A Guide to Electronic Dance Music Festivals in the UK

Electronic Dance Music festivals are growing in popularity across the globe. They offer a variety of new and old DJs to play at each event, as well as thousands of visitors from around the world. The biggest Electronic Dance Music Festival is held annually in Las Vegas, Nevada. This article will discuss electronic dance music festivals in the UK, including details on who holds them, when they are held, and some of the most popular ones happening now.

The first article discussed electronic dance music festivals UK. The second article covered international DJ’s and music festival coverage. Here we’ll continue with details of the best parties, clubs, and other locations for electronic dance music festivals UK. If you are planning an upcoming event, this article can help you prepare more easily. When researching, keep in mind that there are many different types of parties, and only a few places that fit the bill for every type.

Some electronic dance music festivals in the UK focus on certain “sized” genres. The biggest and most popular of these are Bass House, Breakbeat Florida, and Technopolis. Many cities have their own versions or take part in promoting the others. Keep reading for details on each and every one!

The biggest and most popular electronic dance music festivals in the UK are located in the capital of England, London. Fabric, Home & Garden, Oasis, and Reading Festival are all taking place this year. Reading Festival is taking place on the last weekend of August, with special sets by Paul Wellby and DJ Arne Tweek. This music festival features an array of artists from the world famous producers. Headliners include Carl Cox, Kasabian, and No I.D. Other main acts include Martin Garrix, Chromeo, and Dirty South.

London’s Fabric is one of the most popular of the electronic dance music festivals in the UK. It runs from the end of August to the first week of September. It showcases a range of artists from the world over, including the aforementioned well-known DJs. Fabric offers various stages for dancing, as well as workshops, performances, and DJ sets from local talents.

In the centre of the city, the internationally-acclaimed O2 Arena is hosting its own electronic dance music festivals. Every year, over 150 international artists head to the O2 Arena to showcase their music. This music festival is held every year from mid-August to early September. The line-up features artists from Russia, Spain, Egypt, India, Portugal, Brazil, and more. This is an exceptional event, which does not have tickets required – just show up and enjoy!

The second biggest rave in the UK happens to be in Manchester at the All Music Hall. Every year, hundreds of heads are turned towards Manchester to experience this unique atmosphere and party the night away. For dance fans, it is one of the best places to experience an electronic dance music festival – as there is always a large variety of electronic dance music festivals held here throughout the year. Each has something completely unique to offer.

Finally, in central London’s West End you can attend the festival. Like Fabric, this festival is held every year in August and features a variety of top DJs from across the globe. It’s sold out every year, but fortunately is able to be purchased online via the official website. Other internationally renowned DJs regularly play at this festival. This festival is highly-acclaimed, and well worth the trip if you are planning to attend one of the electronic dance music festivals in the UK.

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