Electronic Dance Music Clubs in NYC

Electronic dance music clubs NY is more popular than ever before. These dance clubs have taken the music scene by storm. This high energy music is known for having a huge following from people across the country. They are also known to feature some of the biggest names in electronic dance music from the world over. Here we take a look at what the electronic dance music clubs NY has to offer you.

The term EDM actually refers to an international style of electronic dance that makes use of electronic instruments, microphones, and other electronic devices to create a wide array of sounds. EDM is often played at various tempos during the night, with many different electronic dance music artists performing. One such artist is Christina Aguilera. She was ranked number 6 on the list of the best female pop singers. Her song “Bad Romance” is one of the most downloaded songs from iTunes.

If you are looking for an electronic dance club to visit New York then you want to visit Club Wonderland. Club Wonderland is located in Union Square. It is a favorite among locals and visitors alike. You will be amazed by all the different electronic dance music artists performing on a constantly changing musical line up every night. You will definitely have an unforgettable experience when you visit Club Wonderland.

Another electronic dance music club in New York City that is a favorite among locals and visitors alike is Cameo. Cameo is located in Manhattan’s East Village. This is the main spot for electronic dance music in New York City. There are also other venues located nearby. Many local residents frequent Cameo because they love the electronic dance music it plays and the atmosphere it creates.

Club Valentino is another club that is packed with high energy electronic music. Club Valentino has been going for over 10 years. Club owners decided to open this club in Manhattan after realizing that other clubs were not catering to the electronic dance club crowd that was making their parties so much fun. Club Valentino gives visitors a classy atmosphere with private VIP sections for private viewing of the DJ’s sets.

Club Direct NY is another great electronic club. Club Direct is located in the East Village. Club Direct NY is a relatively new club, but it is rapidly becoming one of the hottest spots in Manhattan for electronic music. The club features a massive dance floor and many tables for dancing. Club Direct NY is open late night and everyday.

Club Paradise is another of the top electronic dance clubs in NYC. Club Paradise is located at Battery Park in Astoria. This club hosts both house and electronic music. Club Paradise features open flames, lighting, disco balls, and karaoke. Club Paradise is a great place to see if you enjoy watching dancers while also enjoying the electronic dance music.

Club Cuts NY is another club that features electronic dance music in their party. Club Cuts NY has four floors and looks much like a large warehouse. The club has several different rooms that each house a unique DJ. Club Cuts NY is a very popular club and is known to have some of the best parties in the city. Club Cuts NY is closed on Sundays.

Just steps from Club Cuts is a club called House Party NY. House Party NY features some of the same electronic dance music as Cues Up NY and Club Cuts NY but is open Friday nights. House Party NY is located at East Village in Manhattan.

If you are looking for a place to go when in NYC that offers a wide range of electronic dance music, check out No Limits NY. This club is opened every Tuesday and is open to anyone twenty-one years old or older. No limits is one of the most popular electronic dance clubs in NYC. At No Limit NYC, you will find three floors dedicated solely to electronic dance music. On most days, there are two different types of party: a reform party with unlimited guests, or a fusion party with guest DJs.

These clubs are all safe and open to everyone who is over 21 years of age. So if you are into electronic dance music and are looking for a club to check out, you have found it. If you are unsure whether or not a club would suit your needs, you should give one of these clubs a shot.

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