3 Top Electronic Dance Music Festivals in Europe

The biggest celebration of this year for electronic music is the Top Electronic Music Festival held in Bali. This event is a combination of music and dance from across the globe and takes place on an island in the Indonesian Sea every year. This festival has been running for almost fifteen years now and has grown into one of the most popular events of its kind in the world. Here are some of the main factors why it is considered to be top electronic dance music festival.

It brings together thousands of DJs from all over the world who come to Bali to show off their talents. Some of them are from Europe, America, Asia, and Africa. Many DJs have never even set foot in Bali. The organizers of the festival to bring together the most talented and versatile DJs from different parts of the globe in order to create a unique experience that you will not soon forget. The combination of world class DJs and unique sets that are out of this world will leave you breathless.

There are over eight thousand people who attend the festival each year and they all enjoy a different kind of electronic dance music. It is held at a gorgeous beach location known as Danyan Beach. Although the view is stunning, there are no shops, bars or restaurants so you can rest assured that you will be just having fun watching the shows. The majority of the audience is made up of party-loving locals and foreign tourists. Even though most of the music is tropical it has been featured in some of the biggest pop and hip hop songs of all time. That shows just how popular this festival is.

Although there are several other major dance festivals held around the world the organizers of the Top Dance Music Festival keep it exclusive. They do this because they want to provide a very unique experience for their attendees. Each day there are free live shows that you can attend. There is always something happening on the beach so that means you will never be bored. As, well as the top DJ’s you will be treated to world-class artists performing across the four stages.

The combination of high tech and beautiful surroundings provides for an unforgettable experience. The lighting provided for the beach shows are awesome and the DJ’s know exactly how to mix the music to keep your feet moving. The visual aspect of electronic dance music is something that cannot be missed.

If you are looking for a family friendly beach festival then the Top Dance Music Festival is perfect. Children of all ages will thoroughly enjoy the Festival. You do not have to worry about things being too rowdy or anything of that nature. The festival strives to be family friendly and if there are things that you do not like you can just politely walk away. Overall the festival is really good fun.

Another top electronic dance music festival is Threelac in Belgium. This festival is held every year in early May. Unlike the other festivals this one has a slightly different feel to it. It is more relaxed with fewer people and more laid back.

If you want to see what all the rave is about check out Electric Picnic. It is held annually in the lovely village of Weert over Weymouth, England. Electric Picnic is one of the top electronic dance music events in Europe and takes place at a beautiful park. Music lovers of all ages will love the fresh air and relaxed atmosphere. There are also plenty of stalls selling food, drink and a range of dance gear.

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