Different Styles of Fast Electronic Dance Music

When it comes to the style of fast electronic dance music, everyone has their own opinions on what is the best. The truth is that there are so many different styles and subgenres within this music that it would take pages to write about them all. We will discuss two main styles that are known for being popular among people of all ages and backgrounds.

Techno Trance is probably one of the most recognizable names in the world of electronic dance music. People love it because it’s a style of music where the beat is carried at a fast tempo. The music is made up of repeating bass drum beats and hi hats with drum riffs that are heavily effected. Techno Trance was actually first introduced in the late 90’s and has since become a huge hit in the club scene. There are some people who even consider it to be a genre unto itself.

IDM is another very popular style of electronic dance music that features deep bass sounds and complex drum programming. Some songs have completely different drum programming while others may have the same drum beat played a few different ways. This style of music requires a lot of technical expertise and advanced knowledge of computers in order to make it sound good.

Progressive Dance is a style that was developed in the mid 90’s by two different artists. Artists such as Don Henley and John Butler made the songs possible. Progressive dance music often has a very distinctive sound to it and doesn’t really rely on any type of vocals whatsoever. The songs tend to be very fast paced and are typically played out in the club. Many times the dancer will use special effects such as smoke machine’s and strobe lights in order to create this certain vibe that sets this style of dance music apart.

Garage rock is another style of dance music that falls into the electronic music category. It was probably developed when people realized that they could make a certain type of sound when they threw a bottle of beer at each other. This style is very popular among college students who often find themselves alone in a room drinking and playing games. The songs tend to have a fairly quick tempo but tend to be very fun and unique. They are great for dancing to while drinking with friends.

Classic Rock is the most recognized style of music by many people. Songs feature a steady tempo and are normally programmed to be played in a certain order. Although some may find it annoying to listen to the same songs again, the songs tend to be extremely catchy and may cause you to keep dancing. There is usually a slow and somewhat laid back feel to this style of fast dancing.

Other styles of fast electronic dance music include glitch, breakcore, noise, tribal, breakdancing, urban, and even karaoke. Each style has different characteristics that set it apart from the rest. Glitch is probably the most unique style of all. It tends to be a combination of various other styles into one electronic dance music style. Many people use glitches to create sounds and effects in their songs to make them more interesting and appealing.

Tribal music is also commonly programmed into a dance song. Most dance programs have a certain Tribal style that they will try and play. This style is usually very fast paced and features a beat that is built upon other beat patterns. You will notice a heavy emphasis on using the hips and breakdancing. Because of this emphasis on breakdancing you will want to be sure that your song contains fast paced breaks and an active dance routine.

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