Electronic Dance Music – Derivative Forms of Electronic Dance Music and Its Future

Electronic dance music, commonly known as just electronic dance music, is a very broad category of non-traditional electronic music that is produced mainly for clubs, raves, weddings, and smaller gatherings. The term can apply to a wide variety of electronic dance tracks from “breaks” to “dancestep”. It has grown in popularity over the years, especially in Europe. Many clubs and producers are starting to create original, as opposed to DJ-friendly, dance music and for this reason, many new dance genres are starting to emerge. If you’re interested in listening to some of this music and want to get the best experience possible from it, then it’s advisable that you learn a little bit more about the different types of electronic dance music.

One of the most popular electronic dance music derivative forms is breakcore. Breakcore generally refers to electronica-based electronic music that is generally hard-hitting with a tight, danceable rhythm. One of the main breakcore pioneers was the German band System of Some (also known as System of A Major). Other contributors have included artists such as Prototype, Phuturerelax, Aaron Spectre, Chase & Status, Dirty South, Alec Empire, and others.

Another popular electronic dance music genre is IDM, which stands for electronic dance music promotion. Similar to breakcore, IDM usually involves dance beats and broken rhythms. It has become one of the more popular forms among electronic dance music producers and it continues to gain momentum in the North American and European markets.

Skrillex is one of the biggest celebrities in the world right now and he definitely has his own fan base. Skrillex is well known for his own particular brand of cool electronic dance music and his career trajectory has been interesting, to say the least. For example, “ronic tom foolery” was the very first single from his debut album and it quickly became an internet hit, selling over a million copies in its first week alone.

One of Skrillex’s singles, “antoine”, quickly reached number 7 on the charts and stayed there for several weeks. His other singles have also done similar. His labelmate at the moment is Australia’s own country boy band The tumblechord boys. The song, “Come Together”, is from their forthcoming album called The Tumblechord. Their single “Wake You Up” was also a hit last year and went double platinum in Australia. So both Skrillex and The tumblechord boys have established huge careers in their respective countries.

If these two are making good money in their home countries then they are undoubtedly having a huge influence in Australia. The rise of Skrillex and The tumblechord boys shows that there are huge opportunities in Australia for independent artists looking to break into the music industry. The rise of the Apple iPhone and Nintendo Wii gave Indies with home based music software and hardware, an increased market to tap into. So, if you want to be in the lime light and be known as an independent artist or music producer in Australia then you need a soundboard and a guitar, a mixer, a decent sound system and headphones – what more do you need? Although there are some new platforms coming out all the time for digital music producers and audio engineers, the ipod, digital piano and keyboard, computer programs, midi keyboards, the Xbox one and other gaming consoles are still at the cutting edge.

So where is the best place to download these and other tools? Whose idea was it to allow people to pirate electronic songs for a dollar or less? And why now, just when everyone thinks it’s the coolest thing on the planet? Well, the answer lies in knowing that as electronic dance music has become more mainstream, it’s also become more mainstream. Now, you can download your favorite music for under a buck.

With the rising popularity of electronic dance music and the ease at which you can download for free, many fans are turning their backs on major labels and going straight to their local nightclubs (or “dancing schools”) to show up. If you were thinking about breaking into the music industry the best time is now. The future is here and it looks bright. So go grab your mic, your guitar and your headphones, get your hands on some free download MP3’s and show the world what electronic dance music can do. And thanks for reading my article on the topic.

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