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So, it’s time to vote for the best electronic dance music mix 2021. We asked DJs and producers from all over the world to contribute their best tracks for inclusion. The results were more than overwhelming, with thousands of tracks voted on by DJs and producers from around the world. Here’s the breakdown on the top 10 tracks voted on by DJs and producers:

Elongated Mix feat. Zsanett: This is one of the most played and listened to tracks of the year. Zsanett’s unique vocals blend perfectly with her amazing vocals and smooth hip-hop style beats. It has quickly become one of the most recognizable voices in EDM.

No I.D: One of the first new beat generation artists to break into the electronic music scene, No I.D., brought back the “street” feel of drum & bass with a heavy touch of top-rate electronica. The result is a massive impact on the sound of today, as well as his reputation as a leader in the beat generation. No I.D. ‘s music is currently at the forefront of the new wave of electronic music.

No I.D. ‘s debut album ‘Reckless Raving’ has taken the world by storm. Riding the wave of nu-disco and trap artists, No I.D has managed to take the limelight off of pioneers like Disclosure, artists such as Oli Sykes and many others. His influence has pushed him to be regarded as one of the best rising stars in the UK beat generation.

Arty and Diplo: Two producers from London, Arty and Diplo have been shaping the sound of the UK beat scene for quite some time now. Although they initially started as musical guests to many popular DJs, their sound has since grown into a style of their own. They are well known for their ghost vocals, which often plays a pivotal role in many of their tracks. These vocals are an essential part of their style, and their trademark ‘Woo’ voice have earned them a steady following amongst producers from all over the world. Their recent single ‘Slumdog Millionaire’ has been tipped as being one of the year’s biggest hit, and their sophomore album ‘Love is in the air’ is expected to be just as big.

Disclosure: One of the most successful and popular acts from the last decade, Disclosure has been hard at work for what seems like an eternity. After establishing themselves as producers and performers on their debut album ‘eland’, Disclosure has continued to impress with each new release. One of the most notable songs from their latest album is ‘Show Me the Meaning of Being Lonely’, which features both vocals and lyrics. Their massive popularity has also seen them tour America and Europe, and this may well mark the start of their successful career. Expect major singles such as ‘Flux’ and ‘Knights of London’ to appear on the main stage wherever they go.

The Beat Generation: Also known as the ‘HipHop Mafia’, London’s Beat Generation have become synonymous with cutting edge music and innovative beats. They first rose to prominence with the release of their first album ‘Afterlife’. Since then they have gone on to sell more than forty studio albums and singles, and gained a reputation as one of the most talented producers in the industry. Their style is characterized by a tightly knotted, jazz-like structure, and many of their singles have used the sounds of keyboards and drum machines to produce a unique sound that many people are attracted to. Their style has not changed greatly throughout the years, but they continue to gain a lot of respect for their never-ending creativity and originality in the electronic music industry.

Rihanna: Another huge name in the electronic dance music scene, Rihanna has been both hailed as a superstar and notorious for her often controversial behavior. R&B singer/songwriter Rihanna has been constantly in the limelight since her days with Chris Brown and has created numerous hit singles including the chart-topping ‘Umbrella’. Her controversial public image has allowed her to create memorable songs that feature various topics, from romantic to political, and has won her fans from around the world. Expect great Rihanna songs on the best electronic dance music mix this year.

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