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Interview with Scotty Moore the Founder of FestWorld Magazine

FestWorld magazine is the world's first print magazine for music festivals and music festival fans. The magazine will launch on March 9, 2019. FestWorld magazine's founder, Scotty Moore, has more than 20 years of experience with startup media companies across print, digital, mobile, and social ad tech platforms. He shares...

The Melody

Andrew Rayel and NWYR release new single, “The Melody”

The key to dynamic creation is when it is done collectively. When artists collaborate it gives an opportunity for each individual to express themselves differently. It is unique because it's in a space where artists are inspired by their peers, which can lead to deeper self-discovery. With further self-discovery so...

Exclusive Interview with Media Mogul Emily Tan

Emily Tan A woman balanced into her energetic field. A woman without an ounce of doubt in herself or her purpose life. EMILY TAN is the principal of the PR and radio promotions agency that bears her name, EMILY TAN Media Relations. Entering its 29th year in business (as of...

Lost In Music

Sony’s “Lost in Music” Pop-up Experience, Snakehips, and More

NYC Event Recap The iconic Sony Corporation is known to bring great joy to audiences. From the ever appealing PlayStation gaming console to high-quality technologies for the home and business and its globally renowned music platform, Sony Music, the stellar megacorp of ingenuity is on the cutting edge of technology. This year,...

Electronic Beat Empire

Exclusive Interview: Ice-T, Mr.X, and the launch of Electronic Beat Empire

  Legends of Hip-Hop, Ice-T and Mr. X / Afrika Islam have come together again but not in a way you would automatically think. No, this is not a single release or a special performance, these two pioneers and Godfathers of Hip-Hop have created their new Electronic Dance label,  Electronic Beat...

Markus Schulz

Exclusive Interview with Markus Schulz

Markus Schulz An honest and genuine headliner is hard to find or maybe even doesn't exist. Markus Schulz is a pioneer and leader in Electronic Dance Music that squashes that myth. The "unicorn slayer" and Global DJ Broadcast host has released a new single, "Upon My Shoulders" with Capitol Cities...

Outside In Equinox

Preview: Outside in Equinox Fall 2018 Festival

Outside in Equinox September 21-23, 2018 Live Oak Campground Santa Barbara, CA An equinox is commonly known as the twice-annual phenomenon of the changing of the Earth's tilt toward (or away) from the sun initiating the changes in the seasons. Celebrate this changing of the season as Summer turns to Fall...

Ben Rauch


Ben Rauch Ben Rauch is one man who is very familiar with the stage, from comedic acting to his career as an accomplished instrumentalist. Now, it is about time you get to know his singing side. Ben Rauch has a new single and is bending the rules on pop. A...


Exclusive Interview with NKRIOT

It has been five months since we have last spoken with the electronic magician known as NKRIOT. His Goji movement has gathered more believers and is spreading throughout the west coast. After a string of EPs and visually dynamic performances, NKRIOT is on the verge of debuting his new label....


Exclusive Interview with TRAVELER

Traveler Traveler is a one-man electronic music band comprised of the American producer Zander Tron. Hailing from Santa Barbra, California, this young talent has graced the stages of EDC, Burning Man, and Beyond Wonderland. However, his DJ moniker "Zander" is only a part of who he is. Traveler is a...


Exclusive Interview with FINLAY

FINLAY is a young star with a bright spirit, a warm heart, and passion-filled talent. Paige Finlay Yim, the singer-songwriter originally from Houston, has come a long way. After surviving a horrific shark attack back in 2012, she did not let the near-death experience stop her from seeing her dreams flourish....



GATTÜSO Israel has bred an individual made for success. Reem, better known as GATTÜSO, has taken his skills in business and forged it with his passion for music. Out of this fusion came the musical stylings of GATTÜSO. Trance, house, and pop come together in the mind of this prestige and...

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