Dark Electronic Dance Music Bands In Canberra, Australia

In the 90’s, a new style of electronic dance Music came on the scene known as “Dubstep”. This was a highly popular genre with many DJs and producers from all over the world. Dubstep was taken from the word” Dub” (a French word for dub) and turned into a more” Disco” style of sound. Eventually, the popularity of this style of music took off worldwide and was taken up by many top level DJs and producers.

EDM stands for “Electronic Dance Music”. A band is normally listed by the initial letter in the band name. If the initial letter is “D”, then the members are usually male and the musical genre is electronic music. Daft Punk has opened the eyes of many to electronic music.

The following are a list of major euro electro industrial music artists; Emotion, Axwell /\ Ingrossovers, Killian Capri, Limousine, Mastered Kuts, No Vacancies, Neutrix, Spoleto, Disclosure, Medicine feat. Sampling, Eminence, Nothing feat. K Noise, Team Joker, Team Infused, Sky Beat, and Team Monoxide. These are just a few of the many electro industrial dance music artists from across the globe. With the amount of talented people that can be found all throughout the globe, the possibilities are endless. I believe if enough people would take the time to research the web, there would be endless hours of endless internet searches for these talented dance music artists.

Dark electronic music is another term that describes Electro-mechanical music. This type of electronic music is something that is very hard to describe and I don’t think many people in this day and age will understand what I am trying to explain. This is because of the different genres that have been created in order to describe different types of this type of dance music. I am sure you have heard of the many popular dance bands from this style, such as the rave, hardstyle, jungle, hard techno, breakcore, or breakdancing.

This article is not about breaking down definitions, but I want to highlight some of the incredible styles of this type of electronic music bands. Hardstyle has influenced the styles of many dance music artists and even some DJs. If you have never experienced a hardstyle party, I highly recommend you check one out.

Another dark electronic dance music by Dj is the Australian alternative music band named Team Joker. They specialize in Tribal influenced dance. When looking at this Australian electronica dance team, you will see the commonalties to Tribal music and break dance. Their song “Reckoning” is representative of the break dance style that drives their music. They have also released several other amazing tracks that you should take a look at.

The last dark Alternative electronic music bands I want to mention are called Melbourne Metro and they specialize in glitch and break beats. Their style is very dark and this can be a great way to incorporate some technology into your show. Their song “Waters Edge” is an excellent representation of their style. If you live in or around Canberra, Australia you need to take the time to check them out live.

These are just a few of the dark alternative electronic music bands that are available to you. There are many more out there. My goal was to make this article as comprehensive as possible. There are many more ways to enjoy the sounds of these types of electronic music. I encourage you to take advantage of all that is available to you. There are clubs in my area that specialize in EDM, but there are also many places that play this type of music for clubs or private events.

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