Crieno – A Very Good Album From Spain

A relatively new record label in the UK, Spanish Electronic Dance Music is run by two guys in their early twenties. They first got together as teenagers and their initial goals were to be clubbers instead of recording artists. However, they soon discovered they had a talent for music and after just a couple months on their own, they began putting out tracks that would gain them an international following. They eventually signed to their own label, Birthesaurus, and began working on their first album called Faded.

A few years later, after putting out several EPs, they decided to move forward with their first full album, titled Cucurucu. They retained their original name and worked with producers such as g-sus, dj Cripsy, and Aaron Spectre. The album was well received worldwide, but it wasn’t long before they hit the majors again with their sophomore, titled Introvertigo. A year and a half later, they were back on the indie circuit with their third album, titled Awakening.

Two years later, they set out on what would become their fourth album, titled Angel Ace Finally Red. Although they had already earned a good deal of popularity, Angel Ace Finally Red marked a turning point in their careers. They had finally achieved their goal of being signed to their own record label. It also marked the beginning of their lengthy collaborations with producers such as dj Cripsy and Kodee. These collaborations would continue throughout the rest of their career.

Just as quickly, they broke up with Cripsy and Kodee and were joined by Cripsy’s former girlfriend, G-sus. At this point, Cripsy was well known throughout the United Kingdom and Europe, while G-sus was still relatively unknown. This is largely due to the fact that her debut album, “G-sus’ EP” was not available for download from iTunes, but was instead only available through her bandcamp page. One year after their split, she was signed by WXPN (who became Bauhaus) and shortly after that, Cripsy went on to form her own band, named Cripsy and the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

One of the most popular things about Cripsy is her unique voice, which is mixed with that of her former bandmate, DJ Cripsy, as well as with that of her new love, G-sus. While Cripsy’s voice has become one of the trademarks of her style, the distinctive “tragida” (a Spanish term meaning “tramp stamp”) that she sings is something that DJ Cripsy and G-sus have adopted. They often perform together, as well as with the band named Criollo. The Criollo name came about after Cripsy and G-sus performed at the “Hollywood Latin Party” in Hollywood, California.

As it turns out, the Criollo girls are long gone, and now Angel Ace finally has a chance to shine. After years of playing bass in a number of other popular punk bands (including Throbbing Gollum and Krusty the Clown), Angel finally decided that he wants to try his hand at lead guitar. And he does. On his debut album “Nightfall,” he manages to combine his love of Spanish pop songs with a strong dose of hard rock, creating an album that he can be proud of.

For anyone who isn’t familiar with the Spanish electro-rock movement, let’s just say that Nightfall is about everything you’d expect from a Crieno album, minus the pop. Instead, it’s heavy and dark, and owes its tremendous popularity to the vocals of G-sus and Cripsy. The beats on the album are long and distorted, with a very distorted, futuristic sound that seems to be straight out of a science fiction movie. There are some surprisingly good songs on here too, like the excellent “Amar Niceto,” but for the most part, Nightfall takes what we’ve come to know and love from Crieno and makes it into something even more polished. If you want some old school Crieno material in your collection, this is a great album to go for.

Overall, I’m very happy with this new Crieno album. While I’m not a huge fan of Crienos myself, I am very glad that they released a Spanish electronic dance music album with me in it. It’s not like I’m going to become obsessed with it like I would be a Crieno fan, but it’s nice to see them doing what they do best, and I’m sure that other fans of Crienos will be as excited as I am. It’s very different from the Crieno before, but it sounds very professional and very cool. If you are a fan of Crienos (or just of quality Spanish electronic dance music), you should definitely check out the new Crieno album.

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