Dance Your Heart Out to Electronica on Nightly Tours of the Nightlife in Brisbane

In these contemporary times where technology rules the world, Australian electronic dance music artists are at an advantage. This kind of music is well received in major dance festivals all over the world. Electronic Dance Music or EDM, is a sub-genre that contains a wide range of musical influences. It was first created in the early 1990s in Australia and gained popularity there. Artists that specialize in this style of music include legends such as Paul van der Velden, Mark Q &Factor, Aaron Spectre, Mark Sixx, Jusuru, Artybear, Pekingaz, and many others.

Australian electronic dance music artists are also noted for their adventurous tracks. The latest releases by many renowned DJs, such as Aaron Spectre, Bro Safari, and Artybear, showcase the talents of these artists to an unprecedented extent. Australian electronic dance music producers also have the advantage of traveling overseas to perform in festivals such as Bonnaroo, Lowland Festival, and others. DJ’s from other countries can be identified as having made a huge impact on the electronic dance music scene in Australia.

The Australian electronic dance music industry is quite active and flourishing. Many well known djs have gained international recognition and admiration. Many Australian promoters and labels work with international touring DJs and music producers. This has helped to build up a strong international community of electronic dance music producers and DJs. A strong networking between Australian and international producers and DJs helps to promote the growth of the industry in both directions.

Electronic music artists from Australia are also famous for the innovative use of sound in their performances. They mix and match different styles of music to create something new and refreshing. Many popular acts in the electronic music scene have come from Australia. One of the most popular acts in the electronic music scene of Australia is the band We Real Cool. They have been playing around the world and have cemented their reputation as one of the best djs around.

Another notable producer in the electronic music scene in Australia is the DJ Craze. He has been ranked at number five in the DJ Mag Top 100 list. DJ Craze is a leading light in the electronica genre in Australia and produces and designs numerous products such as, albums, cassettes, DVDs, computer software, mixes and more. DJ Craze’s wife Rose is the owner of several nightclubs and producers clubs in Perth and Adelaide as well as Brisbane, whose party experience has led to the establishment of Craze nightclubs all over Australia.

There is also other prominent electronic dance music Aussies in the region. Amongst these is the lady dj who goes by the name of Missy. She has been described by her many fans as one of the best female DJs in the area. She has been performing at Craze nightclubs all across the country and has even been seen on the TV program “rolled”. It was said that she was one of the first female DJs to get involved in the electronica scene back in the early 1990’s in her first venue, a small club called Venuecers in Perth.

Other notable electronica Aussies in the area includes the song writer and bass player of the band The Blue Man Group, Cosmo from the band Gin Train, Jlin from No Bull and P-Ray from P-Ray & The Anonymous Mob. These four producers clubs djs have been described by many party lovers and event organisers as some of the biggest names in the area. Their involvement in the electronica scene and in other live activities have earned them a number of international accolades including being chosen as Australia’s Best DJ in the rave mag “Rave Magazine” and winning a “Best DJ” award at the 2021 Australian Music Awards.

There are also other local electronic dance artists who you may want to check out such as Kaskade, Tyga and No Church. If you are considering electronic dance music Brisbane, you will certainly not be short of options. In fact there are more DJs, producers and clubs coming up all the time with more shows lined up all the time. You can get the full electronic experience in the heart of the city with a visit from one of these amazing DJs.

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