Electronic Dance Music Docs

A fantastic electronic dance music documentary would be an amazing watch for any fan of electronic and dance music. The documentary begins with a history of the rave movement, going back to its origins in the early 1980s. It then goes on to examine what electronic dance music really was in the mid-80s. Some of the earliest songs even contain snippets from the classic Star Wars films! Who would have thought?

The documentary then takes a look at the influences of electronic dance music, especially in the United States. It talks about why it is so popular in America, what are its benefits, and what people do to make it grow in popularity. It also delves into the world of electronic music and the various genres that have emerged over the past few decades. This is very beneficial for those who are looking to attend electronic music festivals or for those just interested in the genre itself.

Beyond the United States, this documentary has traveled to Europe and introduced many new fans to the world of electronic dance music. It gives an in-depth look at what the rave culture is all about and why it has grown and continues to grow. Some of its highlights include looking at electronic dance music history, what it is actually about, how it has changed over the years, and why it is still so popular today. All of these things can be very interesting and help you understand this truly unique and passionate musical genre even more.

Of course, we cannot forget to discuss the United Kingdom. This country has been known for quite some time as one of the major international hubs of hard house music. It’s only natural that this particular documentary would take a close look at this area as well. It traces the history of electronic music from the very beginning all the way through to present day.

Another highlight is the history of electronic music in Japan. This country is home to many talented artists such as Kyu yo kamikaze, Triton and others. The documentary traces the evolution of electronic house music from its humble beginnings in cassette tapes to what it is today. It also covers how hard house music came about and the influences that made it what it is today. It’s an interesting historical tale.

In addition to the United Kingdom, this documentary also delves into Canada. The very first rave party took place in Toronto in 1977. Since then there have been rave parties in numerous Canadian cities including Montreal, Winnipeg, Vancouver, and even Calgary. The documentary traces the history of electronic dance music from this incredible inception until present day.

Last but not least is the documentary film entitled “EDM: The electronic dance music Renaissance” which takes a contemporary look back at the beginnings, influences and legends of electronic dance music. The film is a joint effort of two legendary producers. Notable contributors to the documentary include producers Antony and John Cusano and Steve Hurley. The documentary traces the birth of rave to its explosive resurgence at the turn of the millennium. It provides a behind the scenes look at how the contemporary generation of producers has effected the genre’s evolution.

These are only three of many electronic music documentaries available. There are others available including those about the birth of house music, the birth of hip hop and much more. A quick search on the Internet will yield thousands of results. As you begin your research, make sure to keep your eyes open for new and exciting electronic music documentaries that will take you back in time and maybe even slightly into the future.

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