Electronic Dance Music Blogs – Why Use Them?

If you love electronic dance music, you have no doubt at least occasionally visited an electronic dance music blog. What is it that you look for in a blog that features this type of music? Are there certain subjects that you feel should be addressed more than others? What is it that you hope to learn through this electronic music blog? If you are a lover of electronic dance music, what is it that you wish to know about? Hopefully by the time you are finished reading this article, you will have a better understanding of what to expect from these electronic dance music blogs.

Some of the most popular electronic music blogs center around certain genres or specific songs. Others are more general, covering all styles and types of music. Still others blend the two into the topic of electronic dance music. The first post on One EDM talked about tips for maintaining your electronic dance music blog effectively.

One of the topics that many electronic dance music blogs tackle involves interviews with DJs. It is important to do interviews with people that really make the biggest impact on you and your community as a musician. In this electronic dance music blog, one such interview took place with Kulture Musician, a local Atlanta electronic dance artist and member of Kulture Records. The conversation took place over several emails, and I wanted to give you an outline of the conversation so that you would have a good idea of what to expect when you read the transcript.

The first part of the interview was about his favorite songs. He talked about a couple of his favorites and also talked about his plans for the future. He was also open to new music, which he indicated he was open to working with any artist that was “legit”. Finally, he talked about being open to working with a variety of producers and artists. The conversation quickly went into his thinking about the differences between electronic dance music blogs and the blogosphere. I think he nailed it!

The second part of the interview took place off-site, at a networking event that he was featured in. He spoke with DJ Craze, another local electronic dance music blog owner, and got to know him a bit. He also had some interesting things to say about new music, specifically Apple iTunes and similar systems. It was a good conversation, and I think you will find the same thing. It was good to hear him speak about new music in the context of electronic dance music, because he did have a lot to say about that subject.

Finally, we discussed social media and how it relates to his electronic dance music blog. While he doesn’t use Facebook or Twitter for promotion, he said he feels like he should because he sees how useful they are. He mentioned how he recently won a Facebook competition and used the winnings to hire two new writers and a marketing person. He also mentioned how he uses twitter and other forms of social media more as a sounding board for ideas and discussions than a direct way to promote his blog.

I think this is a smart move because it shows restraint. I’ve been one of those bloggers who write about my favorite things and my opinion. This is different, because while I get a lot of comments, people ask me questions, and I answer them. That means that sometimes I am asked indirectly if I am endorsing a brand. While I am not going to go into specifics, I will say that most dance music blogs, both new and old, have been effective ways to promote a brand because the audience is already interested.

When someone asks me about a blog post, I think first I look at my own blog to see if it has enough content. If it does, I may add a comment or send a tweet that links back to the post. The reason that I like twitter followers so much is because when people follow me on twitter, I automatically have a lot of Facebook fans too. Therefore, when someone adds me on Facebook, I can gain a lot of twitter followers as well.

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