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The best electronic dance music of the year is coming again in February. What will be the lineup? Will Calvin Harris and Rihanna top the charts again? Will LCD Soundsystem eclipse DJs who have been topping the charts with hits from Michael Jackson to Skrillex? Let us speculate about this year’s hottest music and EDM artists.

First of all, we need to mention two very important electronic music producers whose names are familiar to anyone who loves dance music: Armin van Buisse and Carl Cox. Armin van Buisse is a Dutch musician who rose to fame in the ’90s due to his work with programmers and computer programmers. He also worked with big name artists such as Paul McCartney, Aphex Twin, DJ Premier, and others. In recent years, he has released his own music as well as working with people like David Blaine, Avicii, and Elton John. His most famous track, “roid man”, is a huge hit and achieved popularity throughout the world.

Next up on our list is a band from Los Angeles named LCD Soundsystem. This group is actually four guys (including a guy who goes by Mike Cadell) that have been doing electronic dance music for quite some time now. They have a number of popular songs and this year saw their first release “Reynols”. This song reached number two on the U.S. charts.

Another band that is making an impact this year is No Age. This British group is made up of four teens from opposite ends of the country. They have been playing electronic dance music for several years now, and their mixture of traditional dance music with breakcore and electronica makes them something to watch. Their single “Wake Up” was featured on a few radio shows recently. Expect more from them soon.

One of the newer up-and-coming bands that has been playing electronic dance music recently is called Nothing At All. They have only had a handful of shows around the U.S., but their demos and videos have been going viral, so hopefully they’ll make it big here eventually. Their single “Hear Me Now” has even been covered by everyone from The Beatles to David Bowie!

Finally, there’s one other act that you may have heard of or been familiar with. It’s called LCD Soundsystem. This London-based outfit consists of five members: Jon Hally-Lopez, Martin Khan, Paul McCartney, and Don McCartney. They play a blend of hip-hop, dance music, and electronics. The band has been around since the early ’90s and has played in some famous venues like the Reading Festival, the Warfield Theatre in London, and the Fabric in Manchester.

As you can see, this is no longer the exclusive range of electronic dance music. Many talented new artists are just beginning to explore the world of electronic dance music. This wide-range of possibilities has also given rise to a new set of standards that artists and clubs are working to beat. In fact, the 2010 Gram Awards is recognizing a new kind of electronic act that has really taken off: producers. These producers are playing more than simply beats: they’re crafting entire songs with the computer and using special effects and loops to give the songs an extra depth and weight.

If you’ve been considering what types of artists to listen to, then you’re probably interested in what electronic dance music has to offer. The artists listed above are all experts at what they do, and it shows. They have created entire songs with nothing but the mouse, and their songs are getting rave reviews from fans and industry insiders alike. If you love dance music, you’ll definitely want to give these guys a listen. They might just have the next big hit.

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