Electronic Dance Music Artists – The Top 5 Artists From 2021

Best Electronic dance music artists of recent years. Who would have thought this scene would be at the top of a list such as this? Thanks to producers likeidents, Pharrell, Justin Bieber, M.I.A., Kano and countless others this music has reached epic proportions.

This year’s list is rounded out by artists with major labels under their belts such as Migrox, Diplo, and G-balancing. Best new young, electronic dance music artists including the best young emerging edm stars, electronic superdues and breakcore duos, these artists are producing some of this year’s best edm music. With producers such as Avi Tosaka and Diplo at the helm these collaborations and cross genre collaborations are setting the bar for the future of this genre. Hopefully we will continue to see this trend and more producers in major label circles creating ground breaking music in this growing and exciting genre. In fact, I predict this will become the new mainstream and it’s very possible that this year’s best EDM albums could easily top the sales charts.

With both new and established artists coming out of this genre the competition for positions and spots on the billboards is heating up. With new genres being made everyday it only seems to make the task of finding a place on a billboard easier. In fact, just recently an artist started their own label and is currently making their first album in five years. Another artist made their debut this year with their own album and is already selling out many of their initial stockings. With this many quality acts and quality labels creating quality albums in this growing and exciting genre it has never been so exciting. The following list is my personal top five best EDM albums of the year.

This incredible lens release was produced by four current and former hip-hop producers. This project brought together these talented producers to create one of the most impressive mixtapes of the year. Expectations are high for this project as it comes from some of hip-hop’s biggest legends. This is also the first time this crew has teamed up, as they had previously worked together in the past. With T Roc, Pharrell, andudi behind the boards this is a must listen for any serious electronic dance music artists listening or even those that simply love this genre.

This was another amazing electronic dance music artist’s album and this was the third release of their studio set. This project was produced by Kanye West and was absent of any guest stars, which makes this album even more impressive. One of my favorite Kanye beats ever was used on this track and I would definitely recommend anyone to check out this album. My favorite two DJs that produced this album were Chris Liebowsmith and Damon Dash.

This is an amazing collaborative effort between Chromeo, Kreptronic and Vicetone. This three talented electronic dance music artists have combined their talents to create one of the most impressive mixtapes of this year. This album was produced for fans of Chromeo but will surely become a huge hit with other artists that are not associated with the well known DMV pop-rock band. Vicetone is a very popular DJ that has won several awards, so you definitely know this will be a great album. The production on this record was done by Don Williams and Timbaland.

This is my personal favorite two mixtapes released this year by some of the most popular electronic dance music artists. This collaboration was produced by Pharrell, Elton John, and His Boy. This was definitely the most impressive mixtapes from the best EDM artists. If you want something different than what we have heard lately then this is a great release to consider.

This is my favorite two songs from the year that comes from one of the hottest new electronic dance music artists in the world, Dan Williams. This song is off of his recent album called Talk Is All (with Erykah Badu). This was a great addition to the disc, which just came out last week. This is another collaboration between Chromeo, Kreptronic, and Vicetone. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who likes deep and dark electronica.

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