Electronic Dance Music – A Phenomenon Described As the Cross Cultural Appeal of Electronic Dance Music

The newest sensation on the internet is “electronic dance music crosses the line”. This term was coined by Rinus MC, and he is the guy that introduced the phenomenon. Basically it is a trend where many popular music stars are in it including Swedish House Mafia, Avicca de la Barra, Krewella and Zhuicard. What happens is they cross the line, and they are seen as artists breaking the rules. They break the 4-minute rule or something along those lines.

To understand what this means you have to take a look at the way this particular trend started. Basically Rinus MC got a fan and started doing his own radio show. After doing this he decided to incorporate a clue in with his show and now DJs all over the world are using the Rinus crosswords puzzle clues to get themselves recognized. Basically, when you hear someone using a crossword puzzle answer it to see if it fits in the correct answer and if it doesn’t then guess what? They have a clue and they are using it to get themselves recognized!

What is so cool about this phenomenon? Well, it is all the creativity that is bottled up inside all of us, it seems. Many of us have been able to tap into that creativity and make something of our own, be it a song, an audio, video or a puzzle. The only thing that limits the phenomenon characterized by electronic dance music clue is the fact that everyone else out there is doing the same thing.

The new thing that everyone seems to be using is called “the New York Times crossword puzzle.” There is actually a free website dedicated to this. There is even a free app for your smart phone that allows you to enter the clue and have it worked out for you. All of the clues start at the same place, the word “crossword.” Here is a sample: A Raccoon in Manhattan means: A Raccoon Lives in Manhattan.

This can be a new trend in electronic dance music. However, I think that there is much more to it than that. The use of “crosswords” is just one part of the puzzle. This is a new form of entertainment that has taken over the internet and has given those who seek solace an escape from the worries of the world while they enjoy some good old fashion relaxation. Relaxation is good for anyone, whether you like it or not.

It’s interesting how electronic music has found its way into everything in our society. We’ve gotten to the point where electronic music is considered a lifestyle. Everyone you talk to seems to be under the constant influence of at least one electronic music download. These people know what I am talking about. They are constantly looking for new electronic music to add to their music libraries.

What is this phenomenon that everyone is talking about? It is called the “EDM.” The Electronic dance music or EDM, as it is sometimes called, is a term combining the words’ electronic music and electronic dance music. The two words “EDM” stands for electronic music and electronic dance music. This phrase is used to distinguish the underground genre of electronic music from what is commonly known as “real” or “traditional” music. In other words, the difference between EDM and real music is this:

The emergence of this phenomenon has led to some in the industry to dub it as the “Hip Hop Music,” though it should be noted that the two music styles share many elements in their origins and tastes. What makes EDM such a unique and exciting style of music is the cross-genre appeal of artists from across genres, like hip-hop, reggae, pop, jazz, techno, and even traditionalists. No matter what type of electronic dance music you are listening to, chances are that you will find a few artists whose music influences yours. So, if you are new to the world of electronic dance music, you owe it to yourself (and those who gave you the gift) to take a little time to investigate this intriguing new phenomena.

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