Choosing an Electronic Dance Music Radio

Electronic dance music or dj music is becoming more popular. It started out as a side event, with clubs like Club Lime and Paradiso kicking it off. Now it has become a full-time event for promoters, artists and fans alike. EDM is actually a rather generic term for electronic dance music and describes a style of electronic dance music that owes its origins to rave culture.

Electronic dance music can be hard to define. Generally it is simply described as any kind of music that is “inspired by” (or mixed with) electronic dance music. The term “DJs” is often used to describe these music sources as well, but that is too broad. This music can be dance based but they can also have beats that are a mix of house music and other music styles. Most dance music on the radio right now is influenced by electronic music at some point. That’s what is so fun about it – there is so much variety that anyone who listens to it can’t get tired.

So what types of electronic dance music radio can you listen to? There are many! Most dance music radio stations will offer a few options. You can find them listed below with brief descriptions of each.

I Beat Radio – This is probably the most popular radio station of all. The sound quality on this station is amazing. Every song is played at full blast and features original hip hop, rap, reggae, jazz and even some classic rock songs. If you’re looking for a new set of tunes to dance to, this is the radio for you. You’ll also find lots of interviews with music heavy hitters, artists and DJ’s from around the world.

Zane Terlecki’s Radio – If you’re looking for dance music from a DJ who has the ears to listen to everything, this is the radio for you. Zane Terlecki’s radio shows are entertaining and talk about the latest dance music trends. He’s got over one hour of fun and informative radio shows every week. He’s got a great sense of humor as well, so if you feel like you need a laugh, Zane is the DJ for you. He also makes special appearances on his radio shows and gives out important information about his career and what he’s learned along the way.

Pop NYC Radio – This station is another electronic dance music radio. Here you’ll hear interviews with some of the biggest names in dance. The best thing about this radio is that they play new music on the hour and discuss all the big recent releases on their website. Their music section features hip hop, R&B, soul, pop, country, Caribbean, pop-rock, funk, metal, alternative and more. What’s great about this station is that it’s not just for dance lovers, they have a very wide range of musical tastes.

Don’t be surprised if you don’t get to hear your favorite song on any of these electronic music radios. They’ve got hundreds of different hours of programming to choose from. If something happens to your favorite band or song, they’ll have it available. They also discuss all the big news in the electronic music scene. DJs on many of these stations have won countless awards for their brilliant interviewing skills.

It’s impossible to talk about electronic dance music and not bring up Radio X. This British station is the home of rave, garage, glam rock, alternative, as well as pop music. This famous radio station started out in 1977 as a spin off of an American station. They’ve gone from strength to strength and have become one of the most listened to radio stations in the world. With well over 25 years experience in broadcasting, this is one station that won’t go away.

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