Different Electronic Dance Music Festivals in the UK

Electronic dance music festivals are becoming increasingly popular in the UK. It seems that the people of this country love to groove to the beat and this is reflected in their choice of music at these events. This DJ music genre has grown in popularity in recent years. People in the United Kingdom have become interested by the cutting-edge sounds and new style of music that has been developed. These new styles make their tracks sound like club classics from the past, but also give them a sound that is completely unique.

One of the most popular electronic dance music festivals is Movement. It takes place every year in the United Kingdom. The theme of this amazing festival is “Tunes of Change”. This is a celebration of life in all its many dimensions. It includes everything from gospel music to hip hop and breaks. There is plenty of dancing at this event as well as workshops, lectures and live music.

Another great festival is Just for Feet. This dance music and arts festival takes place every year in the United Kingdom. It is held in Manchester and features top international DJ’s as well as up and coming local talents. This electronic dance music festival showcases the best new talent from across the globe. It also features a free concert from a number of local dance artists.

Shoreditch, West London is another place where you can attend an electronic dance music event. The “Shoreditch electronic dance music festival” takes place every year during August. It is a three day long festival that showcases everything from ambient house music to drum and bass. It also features a giant rock and roll stage. For the main stage, act out a warm spell of classics like “Tears in Heaven”, “Careless Love”, “Cocaine” and “Relax”.

The famous London electronic dance music festival takes place at Reading Festival. This music and dance event take place at Reading Festival Park in central England each year during August. Over thirty thousand people attend this festival each year and it is thought to be one of the biggest electronic dance music festivals in Europe. Act out some favorites like “Come As You Are” or “Higgs Boson Blues” at this festival. Other bands who have played at Reading Festival Park include Weezer and Kasabian.

Another festival worth checking out is Brighton Dance Festival. Brighton is a fantastic place to go to if you are looking for fantastic dance music. Two main dance parks, The Engine Room and Wide Barrow are located in this city and are packed with talented DJs and performers every single weekend. Two main highlights of the Brighton dance music festival are the Wireless Festival and the Wireless Weekend.

If you are looking for something a bit smaller than a festival in Reading or Brighton, then look at Manchester’s Deep South Sounds Festival. This festival takes place yearly in October and features exciting live acts as well as DJ’s from all over the UK and Europe. You can even book a VIP weekend for this amazing festival if you are able to fit it into your touring plans. Most tickets for this event sell out quickly so make sure you act fast. Other festivals which take place in the Deep South include the Birmingham Bounce Festival, Not To Last, and the Deep South Music & Arts Festival.

Finally, don’t forget about the East Sussex Electronic Dance Music Festival which takes place every year at Collymore Park, Pritchard. This popular festival features trance, break dance, and new age, as well as more traditional electronic dance music. This festival attracts new and established artists from across the country and world. So, if you love a great weekend of electronic dance music, come to East Sussex.

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