Dance Music Fests and Music Festivals in the UK

Electronic dance music festivals are taking the world by storm. Every month, new musical talents are being discovered. The latest additions include new artists like Armin van Buenken, Jazz & Dirty South, M-Tech and lots more. In the last few years, many DJs have been setting the bar extremely high. It’s very hard to imagine a time when electronic dance music would not be around for years to come. It’s something that has a global following and has thousands of loyal followers.

Many people love electronic dance music. They find it energizing and exciting. It’s also incredibly diverse. From reggaeton to hip hop, from jungle to classic club music, there is a little something for everyone. The styles, sounds and styles change frequently. This means it is hard to keep up.

This is what makes electronic dance music festivals so interesting. You never know what you will be getting next. If you go to one dance festival in the UK, you could easily be exposed to an entirely new style of electronic dance.

There are three major electronic dance music festivals in the UK: Electric Carnival in Reading, England; Dance festival in Birmingham; and the Bauhaus Weekend Festival in Manchester. Each one boasts thousands of attendees. These festivals are all packed full of fantastic music. Some of the main highlights include trance, downtempo, tribal, breaks, hardcore techno and more.

There are clubs, pubs and bars all over the UK that host this kind of dance music. Most of the dance venues have a young and active crowd. Many people come just for the experience of dancing in a strange environment. Then there are others who really want to party all night!

The benefits of going to one of these festivals is enormous. For a couple of hundred dollars (or even less if you are lucky enough to snag a discounted ticket), you can experience the heartbeat pounding electronic music. You get a chance to meet like minded people and sample new electronic music. It’s also a great opportunity to experience new cultures and traditions.

If you are looking for the biggest and best in electronic music festival UK then I would suggest attending Electric Carnival in Reading. It is held every year in October. It has been running for six years and is one of the most popular dance venues in the country.

Other dance music festivals in the UK include the second Saturday of each month at Reading Festival, which goes for four days. This is a great place to experience new electronic dance music. Also in the month of April, Go Boom! takes place in North Wales at the Clwyd Stadium.

Another festival that you may not know about is the Rock-a-Billy Music Festival held every year at the Capel Street Pier. It is for all ages and is dedicated to music appreciation. There are various stages set up for live entertainment and performers including bands, DJs and more. It’s an absolutely fantastic experience. Head over to Rock-a-Billy website to find out what you need to bring along to this special day.

If you love comedy and love to get into the best comedy show in town, then you should consider Laughorama. It takes place on Fridays at the Newbridge Arts Centre. It runs for three nights and is suitable for all ages. It is hosted by David Gompertz and includes a variety of comedians. There will also be DJ’s and live entertainment during the main part of the show.

There are other music festivals in the UK too that you may want to check out. For example, the Wireless Festival held at Wireless Studios in Manchester is a great opportunity to combine dance music with other electronic music. You could also check out Electric Picnic in Matlock Bath, which is a fantastic weekend-long weekend of camping with great tunes and great food. There is also the London Audio Festival held at Southport Park, from May to June. This music and DJ festival are ideal for anyone looking to explore the East Coast in style!

There are also a number of charity festivals that you may be interested in. One such good cause is World AIDS Day. This is held every year on the first Saturday of April and raises money for those suffering from the disease. Other popular charity festivals include the Electric Zoo Festival in Dorset, and the Shepherd’s Green Sale, taking place in Oxfordshire. All of these events help to raise money and awareness for a number of causes including cancer research, children charities, and many more.

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