BREAKING: Dj Rusko Cancels Summer Tour with Diagnosis of Gastric Lymphoma


Today is a very somber day for Dj Rusko fans around the globe. He has announced the cancellation of all summer shows for 2017. The cause: gastric lymphoma, which is a type of stomach cancer . Primary gastric lymphoma, which originates in the stomach is an extremely uncommon condition. In most cases of gastric lymphoma it occurs in those over the age of 50.

A statement put out by Chris, also known as DJ Rusko, to his fans on Facebook:

Dj Rusko is best known for his production of Pro Nails , which every bass head/dubstep lover is familiar with.

We here at One EDM wish Rusko the best of luck and a speedy recovery with his cancer treatment.

Kristina Calamusa
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