Electronic Dance Music Artists

Electronic Dance Music (EDM) is short for Electronic Dance Music; this is a highly popular genre of electronic music which was developed and popularised during the late 2000s, attracting a number of prominent electronic dance music artists. EDM music is normally broken down into two general categories: pop and trance. Pop is generally considered to be harder and trance is known as more melodic. Some top trance singers have even reached the world stage, having made an impact in the music industry.

One of the best electronic dance music artists, whose popularity continues today, is Akon. Born in Nigeria, Akon has built a large discography of hit songs, including some major hits, including the massive hit “Concerto”. Another popular electronic dance music artist, whose music is noted for its production values, is DJ Jazzy Jeff. He is also well-known for producing hit tracks, such as “Take Me Away” and ” Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door”. Another name to familiarise with this exciting electronic dance music is producers like Carl Cox, Korn, and Donceye.

Two other names to look out for are producers Russmith and Diplo, who are both regarded as leaders within the electronic dance music industry. Russmith is well known for producing hit singles, such as “Mystery”, which topped the UK charts. Diplo is well-known for his work with DJ Zinc, having worked on hits like “Come As You Are” and “Sorry”. It should be noted that although these producers are at the forefront of the industry, new artists are constantly emerging. As the industry changes, new trends emerge, bringing in new electronic dance music artists.

Two other names to keep an eye out for are Rinse And Repeat, led by none other than David Gutta, and Carl Cox, who has worked with famous DJ’s, including DJs such as Paul McCartney. These two combined, will form a strong presence in electronic dance music. Other names to look out for are Audio Virus, founded by Armin van Buisseur, and Nucley Records, run by Paul Sage. Both are well respected producers of electronic music from many different genres. Rinse and Repeat, along with others, produce high quality music, all of which have made their way onto the radio and become hits.

In terms of albums, there are many top sellers in terms of numbers. The best selling album, of course, would be Apologies, with eight out of ten singles going straight into the top twenty. Another artist to look out for is Disclosure, whose full-length album, Inside, sold close to one million copies in the UK alone. Avicom and Kool Kelly also has hit records, including the chart topping, Blac Faithless. Don Henley’s We Are Never Ever Coming Back feat. The Exhausting, which reached number three in the charts, is also a very popular album, due to its rock inspired sound.

Finding electronic dance music, particularly from the likes of Rinse and Repeat, is no longer a difficult task. They have a firm grip on the radio airwaves, due to the quality of their output. Many smaller labels are also starting to produce good music, as well as those from more recognised labels, so the availability of dance music has greatly increased in recent years.

In terms of entertainment, most electronic dance music artists have a website which provides background information, track listings, and photos. It is also a place to meet and get to know the artist and develop an understanding of his music, from personal experience. Fans and other enthusiasts have their own websites as well, such as that of Calvin Klein. They offer information and photos not only about their favorite artist but also about clothing, merchandising, videos and much more. Their fan club, named Cd Baby, has become very popular, with people from all over the world joining and enjoying the quality of electronic dance music from the site.

One of the most exciting aspects of electronic dance music is the ability to communicate with fans from around the world and beyond. Often through social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter and MySpace users can interact with each other, form bands and create projects and upload music to share. While many new artists and labels are beginning to use this social aspect of promotion, the popularity of these sites shows no sign of waning, as they continue to connect with fans and subscribers in new and innovative ways. As this type of electronic dance music continues to grow in popularity, it is certain to only grow in influence and popularity.

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