Dancing To Electronic Music – Why Not Try It?

The integration of hip hop and dance styles in mainstream pop music is on the rise. In the late 70s it was mainly Hip Hop music, which was the norm to which all others were compared, while in the 1980s it gave way to Dance Music which made many other genres look like mere imitations. But now, it seems that the pendulum has swung in a more positive direction, and Dance Music has been integrated seamlessly into mainstream pop music.

Many people may not know the extent to which Dance has become a mainstream form of music and not just that but this form of music has taken on a new identity as well. Many have seen this happening already and it is only getting more pronounced as we move through our day to day lives and there are less chances for people to escape the busy world.

It is not just the dance music that has become mainstream but the culture behind it has also come under scrutiny. Although the dance moves and costumes are usually not the focus of attention when it comes to music, they can sometimes take centre stage and make or break a song. In some cases, their popularity can lead to the creation of some of the most popular music ever created. Some of these artists include Madonna, Britney Spears, TLC and others who have all come from the dance scene and have gone on to become global sensations.

Dance has been a part of the musical culture for over four decades. The roots of this music are quite clear; the use of drums, bass, and guitar has been present since the early twentieth century. Although the influences of other instruments such as the saxophone and the trumpet have been noticed, they were often too cumbersome to be used in music at that time.

Dance Music emerged as an outlet for African-American musicians to express themselves and break down barriers within the musical world. Although it may be assumed that these forms of music originated from Africa, the fact is that they are a mixture of European and Caribbean styles of music. These styles were originally created in Cuba and the USA to create a more free and relaxed atmosphere in places where social restrictions were common. Today, they are also considered by many to be part of a global music tradition. Some of these styles are very traditional and have roots dating back hundreds of years.

New Generation ‘Disco’ is another sub-genre that is rapidly gaining popularity and it has the sound and tempo of many of the famous Dance Records which was first recorded. Some examples are Michael Jackson, Chic, and the Black Eyed Peas. This genre is considered as a cross between Jazz and Rap and Dance and has led many to see it as a modern day extension of the original.

Although Hip Hop may be considered a pure form of Hip Hop, it is not the same as what it was in the past. Modern day Hip Hops incorporates elements of Jazz and R&B and takes on a new spin on many traditional beats. For example, in order to get the sound of “Planet Earth”I Feel Love” a great deal of reverb is added to the original. Other techniques such as drum looping are also used to create a unique sound.

The combination of dance with electronic music has produced some of the most popular Dance Music of all time and will continue to do so in the future. This form of music has become the heartbeat of the present. So if you want to get in on the latest trends in music, why not give it a try, there is nothing like a good mix.

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