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Winter Music Conference

Winter Music Conference 2019 Open for Registration

Winter Music Conference  Miami March 25- 28, 2019 This year Miami will host the Winter Music Conference (WMC). It is among the highest respected conferences in the music industry since its inception in 1985. The posh Faena District of Miami will host this edition of the WMC to connect artists, producers,...

Arius Interview 2018

OneEDM Interview: BOO! Fest and Bass with ARIUS

Blessing Arizona with bass-heavy beats, married couple Matt Nguyen and Tessa Lizz of ARIUS laid down a headbanger of a set that blew minds and melted faces at Relentless Beats’ BOO Fest! Boo was a smaller, more intimate festival (relative to some hosted at the Chandler, AZ venue Rawhide Western...