Electronic Dance Music Artists to Support

The best electronic dance music artists are those that keep you on the dancefloor. These artists push the boat out and live every night to the fullest, embracing all forms of emotion and passion. And when you’re not watching them, these artists are making sure they get the next big break. So who are the top electronic dance music artists right now?

Everyone has their favorite electronic dance music artist. They may not be the best, but their music makes them feel alive. It transports you to a different world and gives you the energy you need to jump and groove all night long. We asked a bunch of our friends to name their favorite artists and came up with this quick list of the best. So without further adieu, let’s get into the list!

Yellow Medicine – This is one of the most melodic and soothing songs I have ever heard in my life. This is a perfect song for when you’re having a bad day at work. It puts you in a positive mood and gives you something nice to look forward to the next day. If you don’t know Yellow Medicine, it’s by Goldroom and the band called Saosy. Their latest CD, Reapers, is out now. If you want to experience this type of music anywhere, Saosy is it.

Team Kyrenia – “When we’re Together” is by Team Kyrenia and the funky horn-y guitar riffs really set this dance music composition apart from other electronica songs. Team Kyrenia has an awesome website filled with great photos and videos. On this site you can find their song, “When We’re Together”, which is featured on iTunes. This is also their debut full-length album. We were so impressed with the production quality and the overall production of this release. If you love dance music and are looking for something to listen to that doesn’t have any vocals and is super melodic – this is it!

Metric D – “Eon” is by Metric D. It’s another great song from their album, Metric Dementia. It is a little slower paced than some of the other songs on there, but that just adds to the depth and awesomeness of what is being done. The tempo is perfect for when you’re feeling a little beat up and just want to relax. This is a great album that has some of the best drum beats you’ll ever hear (and maybe ever have) in a song.

Various Artists – “Love is in the air” by Various Artists is a great song and has some great beats. This is another full length song that is available on Metric Dementia. Although this isn’t by any of the Above and member, it is still a great song to listen to and check out. Of course if you’re going to download anything from this electronic dance music list, always remember to check the artists out and who put out the actual song. Sometimes people claim they are the artist, but they are actually just putting out a re-record of an old song they made a while back.

Don Henley – “I’ve Grown Accustomed To Her Face” is another very good song from the last album. Don Henley is still in a class of his own with these songs. He takes traditional ballad-like lyrics and twists them into something completely original and far more relatable. As he sings these words, you can’t help but think about the woman he’s been through and how much he loves her even though she’s changed. That’s what makes it so special, isn’t it? If you love this guy, make sure you download this one and hear him sing like a real person.

These are just a handful of songs that you should definitely check out and support the electronic dance music artists. There are many more out there if you do a little digging. If you love these types of music, the artists definitely deliver and you’ll soon be discovering new music from these amazing talented people. The popularity of this music has grown tremendously and hopefully this article has helped you discover some of it’s great artists and some of the great places you can find them.

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