David Guetta – French Electronic Dance Music Producer

David Guetta, the French producer, musician and songwriter, is best known for his production of electronic dance music. His style is more adventurous than most, featuring elements of hip-hop, pop and techno. He has released numerous singles, most notably “Intrigue”, which reached number four in the UK. This article will focus on his electro-dance instrumental single “Aran”, which was produced by him and featured on his album Aran.

The track starts off with a bang. An impressive drumming is set against a soft piano melody, as the lead guitar enters with a low growl. A repetitive bassline provides further depth to proceedings, whilst the lead guitar plays an interesting variation on the previous. percussion instruments such as the congas and tubas provide the remainder of the first part of the song. A slightly different feel is presented through the use of keyboards and lead guitars, as well as, drum beats and samples from other tracks.

One of my favourite tracks on Aran, “Aran” showcases Guetta at his best, creating an energetic and adventurous track full of positive bangers. The tempo is slower than many of his previous singles, but this allows the listener to catch the rhythms. The vocals are delivered with a passion, while the rhythm and the drum pattern work seamlessly together. Guetta showcases his technical skills on this track, whilst maintaining a ‘homely’ tone. It’s a fine example of how he utilises sound in his songs.

“Aran” is another example of what I consider to be Guetta at his best. His production work for other artists has always impressed me from his studio work, including pieces for Disclosure, Just Presets and Boyz II Men. His production techniques on this track are quite impressive, featuring a wide variety of sounds and percussion. It’s worth digging a little further into his musical influences to fully appreciate what makes Guetta tick.

“Aran” also features David Ghelszer featuring on a track for Disclosure. They are both very talented producing artists, who I am sure will go down as two of the main favourites of the future. This collaboration is also part of a rework of David Bowie’s classic album, Station to Station. Having said that though, this is clearly still a modern day song and worth listening to. It’s worth noting though, that in this song, Ghelszer does not exactly push the pace of the song, but rather uses a more hypnotic and meditative approach.

“Choruses” on Aran’s latest album is another standout track from the album. Aran’s voice is absolutely angelic, and the lyrics are spot on, capturing the soul of the song. The tempo of the song is slightly faster than on previous singles, yet never loses its groove. If you like trance electronica then you will love this track.

“Bounce Back” is another excellent track from Aran Malarkey’s recent release, which also features collaborations with Drencing starz. Once again we find a fast-paced dance music, that is full of high octane energy. The rhythm of the song is catchy, and even though it doesn’t have the bombast of some of the other songs on here, the energy behind it is still undeniable. If you like dance music with an ultra funky vibe, then this is the track for you. At least, if you like dance music that makes you shake with fun.

Overall, this is a great collection of tracks from David Guetta’s recent album. Although it does have some slower tracks, for the most part, everything is very danceable. If you have not yet checked out this album, give it a spin. It is sure to amaze you with what quality is put into this electronic dance music.

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