8 Best Websites You Must Try For Royalty Free Music

Videos have become the most popular medium of marketing. However, there is one unique thing about videos. They are incomplete without music. Adding music to the videos is essential for making the videos more viewable and likable. Therefore, you must know the ways of good sourcing music and then using them in the video.

Several websites provide royalty-free music. You must check out all the options they offer to add it to your video content. You must make sure that the audio you choose is in sync with the video you create. You can try out different options and then go with the one that suits your video.

Best Websites for Royalty-Free Music

Several websites provide royalty-free music. You must check out these websites if you are trying to source a royalty-free music piece to be added to your video content. Some of the best websites where you can find the best royalty-free music for your videos are listed below for your reference:

YouTube Studio Audio Library

If you are looking for free music for videos, YouTube Studio Audio Library is the best source. There are about 2000 tracks that are copyrighted and free, and you can experiment with them. Additionally, there are about 700 sound effects that can be used in the videos. These tracks are ideal if your end goal is to upload the videos on YouTube itself.

The best thing about YouTube audio library music is that you can filter out results based on your preferences. That makes sorting the audio tracks easier. You need to sign in with your Google account and download the track. You can then use the track with your video anywhere you please.


BenSound is another popular website where you can source royalty-free audio for your videos. You can download audio tracks from the website and use them in slideshows, videos, Instagram Stories, etc. You can also edit the audio or tweak it to match the bass and the tempo. Also, there might be cases where you might like an audio track, but it is a little slow compared to the video’s speed.

In that case, you can increase the speed of the audio track to match it with the pace of the video. However, you cannot use these tracks to create a song of your own. The best thing about BenSound is that the interface is relatively easy to navigate. The only flipside of this website is that you only have 100 tracks for free. For accessing the remaining tracks, you will have to buy the pro version of the subscription.


InVideo is another amazing place to get free music for videos on the go. You can find thousands of tracks to choose from and use in your content. You can easily search for the genre of music you are looking for and the kind of mood you want to set with the music.

You can edit the video in their online tool and add the music accordingly. There is no option to download the music for external content creation as you have to add and edit the videos in the tool itself. The tool itself has more than 5000+ templates and 1M+ images to use for your videos.


MixKit is quite popular among the youth as you can get several peppy tracks on this website. You can find all kinds of music tracks on this website, including dramatic and tense audio tracks. Therefore, whatever video you might have in hand, you will find a suitable track for it.

The music that they offer can also be used in presentations and slideshows. The audio is managed quite well on this website as every track is labeled with a color that depicts its genre. You can also filter the results based on the characteristics you are looking at. However, the audio library is relatively small, and you will be only able to extract a few audio tracks from their website.

Free Music Archive

Free Music Archive or FMA is known for its vast library of copyright-free music. However, most of the music on this website comes under the Creative Commons licenses. The website allows you to refine your search according to your preferences. For every track that you choose to download, you will have to read the terms and conditions related to the audio track and how it can be used.

The only problem with the tracks on this website is that you can use almost all the tracks for personal use, but you might not be able to use them for commercial purposes. Therefore, you will have to check the details of each audio track individually.


The website is the best music source for all content creators. However, the website permits only video creators to access free music from this website for YouTube videos. Also, here you will have to reach out to the artist and seek their permission before using the audio track. The audio tracks come with small videos.

You can click on the video and download the audio track. There are about 2000 free audio tracks on the website, and the page keeps updating. You can also filter your results based on the genre and the mood and then find the perfect audio for your video.

Chill Out Records

Chill Out Records is very popular for royalty-free music. It is not a website but just a YouTube channel where you can easily find any royalty-free music. If you are looking for a soothing or a jazz music track for your video, this is the best option. They have about 150 tracks, and all of them are pretty exciting.

You can listen to the track and then download it via a link in the description box. However, if you use the track from here, you will have to credit the artist who has created the music track. Also, you cannot use the music for commercial projects apart from YouTube.

Background Music Without Limitations

This is another popular YouTube channel that you can use for royalty-free music. You can use these tracks if you are creating a video for YouTube. The channel has about 55 audio tracks, but they are pretty unique, and you will fall in love with them. However, the channel is regularly updated, and the old tracks are removed now and then. You can use the tracks from here for any project, be it personal or commercial, but you must correctly credit the artist.


All the websites listed above are the best sources for royalty-free music. If you search carefully, you will find the ideal soundtrack for your video from these websites. However, several other websites provide royalty-free music. Music is a significant part of any video, and you must make the best use of these websites to find the perfect audio track for your videos.

Adding a music track to a video is a straightforward process, and you need no prior video editing experience to do so. Therefore, make sure to add the best track possible to your video. 

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