Electronic Dance Music

Electronic Dance Music is an ever-evolving genre of music that features intricate beat patterns and a wide variety of sound effects. Although many traditionalists argue that electronic dance music, or EDM, lacks the “quality” to be considered worthwhile, others see it as a platform for new voices and new musical styles to find massive popularity. Recent artists to surface with high profile albums such as Calvin Klein (performing his first full length album in fifteen years) have created a surge in interest in this niche of music. EDM continues to grow in popularity as artists like Rihanna, Daddy Dace, Avril Lavigne and others continue to push the boundaries and push the envelope further than mainstream audiences are willing to accept.

Despite the growth in popularity, there is still a certain segment of the global population that refuses to acknowledge electronic music as something that truly captures the minds and hearts of true musical enthusiasts. Rather, they feel that the term is a marketing ploy and has nothing to do with the quality of an artist’s music. But that is an incredibly narrow view of the situation. The fact is that electronic music has been growing in acceptance exponentially and has even surpassed the popularity of classical music (which has itself had an incredible amount of acceptance throughout the last decade).

What many people fail to recognize is that electronic dance music was almost completely invented by a single person. In the early 1990’s, a man named Tony Buzan began programming a series of programs that were designed to help promote home parties. After creating what was essentially the first party organizer, Buzan then began to market these parties through radio stations and clubs. The parties spread from Europe to the United States, but not before Buzan made electronic dance music the byword over the airwaves.

Today, electronic dance music is taken more seriously by those who listen to it. It is no longer simply something for kids. DJs now spend extensive amounts of time and effort in the studio designing electronic dance mixes and tracks in order to appeal to the widest range of customers possible. In addition to Buzan, new electronic music producers are beginning to emerge on a daily basis to provide what is often called “EDM”, or electronic dance music.

While electronic dance music has become more mainstream over the past decade, it still has a long way to go in terms of acceptance. Many people still associate the term “electronic” with house, techno, and club music. In fact, there are still people out there who will tell you that “EDM” is not really electronic dance music at all! Of course, what is also true is that electronic music has come a long way over the years and will continue to do so as the years pass. Today, many people consider it to be just as music that they would buy to have at home during a night out on the town.

What has changed over the years is how electronic dance music is created and promoted. First of all, the production capabilities of computers and sound software are improving by the day. This has allowed producers and DJs to put together high quality recordings that can be circulated over the Internet, without requiring any additional equipment. In addition, the explosion of online social networks like Facebook and MySpace has made it easier than ever to promote and market electronic dance music online.

The creation of new electronic dance music has also taken advantage of modern technology by including features like video and lighting. Video tracks can feature visuals that can be shown on a screen to accompany the music or be played on headphones. These visuals may be very detailed and may include animations or graphics. Lighting options can include colorful lights, flashing lights, and other visual effects that can be used to enhance the look and appeal of the track. The bottom line is that electronic dance music producers have the ability to not only to produce great electronic dance music but to use video and lighting to promote it as well.

With advances in technology and the Internet, you can even purchase and download electronic dance music that you may have never heard before. You can then take the track home and begin to tweak it to your own musical tastes. Electronic dance music has the potential to grow into a large industry that will compete with the music industry. If you’re looking for a way to get into the world of electronic music, electronic dance music is a great way to get your foot in the door.

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