Choosing the Best Electronic Dance Music Albums

Here we are again with another Electronic Dance Music poll. This time it is the second installment of the Top 5 Best Electronic Dance Music Poll. I have also done several such polls in the past and am very much familiar with what the readers of this article are looking for. So let’s get right to it, shall we? Let’s find out.

For those who don’t know, I am a big fan of electronic music. I have had thousands of albums throughout my musical career. I have even bought several of them, but one thing always bothered me. I couldn’t tell which albums were better than others at any given time. The same problem exists when choosing which songs should be on a Best Selling Electronic Dance Music List.

I tried looking at various lists but they were either all electronic or all pop. I didn’t really like that option because there isn’t a huge difference between the two. If one is an electronic dance music lover, he or she should also be listening to electronic pop. It would make sense. But what about those of us who aren’t techno fans? How come the electronic side of this list remains the only one?

Well, I believe that the reason why electronic music remains on top is that people enjoy playing it more. So you could say that this is the best place to be if you love to play new songs every week and enjoy dancing to them. I also think that this list has become the best due to the wide selection. A lot of artists from major genres have made their debut here. And not only are they all popular but they also have albums worth checking out.

Let’s get to the honorable mentions now. I can’t tell which albums make the list but albums from legends like Michael Jackson and Madonna are definitely deserving of spots. They had great hits as well. The first one on this list is Billie Jean. This song is still used in weddings today as a special way to propose. Another great album from this artist is Greatest Hits.

One artist who has albums that are also on this list is Justin Timberlake. His last album was called Just What We Need and it was very good. JT just released his latest one, which is called The Only Way is Essex. This is a great album, which you should definitely download and check out.

Above all, we should not forget Carl Cox. This American electronic dance music producer is responsible for many hit singles including One Day Now and Reach Around. His latest single Jump was also a big hit. I’m sure you will love the beats.

These are only some samples of albums that I have listened to. What about you? This list may not be complete because there are so many great electronic dance music albums that I haven’t heard. Just remember though that when you download electronic dance music make sure you take your mp3’s with you. Otherwise it will be boring music.

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