Best Electronic Dance Music

The best electronic dance music has been around for a while now, and there are a handful of names dominating the sound. It can be hard to pick one from the rest, as each artist has something unique to offer. So here are four songs that have been making the rounds among party EDM DJs and producers recently.

This is the first official electronic dance music mashup 1 hour club mix from Disclosure. The standout track from their forthcoming album ‘Shelter’, which you can pre-order from iTunes now, is a fast paced, percussive jam that will have you moving and dancing until the morning comes. With some light vocals and some impressive drum scratching, this is one of the best dance music mixes you will hear this year.

This new electro house masterpiece from producers Diplobacter and Stereona has taken the Internet by storm. The first song on the new electro house classic ‘Modern Times’ is a massive feat in terms of musicality, as it incorporates well-known producers such as Diplobacter and Kodee. The entire song is a heady blend of sounds, from heavy bass lines to a gently plucked reverb. This is an excellent example of what new electro mixes can be like; heavy, distorted sounds that drive the club but never lose the core essence of what makes them great.

One of the biggest names in the house music genre, and certainly one of the most recognizable, are Kodeezy. Their latest single ‘Look’ is set to be the official debut from their forthcoming album ‘Talk’. If you are looking for a strong, dark and ominous techno tune, this is the track for you. What makes Kodeezy stand out from other artists is the fact that they don’t shy away from the darker tones found in traditional house music. They are, instead, very much part of the future of house music, in the same way that ID&T are right now. ‘Look’ is set to be the best electronic dance music 2015 best dance club mix, and perhaps even the best dance music track.

One of the newer and more experimental producers of electronic dance music, Florian Malle is starting to gain some popularity amongst fans of traditional dance music. His recent single ‘Take Me Away’ is a beautiful and romantic track that almost sounds like an old fashioned love song. It’s certainly not the sort of thing you would hear being played on a mainstream radio station; however, it is certainly one of the loveliest songs to be released in recent years by a major label. Florian has only released one single so far, but it promises to be another winner on the track of the year.

Another young French DJ known only by his producer name of Antioxydant, whose real name is Alexandre Desneux, is also very well known among fans of electronic dance music. After producing some excellent and very club-busting singles, Antioxydant has decided to launch a whole new sound and style of music. He has remixed hits by Disclosure, Odesk feat. Diplo, and many others, and has built a huge fan base thanks to his brilliant tracks. If anything, it is interesting to see an artist setting out on his own in a new and exciting way, especially as his music has never really had much in the way of radio play or promotion. It is quite amazing the things that some labels will do for a budding artist, letting him develop his musical identity within the music industry.

Above all the artists mentioned in this article, there is actually one name that should feature among the top three on the best electronic dance music list, and that is of course still Calvin Klein. Calvin Klein is well known throughout the world for his high-end clothes, and is a true representative of the traditional image of cool. In recent times he has produced some wonderful dance tracks, including “Touch”, “Reckless”, “I’m Wide Too” and “Boxer”. The first three songs on his latest album are worth listening to just for the sheer quality of production that he boasts of, and the melodies are something that have a tendency to come across as more traditional than other producers. Of course, Calvin Klein is famous for making some of the best clothing lines in the world, and with these new lines of clothing, he has once again shown his skill as an artist.

There are many more names that make up the best electronic dance music list. This is by far the longest list I have seen, and it was compiled by a DJ who knows what he is talking about. DJs compile albums all over the world every year, and often they release albums that feature many of their favourite producers from different genres. They then edit these tracks, adding their own touch and take what they want from each song. This is how they are able to provide the best electronic dance music that the world has ever heard.

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