Dance Music Fests in the UK

There are numerous UK electronic dance music festivals. Some of them will be held in the traditional venues like clubs or pubs. Others are held in clubs or hotels that specialize in providing equipment and decor for dance. Still others are open to all audiences and may be open to the public.

For the most part, electronic dance music festivals UK tends to be annual events. This is because the subject is somewhat new as a result of artists such as Loafemme and Spillane developing a following. Even so, they are an important event in the European calendar and attract people from all over the world. A festival can be an opportunity for national or international acts to put on a show. Other DJs may play electronic music at the same time as popular bands.

One example of an annual electronic dance music festival is the Wireless Festival. This takes place in the town of Brighton, UK each year. This festival is known for its wide range of electronic dance sets from national and international acts to underground and independent labels. The Wireless Festival is not only a chance for electronic dance artists to display their sets but also for people to visit the nearby Brighton Pier and experience the floating stage.

Another popular annual event is the Deep South Music Festival. This takes place in Bristol, UK. The festival celebrates South East music from all over the United Kingdom. It has been running for almost fifteen years now and is one of the biggest electronic dance music festivals in the country. The festival takes place during the month of August and is attended by thousands of people.

A popular venue for trance shows and performances is Fabric Live. This is a huge nightclub and music room that is located in Manchester. There is a wide range of electronic dance music acts on many nights, with some of the most popular acts from Europe and beyond, as well as from the United States and Canada. Fabric is renowned for hosting some of the biggest trance nights in the world, including appearances by such high profile artists as Above & Beyond, Calvin Klein and Carl Cox. The club is always packed and is well worth a trip out of Manchester to visit.

London Dance Week is held every year at an area called Fabric. This is an area on the outskirts of central London that is home to many popular dance music festivals. Many of these events, including Fabric Live, are well worth a trip out of London if you happen to be in that part of the city. The line up of dance music at Fabric Live each year changes every year as well. It can be a real challenge to get your schedule around to see all the amazing DJs that come to this amazing venue.

If you are interested in electronica then you should take a trip down to Devon and Ameguard Park. This is a large area that is located in South Devon and is packed with party venues for all your electronic dance music festival runs. Music lovers will have a great chance to enjoy some of the finest dubstep and breakcore that the UK has to offer. If you are taking your kids along for the festival, make sure that they do not miss out on the family fun either. Many popular kids’ clubs are located close by.

One of the largest dance music festivals in the UK takes place in the month of October. Glastonbury Music Festival is held every year at the Wye River Waterfront in the West Country. For more than a century now Glastonbury has been a focal point for British music and dance. It attracts people from all over the country and around the world every year. Although it is held every year there is always an element of excitement as the crowds wait to see who will perform and where.

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