BangOn!NYC and the Warehouse of Horrors-Event Review

The night was a frightful occasion of musical freedom, artistic terror, and creepy good comradery. BangOnNYC!‘s Warehouse of Horrors was a well put together dance affair that captured their audiences fears and ruled their excitement. An entertaining and living adventure of Music, Art, and expressive originality. From the already dynamic installations to the enhancing spirit of the colorful and costumed out crowd, Warehouse of Horrors was a hit. BangOnNYC!’s events do more than great but they have the potential to be even so much bigger, and would definitely get a really strong following of appreciative fans to the maximum. Not to say they don’t have that now but what is noticeable is the real effort in aiming to entertain and welcome lovers of things real, and that, is something more people should see. The atmosphere they offer is filled with a wholesome and grounding energy that takes the pressure out of big huge festivals. An affair of peace, joy, and inventive aesthetics. It’s more of a convention within a festival or a festival within a convention, either way, it’s hot and not your “regular” or “average” bash.

Photo Credit: Julian Cassady

It was a quick and easy entrance into the one Halloween party you have been waiting all season for. As you to step in, the most welcoming and thrilling view of strobe lights captures your heart in the distance and cradles it with love. A full city block of a warehouse was decked out with BangOnNYC! style. They knocked Elements Music and Arts Festival out the park back in August and this time around BangOnNYC! came at you with a Halloween facemask that startled you good. The reliable and logical wristband activations were back and not a person hesitated to get theirs activated. As you made your way in, on the right, wall art of fantastic animation welcomed you eagerly into their domain. Just around the corner, the singular and noteworthy Bass Stage that was bumpin the entire night showcased talented DJs such as Scott Matthews, Clozee, and Dischetto, who all took their bass deeper than you probably will ever feel. A secluded dark and quaint underdog that was crowned with one incredibly cool mask that hung and hovered over the dance floor. Dancing in this space was chill and sensually rooted. It was the perfect break from the resounding main stage that granted you an underground club scene affect you couldn’t help but smirk at.

Photo Credit: Julian Cassady

Continuing down the path you reach the Warehouse Of Horrors, Silent Disco where DJs like Max August and Travisty fill the BangOnNYC! headphones with the funked out disco fever of then and now. Ahead of the Silent Disco to your right making her return, Olga Kilmova and her Wizard Visions. Beautiful images of nature painted on canvas that glows like the moon. To your left Henna Tattoos and face painting by Naty (@natybynature). Down the line, you come across Gina Divine and her sensational Glitter Bar Glitter Addicts. Spooky face paint, transfers, and glitter blood were all offered at her welcoming and fabulous table. To the right, the immersive theater experience Hotel Hades haunted you over and lured you in.  Experiences based on the first layer of hell. Time and space, fortune telling, and their version of heaven were all up for grabs during this interactive performance. All New York City-based performers who drench themselves in their roles to make your experience an unforgettable one. Feeling hungry? Stop on over at Oaxaca Taqueria for some soft tacos for you hard dancers. Their tasty tacos had the partiers lining up and ordering doubles.

Then it’s time to take your honey over to the pastilles graveyard that’s filled with baby blues clouds sparkles and sweet selfies. The dildo ring toss had to have been the most extremely erect dildo toss that’s been played at a musical gathering. The earthy and hefty Origins Bus said its hello as ravers took a seat and vibed out to an extended set of pit stop tunes. Joined by the bus was Henna by Hannah Beth with her cozy table and her bowl of treats. Then, at last, you reach the almighty main stage. Where artists like The Golden Pony, Detlef, and the legend himself Fatboy Slim all came with a job to do and performed to their highest. At about 11:45 pm an air horn, yellow beanies, and a bright spirit created the smiley face of Fatboy Slim. Fatboy himself encouraged and directed the crowd to form his famous smile, a smile that beamed an extra million times this Halloween. Showing you Brooklynites what a DJ should sound like and perform like. It was nearly close to performance art watching this man attack and own the table.

Photo Credit: Julian Cassady

When it came to the acts there were a few who stood out at Warehouse Of Horrors.  Scott Matthews the young and cool Brooklyn based DJ with a taste and passion for music none of his peers can rival. Spinnin at the Bass stage, Scott had a steady hitting thud that kept you moving in your Power Rangers and vampire getups. Ravers stopped by to get inline with the grooved out waves his sub-bass mix so excellently created. Clozee the French World Bass performer arrived hard and with a purpose. She’s got that underground haze in her set that’s edgy and electronic and as black as jet. She took the bass stage to its most sublevel with her good beats, and shadowy darkened ambiance.

Photo Credit: Julian Cassady

When it comes to DJing a party you have to bring it and show them what you’re made of. To show them you’re not just playing music from a record. You are entertaining them to the point they are within a live interactive performance. Fatboy Slim does just that at Warehouse of Horrors, nothing light nothing simple all heavy all intricate and all charismatic. A serious master at electronic magic and a home-run hitting champion. Approaching 40 years in the business he is still strong as ever, a true top dog and a legit elite DJ for the cosmos. You can rely on him and count on him to deliver more than what you normally see. This is A-List people and to say you have seen him live is an honor for the dance community. A legend who went gory and ghastly for the spirit of Halloween, Slim owned it, recreated it, put his stamp on it, and lit a flame. He’s got an ear for creating a potion of huge proportions too.

He throws a good party but not like you would normally see at a festival or DJ set. The best way to describe it would be similar to attending a New Year’s party in Ibiza. It felt that massive and festive.

Photo Credit: Julian Cassady

Scattered throughout your merriment you’d come across silent disco listeners in every corner and at each stage. Scary fake blood, funny comical characters, and sexy rave bunnies everywhere you turned, but that is what made it five times more amusing. BangOn!NYC has been around for years and each year their reach is growing. The scope is endless and they should never stop or change unless it’s for growth, because what they have is working. The only thing you could ask is for more. Give us more BangOn!NYC, give us more!




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