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BOO! Arizona 2017: A Spook-tacular Night [Event Review]

BOO! Arizona 2017
Credit: Insomniac

BOO! Arizona 2017

For the second year in a row BOO! haunted Arizona with a scary good night with the return of BOO! Arizona 2017. On October 14th, Insomniac and Relentless Beats came together to bring this Halloween massive to life in Chandler, Arizona at the Rawhide Event Center. Like last year, the event boasted some very impressive names, including BONNIE X CLYDE, Laidback Luke, Zomboy, and Valentino Khan. In addition to booking another star-studded lineup, the event gave its audience a night to remember by stepping up their production value. Luckily, One EDM experienced this well-executed event first hand and sat down for an interview with Bonnie X Clyde and an interview with Laidback Luke after their sets.


Photography by Angelo Graciano


Pumpkins, Zombies, and Devils – Oh My!

Obviously, Halloween themed events are bound to bring out the spookiest parts of everyone. Surrounded by tombstones and bones, the DJs rose the dead with their hottest tracks. Dancing devils, shuffling skeletons, and grooving ghosts littered the crowd and came to life in lasers from the graveyard decorated stage. Apart from the stage and massive dance floor, concert-goers dove deeper into the frightful night by jumping aboard the haunted hayride. Riders passed scenes of death along a countryside road while zombies chased behind and eerie music sent shivers down their spine.

Rawhide Event Center allows plenty of space for everyone to dance and have a good time. The stage sat in a barn-like building with plenty of room to exit or enter. The stage as a whole was complimented by many attendees as being much more festive than the previous year. Some even said that the sound quality improved drastically. As a whole, the combination of the costumed attendees, the festive stage production, the layout, and haunted hayride made up for a truly epic Halloween atmosphere at BOO! Arizona 2017.

View all Photos from BOO! Arizona 2017 courtesy of Angelo Graciano

Not everything about BOO! Arizona 2017 was terrifying. In fact, most of it was the opposite. The staff members made themselves very approachable and even stood at the entrance, welcoming concertgoers with high-fives and hugs. If there was a question to be asked the staff had the answers accompanied by a smile. Everyone who made up the staff gave off easygoing and down-to-earth vibes. The ticketing staff at will call, the vendors, and even security helped make BOO! Arizona 2017 feel comfortable from start to finish.

The Lineup

The lineup this year was made up of 12th Planet, Crizzly, Bonnie X Clyde, Bro Safari, KSHMR, Laidback Luke, Monxx, Valentino Khan, and Zomboy. Originally, Monxx was set to headline the night, however, he ran into some travel difficulties and could not make it in time for his set. Luckily, Bonnie X Clyde stepped in and set the stage on fire in his absence. Monxx went on later in the night as an addition to the 12th planet b2b Crizzly set. Bonnie X Clyde thought the switch was “meant to happen,” stating: “Everything happens for a reason.”

Social media went into a storm, supporting what Bonnie X Clyde said earlier in the night. Many in attendance of the event are a part of a Facebook group called AZRAVEFAM. In that group, BOO! Arizona 2017-goers ranked Bonnie X Clyde or the B2B set as the standouts of the night. Although, Zomboy and Laidback Luke are other names BOO! goers are ranking as “best of the night.” Nevertheless, One EDM didn’t see a single artist perform that we were not impressed with.

Photography by Angelo Graciano


BOO! Arizona 2017 Final Thoughts

Insomniac and Relentless Beats get credit for BOO! Arizona 2017 this year. Between a well-decorated stage, an organized venue layout, an incredible staff, and a wildly impressive lineup the event contained all the ingredients to provide one hell of a night. Very few deny that this year blew last year’s BOO! out of the water. BOO! Arizona 2017 gave the crowd great things to rant about and reasons to return next year. Props again to Insomniac and Relentless Beats for hosting this event; they really kicked off the Halloween celebrations. To those of you headed to BOO! San Francisco, have fun! If its anything like BOO! Arizona 2017 you’re in for a good time.

Photography by Angelo Graciano


View all Photos from BOO! Arizona 2017 courtesy of Angelo Graciano

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