomenal EP created by the one and only Nitti Gritti. An artist with an acclimation to the electronic and trap throne has taken on a new challenge and in my opinion,...

Spilt Milk and Groovin the Moos Pill Testing

Test Drugs Before Entering a Festival, Without Fear of Arrest

The first instance of legalized pill testing is looking to be set sometime before the 2018 Groovin The Moo in Australia, by Safety Testing Advisory Service at Festivals and Events (STA-SAFE).   Spilt Milk and Groovin the Moos Pill Testing to come soon What In The Pill Testing? In order to...

Nitti Gritti at 2017 EDC Orlando

Exclusive Interview with Nitti Gritti at EDC Orlando

Exclusive Interview with Nitti Gritti at EDC Orlando Making appearances at both EDC Las Vegas and now EDC Orlando, Ricky A.K.A Nitti Gritti, says "I was very humbled and was tearing up seeing how many people were there at the end of the set." It was Nitti Gritti's first time playing...

Exclusive Interview with Kristina Sky at EDC Orlando

Exclusive Interview with Kristina Sky at EDC Orlando An up and coming artist known for her love of pizza and champagne, Kristina Sky, was excited to share her sound and energy with the massive crowds Friday evening at EDC Orlando. Kristina Sky Sky tells OneEdm "I absolutely loved the stage...

EDC Orlando 2017

Event Review: 2017 EDC in Orlando, FL

Event Review of EDC Orlando 2017 With the 2017 Electric Daisy Carnival held by Insomniac in Orlando, FL all wrapped up, we can sit back and reflect and review on some fantastic moments under the electric sky. While deep beats and some hypnotic trance by top artists like Armin Van Buuren,...

Upcoming Artist Snooko Releases New Track, "Graveyard Medley"

Upcoming DJ Snooko Releases New Track “Graveyard Medley”

Upcoming DJ Snooko Releases New Track "Graveyard Medley" Upcoming artist Snooko from Miami, Florida has released his latest dubstep riddem track titled "Graveyard Medley."  Snooko New Release "Graveyard Medley" With this track breaking out into the world only a few days ago as a Halloween tune, Snooko's "Graveyard Medley" has broken...

New Release, DJAfrojack and SAYMYNAME’s Encore remix

DJAfrojack and SAYMYNAME Reveal Remix of Mercer’s “Encore” on Musical Freedom

DJAfrojack and SAYMYNAME release their latest collaboration, a remix of Mercer's "Encore" on Tiësto’s Musical Freedom Label. DJAfrojack and SAYMYNAME’s Encore remix out now! Tiësto’s Musical Freedom imprint is all about advancing the very best in dance music. The label’s latest release more than lives up to the high requirements the...

A clever heavy grooving deep house dance floor-filler.

London Future Releases New Single “Know Better” ft. SYMON on Ultra Music

A hot new single “Know Better” by London Future featuring SYMON, has been released on the Ultra Music. This Producer, DJ, and voice artist have raised the bar with this clever heavily grooving deep house dancefloor-filler, and newly aged pop-style. London Future feat. Simon New Release "Know Better" London Future, a...

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