10 Things to Bring to HARD Summer 2019

Festival essentials to have on hand

HARD Summer 2019 is just days away. It returns to the Auto Club Speedway in Fontana, California. Below is a short list of some personal belongings you may want to consider bring to this festival.

Hydration Packs

Stay hydrated, Stay healthy, with a hydration pack. HARD Summer 2019 takes place in the peak of California’s hot summer weather. As such, it will take more than just a few sips of water to get through comfortably. Do ensure your hydration pack meets the standards for acceptable items from the description below:

Hydration packs with no more than two main compartments and one smaller compartment—must be empty upon entry

HARD Summer
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Ear Plugs

Protect your ears from hearing loss. Exposure to high intensity sounds can cause damage to your ears. Basic ear plugs available at general stores are one option. Other ear plugs include more fashionable styles like those from Decibulz. An added perk to these is they are reusable and washable.

Sun Screen

HARD Summer outdoors is perfect for working on a California tan. Fight the burn, and protect your skin with sunscreen.

Sun Wear

Of course, any other of your favorite sunwear accessories: sunglasses, hats, and rash guards.

Rain Gear

Rain or shine, rain gear can come in handy for wherever you judge the need to stay dry. Perhaps, there is excessive splashing from the pool, or beverage sloshing as you move through a crowd.

Glow sticks

Fun and festive, glow sticks are great way to enjoy a festival.


Expressive totems capturing the excitement of HARD Summer just may turnout to be a souvenir after the festival. These eye-catching displays just may get you that close up you have always wanted in a festival aftermovie.

HARD Summer totem


Photography captures are worth many words. If it is worth expressing in a photo, consider bringing a small handheld camera to snap that perfect festival moment.

Small bags

When your pockets are full and you have extras to carry, keep you hands free with a small bag. Just may want to bring an empty one to fill it with festival merchandise at HARD Summer.

HARD Summer on Insomniac mobile app

Install the Insomniac app on your smartphone, and bring it to HARD Summer. Within the app, all festival information is accessible. This is handy for when you need to check the timetables and lineup to make it to your favorite DJ set.

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